NA 51 - Rawalpindi-II

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  • NA 51 - Rawalpindi-II -- in 2002 elections

    Tariq Naqshbandi MMA 5082

    Chudhry Khurshid Zaman PML(N) 26895

    Tahir-ul-Qadri PAT 15213

    Raja Pervaiz Ashraf PPP 81761

    Shaukat Aziz Bhatti PML(Q) 46383

    Valid Votes 175867

    Rejected Votes 3320

    Total Votes 179187

    Registered Voters 345475

    Percentage of Votes Polled to Registered Voters 51.87 %

  • This constituency comprises tehsil Gujar Khan. Its a huge and geographically very challenging amd arduous constituency given that on one side it borders azad kashmir and on the other side is adjacent to Jhelum and chakwal districts.

    This has been a bastion of anti PPP forces as has been teh whoel of Pothohar until 2002 when PPP won this seat for the first time since the rigged elections of 1977. That was largely the result of splitting up of right wing vote a is obvious from the last election results.

    Raja Parvez Ashraf who is deputy general secretary of PPP has been contesting and losing fromthis constituency since 1990 until he lucked out in 2002. He is a strong candidate thsi time as well.

    JI has some following in the area, around 8-10,000 votes. These votes will either not poll or may poll in PML(N)'s favour. Tahir ulQadri stood from thsi constituency as he did from a dozen others last time. He is not in the field anymore.

    The Q-league candidate is a newcomer Qasim Javed who is son of District Nazim Javed Ikhlas. So his votes will in reality be his father's votes who reamined an MPA from here for a long time.

    The PML(N) candidate is Chaudhry Muhammad Riaz, ex-punjab minister and elder brother of Khursheed zaman, teh MNA from here in 1997. They belong to maliar (or arain in punjab) biradri which is a minority biradri in the area, but they managed to win in teh past due to PML(N) ticket. Khursheed Zaman actually tried to get into q-league but was kicked out from there by his political rivals. Chaudhry Muhammad Riaz does not enjoy good reputation in teh area and is considered a weak candidate because of his personal traits and past performance.

    The split of all the right wing votes should help PPP with PML(N) coming second.

    RESULT: PPP Victory.

  • ppp win the election

  • on this seat will be good fight because lot of local ppp, pmln workers r joining pmlQ.

  • In gujar khan seat ,it will be a good election if held fairly,and contest will be between ppp and pmln ,but pervaiz ashraf has got edge because of bibi's murder and vote bank of pml is divided because of (Q)LEAGUE.however,i think that chaudhry riaz of pml(n) will pull the crowd and make it to 45-55 contest ,so it will be a warm competition.