IK's Free Emergency Care for cracked head.

  • IK today received swift and effective emergency care at one of Lahore's Govt hospitals which were managed by PMLN Govt's Health system for 5 years and bitterly criticised by IK for all of those 5 years.

    Within 1 hour of falling from 10-12 feet and cracking his head (due to his own and his party's childrens negligence).....IK received immediate care, x'rays, scans, bandages and "tankay" and discharged swiftly by Hospital all well and healthy

    Above all IK wasnt charged a penny for the treatment!

    ...Although some of my friends in Lahore are saying it was a staged drama?

  • Could it be related to the stage drama started by IK's partner Rehman Malik who has been in Lahore since yesterday

  • @LHR bahi

    "some of my friends in Lahore are saying it was a staged drama? "

    You need to change your friends's circle.

  • i just had a bad discussion with my facebook pti friend and he said " NS ne imran khan k liye dua kar k apni siyasat chamkane ki koshish ki hai". I was dumbfounded on this level of blame. Whatever the case, PTI was and is the most hypocrite, abusive and ignorant collection of people and its supporters.

  • I won't call it a drama. MashaAllah IK is fine now. Media should reduce his coverage now. They have covered him fairly for last 4 hours. PTI must also hire some professional & mature workers to make arrangements for upcoming jalsas.

  • @3D_fanboy bahi

    Just unfriend that burger dude ... how dare he?


  • You must realize that this is a government hospital. Being a citizen, it is Imran Khan's right to treatment. It is not something to write about if the hospitals are running as they should.

    Also, I'm from Karachi. After looking at the scenes, I can proudly say that Karachites would have handled it better. A motorcycle rear-ended me a few days ago. The rider had severe head injuries. Two ambulances arrived within 3 minutes (Edhi and Cheepa). The rider was taken to Jinnah hospital and CT scan was performed within a couple of hours.

    How Imran was treated was not extra-ordinary. On the other hand, the situation was so appalling that there was no ambulance and no medical team.

    Also, it was a good gesture by Nawaz of canceling his jalsas. But he had no other option. What his intentions were is anybody's guess. What I can be sure of though, that Altaf Hussain's message is more likely that not--drama. You should see the way he cried when Imran Farooqi was killed in London.

  • That was pathetic govt hospital

    and what about No ambulancde for this gr8 leadr.

  • Please don't make this incident for point scoring.

    Such unfortunate incident could happen to anyone.

    I pray for Imran Khan's complete recovery.

  • Did Nawaz Sharif;s daddy or mom paid for hospital...?

    Its government hospital, money paid by people of Pakistan,

  • Which hospital was it?

  • @3D_fanboy ,@Raza Hassan ,@Shirazi

    im so much ashamed of being x pmln supporter.the hospital was private one and owned by and individual its not a govt hospitial .if it was a govt hospital whts wrong with it .yai nawaz ya showbaz k baap ki jageer nhi hai .this time vote is for pti .

  • shk :

    true. and PTI supporter u also dont make something wrong.

    just pray for Kaptaan. he is so brave. he will lead us InShAllah.

    just ignour negative propengda by others. their are some good supporter of PML N also. and i Respect the,

    beside political differences , we are one nation. and Imran khan is our national hero. u can have political differnce but as of social worker and Cricket captain u cant deny his greatness.