Goli Maar Dee

  • Goli Maar Dee

    Salahuddin Akbar?

    Goli maar dee.

    Hakeem Muhammad saeed?

    Goli maar dee.

    Azeem Ahmad Tariq?

    Goli maar dee.

    Ghulam Abbas, 272/94, Liaquatabad?

    Goli maar dee.

    Maulana Saleem Qadri?

    Goli maar dee.

    Advocate Syed Sardar Ali Jafri?

    Goli maar dee.

    Advocate Waqar Hussain Naqvi?

    Goli maar dee.

    Syed Shamim Hussain Kazmi, 191/97, Liaquatabad?

    Goli maar dee.

    Fazlur Rehman Akakhel?

    Goli maar dee.

    Mohammed Ali?

    Goli maar dee.

    Gul Feroze?

    Goli maar dee.

    Munawar Suhrawardi?

    Goli maar dee.

    Zuhair Akram Nadeem?

    Goli maar dee.

    Tariq Khan?

    Goli maar dee.

    Shaukat Reza Mirza?

    Goli maar dee.

    Zahid Baloch?

    Goli maar dee.

    Mohammad Yousuf?

    Goli maar dee.

    Abdul Hafeez?

    Goli maar dee.

    Abdul Qayyum?

    Goli maar dee.

    Ghulam Murtaza?

    Goli maar dee.

    Haji Fayyaz?

    Goli maar dee.

    Sardar Hussain Jafri?

    Goli maar dee.

    lawyer Sardar Khan?

    Goli maar dee.

    Prof. Mohammed Saleem Chaudhry?

    Goli maar dee.

    Mohiuddin Nizaam Qadri?

    Goli maar dee.

    Sultan Junejo?

    Goli maar dee.

    Muhammad Ashfaque?

    Goli maar dee.

    Lawyer Iqbal Raad?

    Goli maar dee.

    Azar Abbas Haidri?

    Goli maar dee.

    Raees Khurram?

    Goli maar dee.

    Malik Shahid Hamid?

    Goli maar dee.

    Syed Zeeshan Kazmi?

    Goli maar dee.

    Some names among thousands of victims, who have been shot dead in Karachi by ‘un-known motorcycle riders’ during last few years since the emergence and establishment of terrorist mqm.

    You may search in Google by putting any above mentioned names with ‘shot dead in karachi’ to find out complete news, dates and other details.

    Karachi has been ruled by various political parties, like people’s party, jamaat-e-islami and etc. during last 40 years, but Karachi never ever faced such a terrorizing scenario as people of Karachi have been witnessing since the emergence of terrorist mqm.

    Each month dozens of citizens of Karachi are murdered by ‘un-known motorcycle riders’ since the emergence of terrorist mqm.

    Although, Karachi had motorcycles before too, but people of Karachi never experienced such use of motorcycles until terrorist mqm appeared into the scene of Karachi.

  • just imagine those hands!

    who have fired bullets on hakkem muhammad saeed and azeem ahmad tariq.

    do they deserve vote in any election?

  • freedom of choice is the basic right of human beings.

    people of karachi do not have such freedom because of terrorist mqm.

  • Blame your army dont blame MQM

  • @zaleel,

    sorry u have an ID ...choosen by urself..nobody can help u ..if u wanna called like that...

    anyways i didnt mean that ...

    but u r mistaken ...

    every party has been brought up by army itself.

    every political aprty out here is a brain child of army.

    but still

    why go for a party which has a death squad?

  • yes, i agree with hussainmehdi

    i also want it golee mardee jay to all our so called leaders espcially mqm,anp, ppp...

    jui etc,

    zaleel i m sorry its ur choice .. we dont blame army but ourselves who plays in thier hands

  • Sallam,

    MQM is the only responsible party behind all murders in Karachi. ppl know about the reality but they can not say anything.

  • @Beenai please check my ID again its Zaleel pk I am sorry

    And yes agreed every party is braught up by army in Pakistan, but incase of MQM army is still feeding them. why not any sector of mqm is in cantonment area why not in DHA ? if thya claims that Karachi hamara hay than why thaty are not available there.

    People like you still supports balck sheeps generals who are the cause of these kinds of offspring.


  • @bhai bilal badi jaldi ghairat jaag gayi? jab kahan thay jab Afia siddiqi to americans noch rahe thay?

    pehle urdu padh k anaa or lughta main zillat ka matlab dhoondo

  • It is very sad to know that once again the people of karachi, once known as the Paris of Pakistan, are having a blood bath.

    There is a dire need of quick integration of society. The urdu speaking people should stop calling themselves muhajir, they are now sons of soil and as sindhi and pakistani as anybody else. There parents were muhajir, but there new generations aint. The urdu speaking people who are living in Tando Allahyar, hyderabad, mirpurkhas are much more assimilated than the people of karachi where MQM is filling there hearts and minds with ethnic hatered and bias. Almost everytime things go in wrong in karachi, the main prepetrator is MQM. It rang a bell in my mind, when the infamous Salim Shehzad (a guy from MQM) came to karachi after a long time, and vowed not to go back before finishing an unknown mission!!

    At the same time, it is also fact that some pathans and especially afghans are are deeply connected with smugglers (of drugs, arms to goods) and criminal elements. They are welcome in Karachi and sindh as long as they remain peaceful, otherwise they will make the life difficult for everybody. All criminal and voilent elements no matter who ever they are should be rooted out from society.

    Let's hope and pray that things return to better as soon as possible.

  • @z pk

    "Blame your army dont blame MQM "

    You have a point as far as I'm concerned, but its like saying "I just jumped in the well because I was told to do so". The people who allow themselves to be used by the pathetic army of our country (MQM mainly and Dr. Qadir Magsi, Bashir qureshi etc) are as guilty as them.

    Beside not every party in Pakistan is brought up by ARMY (For ex, PPP, ANP, PTI etc). ARMY has been largely kind towards muslim league, some fractions of PPP like SB and SP, and too kind on MQM.

  • this is very easy to make peace in karachi and to put terrorists in jails.

    actually, some quarters in govt and majority of quarters in bureaucracy do want to promote mqm and its terrorism.

    how this is easy to make peace in karachi?

    govt may form a highly efficiat seurity organization in karachi, whose members should be permanant residents of karachi (with family) and they should be appointed on oath that they will eliminate terrorism and violence from karachi at any cost even at the cost of their own lives for the sake of future of their children.

    govt should provide them high profile training and latest weapons.

    15000 security officials will be able to eliminate the terrorism in karachi within 6 months.


    but, actually there are some powerful quarters who want to promote terrorism through mqm in karachi,

    and they are in govt.

  • A man who has no self respect, wat we can expect to him? i being a Muslim, being a Pakistani and as a human being, never like to call myself such insulting names... admin/ moderator should take notice and advice these ppl that do respect and get respect. Yes, definitely army has a few black sheep like other depts but those are also army ppl who had sacrificed their lives for this country, for us,,, we should never forget their sacrifices, their services,,, we salute them, we remember them with a lot respect and love… becoz Musalman ko Ehsaan faramosh nahi hona chaye.. kuch galat logon ki waja se sab par keechar nahi uchalna chaye. Like MQM is a terrorist’s gang but if we think that every Urdu speaking is terrorist, and then it’s wrong.

  • @Zaleel,

    i dont think that MY PAKISTAN deserves that kind of ID .

    its ur own ID not my Pakistan ID ,not my country ID.

    so i did not by mistake but delibrately called u by ur ID.

  • beenai

    i do agree with u

    We r a nation who got a country after a tough struggle for independence.. After a historic series of sacrifices, our leaders who did it were great and sincere, how this country citizen has an insulting id? Unfortunately in our country a group of so called intellectuals is working for hidden agenda (intentionally or unintentionally) … they are supporting our enemies especially our old /birth enemy India that never ever been accepted us as an independent nation.. And sadly our fellow citizen are being used for his nasty agenda.. to make and spread doubts abt two nation theory , movement of Pakistan, our great leaders who served in this movement, our history, our believes, our institutions, our army, etc,.. … This is a well thought plan and a group of ppl is using for it.

    (and I think we r only one nation in this world who used abusive language for its own country) . Anyways, I m sure that they so called intellectuals is a very limited group and we r in majority who loves our country and respect our fellow citizens.. Live long Pakistan.. Pakistani zinda bad

  • during last three days, terrorists have murdered more than 50 pakistanis in karachi and more than 100 injured.

    this is the same pakistan's democratic govt, that goes to gain votes from these poor pakistanis, who have been murdered by terrorists.

    does pakistan's democratic govt have any little mercy for these poor pakistanis who have been murdered in karachi?

    those, who were murdered, were pakistanis and govt of pakistan is responsible for the security of life and property of each and every pakistani according to pakistan's constitution.

    this is the same constitution, that has made them president and prime minister and ministers.

    but, what is for poor pakistanis?






    no security,

    no compensation,

    no peace,

    no shelter,


    what is the purpose of constitution for poor pakistanis?


  • Inshallah wo din jis ka wada hay wo din zaroor aay ga

    jab taj uchale jay gey jab takht giray jaye gay

    lazim hay hum bhi dekhen gay..

    i m sure for unkowing reasond that the day is coming very soon..... wake up

  • we can only pray and wait for the day .

    as we have seen Mushrraf the falling of a dictator.

    so we can see falling of a terrorist group too.

  • i m 100% sure abt it. ppl who made this party and voted them finally they will take action... remember, wat happened with Mujeeb ur Rehman of Dhaka.. thier Lovers killed him...so everyone should be careul and think over it that wheen love becomes hate and its more Dangerous .. its lesson from history if anybody is interested to learn.