PPP facing tough times in Larkana

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  • I don't know why doesn't Ghinwa cash the Bhutto name as her son is the only legal heir of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. The last interview of her I have seen suggests she's probably not much interested in the politics.

  • @ Sulaiman Dar

    She is... Her children are not

  • I know that she's contesting the elections. After Benazir's assassination her son is the only legal heir of the Bhutto clan. The rest are all fake ones either Zardaris or Talpurs.

    My questions was that she's not cashing on the Bhutto's name the way Zardaris and Talpurs are doing it who are not even Bhuttos?

  • Zulfiqar bhutto jnr would be assasinated the moment he tries to lift his head up.

    Another observation, I have many Sindhi friends from my workplace, PPP Jiyalas .. they wouldnt vote for anyone and would vote when Zulfiqar jnr is ready.

    Dusri baat u need to b a bit of a not so gentleman to make ur place and steal the show. Can Zulfiqar Bhutto jnr take from the zardaris what is rightly his? Its not easy.

  • @tsunami

    "Can Zulfiqar Bhutto jnr take from the zardaris what is rightly his?"

    I thought as PTI supporter you are against hereditary politics :)

  • In 1996, after murtaza bhutto death benzair went to Larkana to attend the funeral, people of Larkana threw stone on her motorcade. That was the strongest reaction PPP ever got from Larakana people. Political pundits said that PPP has lost the larkana seat. But still today it is a strong hold of PPP.

    This is nothing compare to murtaza death so I am pretty sure PPP is very comfortable on larakana seat.

  • Sindhi only know only one thing, and that is, Bhutto's name, to whom they vote.

    With Zardari faking his offspring as "Bhutto" won't fly too far. He knows it too well, that's why he keeps his control on the party by staying in power.

    The moment he's out of presidency, he will go below Musharraf's level.

    PPP is seriously missing a legal heir to Bhutto. Without which it is not easy to rally around people. A dilemma that will end "Bhutto politics" from Sindh for good.

  • 0.O

    During a speech in white house, John. F. Kennedy said to Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, “ You don’t know, you are standing in the greatest building of America.” Bhutto replied with a smiling face, “Unfortunately, you don’t know that the greatest building of America lies under my feet”.


  • I am not a pro PPP man, I was expecting humiliating defeat of PPP in Sind as well on their poor performance during their five year term. But it didn't happen.

    BTW the article reproduced by the intiating blooger, was that article written before or after general and bye election?

  • But PPP won in Sindh :(