NA 49 - Islamabad-II

  • @Adonis bro

    I gathered it from one of my relatives very active in that area. He owns a home near Phulgaran and I discussed with him the political situation in details. But since he is pro PPP, it might be the case that he was talking about PPPs win. He was of the view that PPP always has certain vote in that area and Nayyar Bukhari whether loose or win always gets a fair chunk in rural areas. In my opinion PMLN enjoys mostly middle class and educated support so the big question is that with law and order situation so bad, whether those people will go out and vote or stay at home. But one thing is sure that Khokhars are nowhere to be discussed as the winner. Good thing about this discussion is that most of members here talk about the possibilites of winning either PPP, PMLN, PMLQ or even independent candidates considering the ground realities not like @javed bro. who dream about every constituency going towards Chaudhris.

  • @Kiyani brother

    Believe me; the ground reality is that people are so fed up with this regime that if they will go out for vote on Feb-18, then Mush and his cronies will be wiped out and if they get 10 seats that will be a big achievement.

    After months Atta crisis is not over. Also there is a shortage of gas, electricity, cooking oil and many basic commodities. Prices of every thing have skyrocketed in just a few months. Unfortunately this year weather was very cold and severe and people suffered a lot because of electricity and gas shortages. One of my relatives who live near Tench Bhatta Rawalpindi told that they have to cook meal after 12.00 at night because gas pressure is so low at day time that they cannot do anything. Most of the people have to stay home without electricity and gas.

    In this entire scenario you will see people being killed en-mass by the so called suicide bombers. Imagine there is no attempt on the PMLQ rally whereas the so called terrorists sitting in Tribal Areas have more enmity towards govt.

    The best chance for Mush is to make sure law and order situation remain very bad and mainstream parties which are PPP and PMLN never get going for campaigns and big rallies, people, scared of their lives, remain inside their homes on elections day. Then you will see 98% rating for PMLQ just like the Referendum by the dictator in 2002.

  • Dear safshan

    Apart from all our internal political issue or crises whatsoever our nation has been facing since Murshraf occupied Nawas shareef Govt. We are working here in multinational companies and we feel ashame to face particularly to indian.Overseas pakistanis are more senstive than those who are in pak, being far from the country.We have to compair ourselves with others nations.2 days back Ch.Shujat has said "we had done wrong things during our Govt and will not repeat in future" Why our leader (such kind of) are cheating the nation. Look Shaik Rashid, he was good leader but now who like him. 21st Century is going on they cannot make the people fool and if they wil upto what extent?

    We have been with Nawaz khoker when he was with Nawaz sharif. Since he became lota we left him.Also in my opinion in rural area people should not cast the vote on brodhery base. Brother first we want good leader then we want solid poliltical system and free judiciary.Withut these elements we cannot be able to do anything for democrasy.

    I also agree with you for the bomb blasting only set for opposition not for Govt ralies.If Alqaida is doing, they are agaist Pak Govt not with the people or pak or political parties. Why bombs are not blasted on co-Government leaders or ralies. Who informed prior to incident to Ministery of interior Suisider have entered in Pak? and if they entered what the Government is doing why they are not taking any actiion to stop them. If they can take action against the poor student of lal masjid? Where were the Govt if they are saying lal masjid was having arms...who bring they bring ?????

  • This 2008 election naayyer bokhari saab is gone beat this Pakistan Muslim League(Q) thats my word . cuz today bokhari saab had biggest jasla in bhara khau , Bokahari saab is famous in islamabad . about 44 vilages support him cuz he is the best . NO ONE WANT Pakistan Muslim League(Q) LEADER


  • Raja sahib. we expect and wish Bokhari sahib will win Inshaullah.Becasue people are fed up from PMLQ.We also wish for PML(N). Ch.Tariq is new but i hope he will get more than MPLQ.We expect from the people of Islambad not to support PMLQ ..not at all. Q does not deserve.They are killer of the innocent people of pakistan.From Pindi Shaik Rashid is in bad position. He was saying on TV he wil win from 7000-10000 vote margin.???? He knows what he had been doing in previous govt..He was defending Mushraf all the time. he is not using PMLQ's name for vote.. It means he admits that PMLQ is not a party.Khokar shaik are opportunists.Both were having honour with NAWAZ SHARIf.We should cast our vote for genuine people, instead of bradery and relation if we are sincer to the country and to the people of Pakistan. May God give us good learship who can bring back the country on trac and can do something for the poeple of Pakistan not for America or Europe.

  • Thanks Kiyani saab .

    my first choice is bokhari saab PPPP

    Second choice is Ch.Tariq PML(N) .



    THANKS ALLAH ... as per my expectation above ... PML(N) won from both seats of my beloved city ISLAMABAD.

  • Yes dear all. Congratulation on clean sweep of Q-league from Rwp and Islambad. At present regardless PPPP is winner of PML(N) but we are happy that our people of Islambad and Rawalpindi have done good.

    Shaik saab...left spain..???? najoomi banta tha....personal defender of mushraf. ?Shujaat from his home has been defeated...sharm ani chayee unko....They were proudly talking and insulting Nawaz and benazir.God never like proud. Big towers of Q has falled down.Thanks God and we pray to God to give us good leadership who can do something for our dear country not for America and not for their personal benefits.

    I Congratulate to Dr. Tariq and Aqeel Anjum.

  • It was very bad news for nayyer bokhari saab who lost nealy 500 votes from Dr. Tariq it was very storng competition between bokhari saab and Dr Tariq saab .


  • @Kiyani brother

    Nothing strange has happened really, ground reallity was that if people will go out for voting then PMLQ will be wiped out. Even now polls were not fair, massive rigging and pre-poll manipulation was done by PMLQ, though in cities they were not winner but in many constituencies they used ghost votes and if you recall PMLQ was nowhere in the preliminary count but still they managed 38 or so seats which is a sure shot rigging. People of Pakistan has voted unanimously from Gawadar to Chitral. They were of one view: not to vote for pro-mush parties.

    PMLQ gained more through rigging in areas where international and national observers were not present like in South Punjab and Baluchistan. Ch. Shujaat lost from Gujrat but still there were 20 thousand bogus polled for him. The margin of defeat was so big that even then Ch. Ahmed Mukhtar of PPP won. Same thing happened in many rural areas, polling was only 35 to 38 percent. But the bogus voting by MQM and PMLQ was instrumental in raising it to 45 percent.

    In Karachi MQM used all the resources through its criminal Governor Ishrat Ibad and in some stations polling was 140 to 150 percent. Same thing happened in constituencies like Attock, Gujrat, Jhang, South Punjab and Baluchistan.

    Interestingly in Baluchistan where actually all the regional parties were bycotting, and they always get votes there, PMLQ won by massively rigging and in those constituencies turnout was very high.

  • @safshan

    In total agreement with you!

  • @Safsan,

    Just look at results before commenting. In top 20 turnout seats only 2 belong to karachi.

    Similarly in bottom 20 seats , 2 belong to karachi.

    In the whole country , specially in sindh & punjab both turnover was high.

    Why we are not able to digest results against our will ?

  • @ safshan

    Before making ur own comments , loot at this

    If u still continue to have say same thing then u must got some serious problems

  • @Justapakistani bro

    I can put dozen of links which shows that massive rigging was done in selective areas. I am not making these comments from my own, was fully engaged and got all the news from different areas. Since I remained employed in a very big publishing group of Pakistan, many senior journalist are my friends and what I am saying that results were changed late night is the truth, whether you like it or not.

  • @ safshan

    Well yar if u got any proves kindly show them instead of putting the if u want to talk about rigging then talk across the board.......why stick with any specific party

    Don't u see the Fatima Bhutto explaining the rigging done in Larkana....

    how about rigging in Lyari., rigging in suburbs of Karachi.....NA-258 ?

    check with ur friends they may have some info about these as well

  • @Justapakistani bro

    Well I have full recording of the elections day available. Like till 6.30 am (PST), 60 results were out and the party position was:

    PPP 20

    PMLN 22

    Independents 7

    MQM 4

    ANP 4

    PPP Sherpao 1

    and our beloved

    PMLQ 2

    At that time, Geo was showing partial results of all other constituencies and PMLNs and PPPs name were seen clearly. They were showing the breaking news continously "" Q LEAGUE KA SAFAYA HO GAYA".

    Still Mushis party got 38 seats in the end.

    In the words of columnist Tahir Sarwar Mir PMLQ which was losing heavily till the announcement of 200 seats results:

    "in the last 60 overs PMLQ played like Shahid Afridi and with all the 6s and 4s reached the milestone of 37 seats"

  • Well mention the proofs that the rigging on the selective polling station, announcement of result bit late on GEO doesn't there will be any rigging going on. Moreover sometimes on ECP site are declared even GEO hadn't announced them....Moreover the stuff going larkana can be a solid proof of rigging.....if u have something like this then show up.....otherwise bro "hawa mian tair chaalanay kaa koi faidaa nahi"

  • @safshan,

    The reality is atleast as 4 as lahore is concerned ( as ive been active 4 both PML-N & PPP camps), rigging has been minimal.

    Yes bogus votes have been casted but Majority of them were rejected.

    there were 3 poling stations in which ballot boxes were not sealed so V made sure that there voted B not counted and all those votes were discarded.