Zahra Hussain, An Inside job?

  • There are speculations. MQM may be whatever people expect them to be, but they are not stupid - at least not enough to involve in high profile murder at this hour. MQM is going through hard time and it is very unlikely that it will increase its misery intentionally.

    There are opinions saying Zahra Hussain was a dark horse in PTI, like Ayaz Ameer and Javed Hashmi were in PML-N or Safdar Abbasi, Aitzaz Ahsan were in PPP. Sympathy is a trump card in politics, and PTI is not unaware of it. They tried to cash accident of Imran Khan too by making an ad about it just before election.

    This murder has provided PTI with enough substance to incite public protests on streets of Karachi and won them some sympathies too. Their case against Altaf Hussain has some base now.

    I am not, nor are others, in position to push this theory too hard as there are no concrete evidence but a NEWS report from past can be handy. After all target killers kill on demand.

    9 target killers of PTI were arrested by Police, as told in a report submitted to Supreme Court, and were questioned for various crimes.

  • As a PMLN supporter, I really doubt that PTI representation has anything to do with target killings in Khi.

    On the other hand we have whole history of MQM leaderhsip been threatening to everyone in Pakistan including, Media, Judiciary, politicians, businessmen, law enforcement agencies. No one left in Karachi who hasn't been bitten by MQM.

    This post is just another move against PTI.

    What about Altaf bahi statement, Kuttay bohonkatay rahay karwaaan chalta raha.. wo kuttay ka pilaaa and the reason was that loag mujay galiyaan day rahay hein aur rabita committe sun rahi ha?

    Btw can anyone tell me who was abusing ALtaf hussain? where he got that in his mind?

  • As a PMLN supporter, I really doubt that PTI representation has anything to do with target killings in Khi.


    @pakstar saheb

    Being as supporter of any party, your doubt and believes, can't change the reality.

    PTI women wing is very popular for media galery, can anyone provide the picture of Late Zehra Shahid during protest from Election day to till she was murdered? even during election compaign when each single workers of PTI and thier family member including Atiqa Odho (who is not PTI supporter) are already got focus on media. (Photo Shop work will not be accepted here).

    No because, she was inactive member of PTI since party tickets were distributed to some workers including Arif Alvi who are heavily influnced by religious and extremist parties in past and/or secretly in present.

    JI endoresed the nomination of Arif Alvi and promised to withdraw thier candidate in his favour as they did it was preplanned.

    Zehra Shahid strongly opposed nomination of Arif Alvi and some workers but she was ignored by PTI leadership in Sindh and cashed by Arif Alvi.

    BTW, turnover was very low on 19 may, not because of fear but because key people of PTI from defense and clifton are well aware about the differences of Zehra Shahid and Arif Alvi group.

    Remember, in karachi, except 5% to 10% new faces, PTI is the joint incarnation of JI+ANP.

  • @Faseeh Gulzar

    I have been saying since day 1 that it is an insider's job most probably Arif Alvi and Ehsanullah Ehsan of Taliban are directly involved in this murder to get voters sympathy. 9 target killers of PTI are already under Police custody and we don not know how many are at large.

    Police investigation should start from Arif Alvi.

  • Ok Did any one from PML N kill javed hasmi and Ayaz mir ,

    many of politician leave PTI , did this incident happen with any1 ??? point me any one.

    I m following politics from last 3,4 years. do u ever see any MQM leader leave MQM ??? No na...

    did u ever think why not ??? because they no if they leave their future will be like Imran farooq etc. this is pure terriorist party..

    IF they talk about benificary then before election their were 5,6 Bomb blast on MQM . who was benificiary frm those. MQM got 18 seats on election day. did we say that MQM is benificiary thats why they hold terror attack on themselves.

    grow up. MQM hold whole city, they just got shocked when PTI got 50000+ votes from 90 area.

    and in whole karachi PTI got 750,000 votes. this is real threat. they dont have any thing to label PTI .

    In past they play card of Maujir against Sindhi ( PPP) and then they declare PMLN ( Punjabi party ) , JI ( religious talban ) and thats why People of karachi were not have any choice except MQM .

    now situation is entirely different . PTI is mixture of Right and left. so every body supporting this party in karachi. and mark my words. PTI will be in next election with 5,6 seats in karachi may b more if they word hard.

    this time they lost NA239 just 2000 votes difference.

    This murder of Zahura Sahiahd. is mqm terror or third party. because only MQM was against election on 19 may. so they want to Keep fear on people. but People of karachi reject and voted for PTI 17000+ votes on 19 may. it was not election day , it was a day when everybody was conveyd a message that if u go for vote u will be killed.

    but after all that situation people came out and voted.

    So Karachi is changing. PTI is building its vote bank. Its reality. Next election. Lahore , karachi will be more seats for PTI , im 100% sure. because many of people voted just because they want to give one chance to PML N ,

    if they failed now. and whenever Govt go to public after 5 year govt. People dont vote for them. Poeple will defintely go to PTI , Imran and his party have to work hard now.

  • Zahra Hussain and Hakeem Mohmmad Saeed they were killed for same reason.... people who dont like to see a powerful political party in Urban Sindh.

  • @Sherlock Faseeh Holmes

    Sir thank you for sharing your piece of investigation with evidence which force you to make ID on this forum.


  • @faseeh...9 pti kay thay per 81 kiss kay thay???

  • سب بھائیوں کو آداب

    ایم کیو ایم کی تم تر چولوں کے باوجود اس قتل کا الزام بھائی لوگوں

    پے لگانا ہضم نہیں ہوتا

    .بچپن میں ہمارے پڑوس میں ایک بہت ہی آدم بیزار قسم کی چیز رہائش پذیر تھی اور بچوں کو تو وہ شائد دھرتی کا ناسور سمجھتے تھے .

    اگر کبھی کسی دوست سے ہماری ان بن ہو جاتی تو وہ پڑوسی کی گھنٹی بجا کر یہی انکے صحن میں کچرا پھینک کر بھگ جاتا تھا کے کچھ بھی ہو الزام ہماری نازک سی جان پے ہی اے گا لہٰذ انکی گھنٹی کا خیال ان سے زیادہ ہم رکھتے تھے

    اور اگر واقعی یہ لچ بھائی لوگ ہی تل گئے ہیں تو آفریں ہے انکی لچ پر

    ویسے سنا ہے پارٹی کے اندرونی حالات کافی ناسازگار ہیں .کچھ نہ کچھ ہونے والا ہے

  • @ajhons

    MQM is only popular for killings and murderers of their opponents and people to gain their agendas.

  • @Sweet Truth

    LOL. And what you are saying since day one has been proved totally wrong straight in your face. Its 2015 and the progress of this case till now is, Murderers of Zahra Shahid are in police custody. All three killers belong to MQM, no wonder. And they have confessed of killing plenty people on the orders if their masters.

    MQM is widely popular criminal mafia. What ever they do, they do openly abd freely wether its routine killings or big massacres.

  • @Sweet Truth

    And yes secondly, the target killers associated with PTI which are mentioned in courts report are criminals who previously had their association with ANP and went into hiding or to get better cover.

    You people can just make an idiot fool of yourselves by putting up utter bullshit like this. Even the furious paindos of NOON deny this kind of crap against PTI.

  • @Anonymous

    You seem to be an plain idiot.

    Those 9 target killers which are mentioned in SC report were all hiding in the ranks of PTI to get clean cover and take the advantage of PTIs clean and progressive wise image. They all belonged to ANP and other criminal outfits.

    And you must be a goon of MQM who is so desperate to somehow link PTI with any of this shit. I can understand your frustration but dude face the fact and truth.

    Zahra Shahids tathet killers were arrested by rangers from clifton. All three men belong to MQM, NO WONDER.

    In your face.

  • @Anonymous

    And yes, its not your fault to to put up shit like this. You see, people see things from their angle. Similarly the only way MQM knows how to move people getting in their way is by killing them. So the only angle from they could see this is the angle they only know how to see.