NA 52 - Rawalpindi-III

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  • NA-52 Rawalpindi-III in 2002 elections

    Chaudhary Nissar Ali Khan PML(N) 73671

    Muhammad Saghir Khokhar PPP 11684

    Muhammad Nasir Raja PML(Q) 56645

    Valid Votes 144310

    Rejected Votes 5698

    Total Votes 150008

    Registered Voters 306853

    Percentage of Votes Polled to Registered Voters 48.89 %

  • This constituency comprises rural areas of tehsil rawalpindi.

    This has been a traditional strong hold of PML(N) heavy weight Ch. Nisar. He defeated Raja Nasir, brother of ex-punjab minster raja basharat in 2002 and these old rivals are facing each other again. PPP is not a significant force in the area and this time has imported a novice candidate, Khurram parvez, son of PPP leader Raja Parvez Ashraf.

    Rajgan of Dhamial (raja Basharat and family) do nopt belong to the area but are actually residents of adjoining constituency. However they have strong links and are competing under the slogan of having done good development works. However, there was mayhem in PML(Q) ranks on award of provincial assembly tickets in this constituency which has weakened their position. So it should be slam-dunk for Ch. Nisar just like last elections.

    RESULT: PML(N) victory

  • Ch. Nisar is very strong in NA-52 and he will win with huge lead this time.

    In 2002, he won by a lead of seventeen thousand votes. He lost in many union councils of his own area ie. (Chakri and surrounding areas) like Union Council Chak Beli Khan, Union council Raika Maira. When he reach Rawat, he was losing by a margin of around ten thousand votes but in Rawat, Kalar Seydan and Union Council from Pindi city i.e. UC-74,75,76,77,78,79, He won with huge lead and won the election by an over all lead of around 17000.

    Now in 2008, he will win even in his own area easily and will win with much higher lead than 2002.

  • Chaudhry Nisar is a clear cut winner ,no doubt ,he is the lion of this consituency,he will get a lead of more than 25,000 votes.second position will be raja Nasir,and third will be ppp.

  • tough fight between ch nisar and raja

    any body can win

  • @Javed

    Brother according to your predictions PMLQ will win 275 out of 272 general seats of National Assembly.What a beautiful predication you made. You can increase PMLQ seat more than 275 if you want.

  • @humayun

    no sir i think pmlq will win 80-90 seats only

    ppp 60-70


    mqm 18-20

    mma 12-14

    pmlf 5-6

    fata,azad, mush 30-40

    this is my estimate. accotding to ground reality.

    80+20+12+30=pmlq(perwez elahi) prime minister

  • @Javed

    MY dear Brother.My one million dollar question is still there, who will vote for PMLQ. Patwari?Health workers? or farashtay?? If you have the time please read this.

  • I think brother @javed must be the propaganda team member which is constituted by Ch. Pervaiz Elahi. Name of Kamil Ali Agha is prominent in it. They are using all the machinery day in and day out to predict a big win. Campaign against Nawaz Sharif and Zardari is running into billions of rupees.

    These days an email is circulating which has names of NS and Zardari as the billion dollar men, but the ground realities are different. As mentioned by dawn report above, same is happening in all the constituencies. Even Sheikh Rashid is in big trouble, unable to get out in open, Punjab police surrounds him all the time when he has meetings in Lal haveli. Last time 80 percent of PMLQ nazims and other members never showed up. He is lamenting both Chaudhris and Musharraf openly now just to gain some support.

  • @safshan

    shaikh rasheed is a jadugar , real politician.he will never lose ,he is the best candidate in rawalpindi .

    dont think that abbasi lota will beat him , jave is too emotional,

  • @javed

    It might be a wishful thinking on your part but the Jadugar is acatually in deep trouble, he cannot go out for campaigns these days and since i belong to one of his constituency I can tell you one thing for sure, if free and fair elections are held he will be at number 3 in both of his constituencies this time.

  • @javed bro

    What people on the streets are thinking about your Jadugar:

    This was shown by Dawn News.

  • Ch. Nisar is in a very strong position here. Q league is far behind and PPP is immaterial here. A PML(N) victory with a margin of about 40,000 votes.

  • Dear All,

    We are over with a very long and hectic campaign today with our last jalsa in our Union Council 76 Khanna Dak. People gathered in a very big number. There were slogans every where. The crowd was very much charged. People showed emotions especially againt Musharraf.

    Ch. Nisar Ali Khan (NA-52), Ch, Tanweer Khan (Ex. PMA), Ch. Sarfraz Afzal (PP-6), my father Ghulam Rasul Malik(Ex Nazim UC-76) delivered speaches. Ch. Nisar promised to struggle for freedom of Dr. AQ Khan, renstatement of CJ Iftikhar Ch. and for taking Musharraf to court of law for his crimes against muslims and Pakistan. Raja Arshad ex PMA and Tariq Mahboob Kyani was also present.

    AlhamduLillah sub kuch bakhair khoobi tamam hua.

    Aap sub say appeal hai dua karain Allah humain Feb 18 ko bhee kamran karay aur izzat say nawazay keh izzat aur zillat ussy kay hath main hai...

    Hum nay apnay eman ki suchhaee kay sath poori koshish ki. Ab nateeja us pak zaat kay hath main hai...

    Ya Allah humain kamyab kar aur izzat day.. Ya Allah hamaray in namaindon ko jeet kay baad taufeeq day keh yeh deen kay dushmanoN ka muqabla karain. Dr. AQ Khan ko un ka muqam dilaein, CJ Iftikhar bahal hon, Musharraf un ki adalat kay katehray main khara ho aur logon ko insaf milay.. Ya Allah apnay logon ko Umreekiyon kay hath baichnay walon ko ibrat nak shikast ho ta keh ainda hamaray logon ka dollars man koi soda na kar sakay..


    Mian Nawaz Sharif Zinda Baad

    Ch. Nisar Ali Khan Zinda Baad