Terrorism of MQM Altaf against Pathans in Karachi

  • fewdays back a lpg filling shop owner was killed in Di'silva town block A North Nazimabad while yesterday <b> another lpg filling shop owner was shot dead </b> literally 200 feets from tamuria police station north nazimabad. Altaf is hitting where it hurts most.. these lpg filling shops were catering to Taxis and rickshaws being used by Pathans. By killing these shop owners he is directly targeting these people's livelihood.

    2 more quetta tea hotels have been threatened and ordered to shut down in Block G haidry area.

    Annoyed Balochis,Pastuns,PPP,SunniTehrik,ANP Altaf seems to be taking them all head-on.

    British Grand Terrorist Altaf is basically creating a quagmire for innocent muhajirs living here in Karachi.


    MQM UC nazim, 15 MQM men arrested for ‘involvement’ in double murder of PPP men and riots



  • So far here in Karachi 18 people have died and 85 injured belonging to both ethnicities but majority of them Paktun shop hotel owners,truck,taxi,minibus,rickshaw drivers . All of their vehicles and shops were burnt in similar style as was witnessed on <b> 9th April when hundred of MQM's unit terrorists </b> attacked and set on fire tahir Plaza ,here to arsonists on dozens of motorbikes ganged up and intercepted these pathan owned transports and burnt their vehicles and beat them up. All this was going on since afternoon but media kept queit as noticed by TM and things got panicky only when media started giving coverage to these incidents in the evening. All in all according to karachi police cheif Waseem Ahmed 18 people died 85 injured and 60 vehicles and 6 shops burnt so far and things are relatively calm at the moment.

  • Altaf bai’s unit terrorists have beaten up pathan tandoor owners as well in several areas, now what next these terrorists would be setting up their own tandoors and would be selling bread(roti)? Altaf bai better start a cooking channel, because his goons would need a lot of training if he seriously wants them to quit terrorism and earn a decent and honest living.


  • MQM’s terror wing chief NROfied British terrorist Saleem Shahzad’s visit has started showing its true colours.

    Altaf goons simply won’t understand all that. These days they are not even sparing mochi(cobbler) and Peanut sellers on pushcarts. They have beaten them up at several places . Several more Quetta Tea shops have been raided and ransacked by MQM’s unit goons in Liaqtabad Paposh Nazimabad area. Altaf’s unit goons are obviously trying to provoke and stir up some serious conflict. As i earlier said Altaf should first teach his unit terrorist how to prepare a good cup of tea or how to mend shoes before flushing and beating mochis and tea walas because currently his gun touting goons are just good at collecting bhatha(extortion money) so this transition obviously might be painful for them.

  • Mochi, tandoor wala, chai wala, dry fruit wala

    MQM’s terror wing chief NROfied British terrorist Saleem Shahzad and his fraud pir grand terorist Altaf seem to have thought of some seriously ambitious plan to rehabilitate MQM’s unit and sector terrorists.

  • And finally...

    Senior Police officials and investigating agencies have compiled a list of terrorists involved in ethnic violence and terrorism. Majority of them belong to MQM’s unit/sector terror cells . Police officials plan to take action against these terrorist who are trying to stir ethnic violence under the pretext of talibanization .


    And as predicted in this report,14 SHO have been have been changed here in Karachi and i am anticipating some kind of action against MQM’s terrorist gone amuck againt pathan owned businesses .

    And if that action is started then Altaf would start wailing, howling and shedding crocodile tears in London calling it action against Muhajirs and conspiracy of Establishment.

  • Dont worry its a warm up session for the preparation of local bodies elections thats why Mustafa Kamal´s ranking issue is raised up first,and on other hand to build more pressure on PPP more pressure more demands

    Pathans are also not Doodh ka dhula just visit al asif square are with a mobile phone in your pocket.

  • We are against all type of ethnic groups which so called politics r based on conflicts/controversies between two or three communities. We are against killing of innocent ppl regardless their community, cast and creed. Every citizen of Pakistan has right to live in any city of Pakistan and earn for their family. Nobody has right to kill them. If they r suspected, then this is govt’s duty to look into the matter, check and properly build a case against them in the courts not roads. All ppl who were killed during past ¾ days are poor were needy. Who will take responsibility of a number of widows, orphans and a lot disable ppl. We realized this fact that every part of city should be clear from weapons from Al Asif Square to Azizabad.

  • i believe in one thing very stongly.


    so we have to wait for the MOSA to one day and handle MQM .inshallah

  • problem is we dont have one firon so if we have to wait than we have to wait for hundreds's of mosa

  • u dont know wat is cooking in nature's kitchen? dont worry abt number of Mosa... one mosa is gud enough for all cruel/nasty evils. I believe….

  • Ameen

  • Is there democracy remain or every body one side judgement calls there self true spoke men. Karachi & karachian past in never been hidden from any body, before 83, all over feudalist last doing terror in karachi & there was no one to listen karachian appeal, APMSO is not made by any agency, it had made against unfair dissisions & torchers done by wadara system. maybe todays discuss any member had killed in karachi past riot, its not mean you can ignore 2 correr public rights & there demands. Genrate patients & ability to understand, in past Bangladesh made on basis of unfairness done by some of powerfull feudalist. Reality is that govt agencies had tried there best to distroyed MQM in past, 90s decade is an history of karachi when thousands of karachian had been killed in operation, illegal incounters but nobody do justice, till today peoples dont accept whats karachian wants. 90s torcher had lineup karachian youth in tougher & experience citizen, we are like an one body & system against wadra system.. it is reality not just write some bad comment, will not change any think, but if every body of us accept truth.

    Problem what karachian faceing from migrant comming in karachi can not ignore, if you want to understand karachian problem,

    Pakhtuns comunities whos are living in karachi from past years was going fine but since ANP start flaging there party flah in city & start makeing illigal land maffia. starts of past riot sene , dear peoples please listen there was increase of kidnepping, misbehave with ladies, there is lots of problem near orangi-town pashtun youth doing openly road side snatching there was thousand complain had register in Surab board area police stations. but there was no action had taken, religious charity group turning city mosque in there madarsas so many afghan childrens comming & living there, charity had been taken for mosque but useing for this illegal purpose, theres non of karachian involve in any religious charity activist who are teaching for Jihad, they all new commers.

    Pashtun youth had droped elfy in urdu speaking walkers going front there residence.

    Tell us who is sencere with whome.. before riot so many had died in super highway just passthrough highway and bullet had killed him. No body complain it ..

    Any body tell me in karachi university who made student parties like.

    Baloch student ferdration

    Pashtoun student fedration,

    Panjabi student fedration,

    Sindhi student.. there is nobody reprenting paksitani youth. were urdu speaking go.

    system had forced urdu speaking to join each other and fight for there right.

    When paksitan made that time veiw was 2 nation , hindu & muslim, there was no pashtun , sindhi, Panjabi or balochi, punjab is for punjabis, sindh is for sindhi, what hose who had made paksitan fight with english & hindus gave there every think in every war, have no rights.. we dont accept it .. karachian had given 62 years 75% taxation to govt to run, and paid salaries to those higher all over paksitan by quota system, when pashtoun asking NWFP pashtunistan then remember urdu speaking in Hydrebad & karachi urdu speaker righst also. either behave sincerly & justify other wise karachian had already fought with ISI & other agencies in 90s and ready to fight again. now tell us there is thousand of incounter cases in court but not one of it solved, there is no justice with karachian, todays karachian had made infrastructure of karachi by there day night working, also shape of best city came up, now PPP & ANP doing with karachian unfair, city govt is only part of karachian remain in karachi.....

    PPP had won MPs & MNA from interior they should go there is work in there areas, why they clain on city areas.

    Normal karachian buy plot in millions of ruppes but how unfair is that same land had captured by mafia freely, just made illigal goats and flaged ANP or PPP flag.. its 21 century we want to go futur positive but feudal system not accepting karachians...

    there was 10s of election had gone through ..man do you justify or accept what karachian wote, whome karachian want, its MQM.. please accept it truth.. MQM for karachian is not any political party, its there identity, you have to kill 2 correr peoples other wise accept it or fight & when you fight then plz reaction comes were action happens.

  • everyone should clear his/her mind that picture has been totally changed and ppl of karachi realized the harsh fact and original face of horriable mqm... they realised that they were wrong and trapped by slogans of mqm ...like 98% representation or middle classin politics watever they claimed or chanted.. but now everyone saw that mqm has no faith, no believe, no concept, no idealogy except this jis ki hokamat us k saath... they r balck mailers and killers ..now this is a mafia who hostaged this city... no large no of citizens go to cast vote for mqm but they used thier terrorism specialities by forcing them to cast votes in thier favour.. plus, if ppl do not go to polling stations, they do fill vote boxes in their own favour without any hesitation... same it happened in 18 FEb election and everybody knows it. this is an open secret. so in short mqm is not true representaive of karcahi ppl. mind it.

  • Not everyone say you the one cleared your mind set this way. We born and spend our whole livein karachi and seen lots about all political parties - faith-votes-idology-believe.. who know better then karachian who seens 80s - 90s.

    We remmber Lal-Qilla Hyderabad incident, in 80s were 6-7 thousands of ladies & chidren had been kidnep & males had killed by sindhi wadara lobby it took 6-9 days and there was no police or amry came to stop it. torcher & zulum had done on urdu speaking.

    80s in orangi town 3000 apparox men & women had been killed by pashtuns it had took 3-5 days and there was no police or army came to stop them...torcher & zulum had done on urdu speaking.

    Again 90s clean & clear operation had been done by paksitani arm forces in karachian, urdu speaking which whole world had seen and marked history to zulum done on urdu speaking MQM supporters .. karachian gave there genrations to live MQM name, young boys 2-4 had bein killed in illigal Incounters by police & agencies... urdu speak had face ll that tourcher & zulum..

    Who is zalim , who made karachian that much tough..

    Now last karachian roit you guys who seat in drining room and just talk give your point.

    Did any body went to orangi-town where- 20-30 houses had burn.. 20-30 guys still in abbasi-shahid hospital.. did any body checked there was 8-10 casualty of urdu speaking guys also...

    Position was little change this time.. when pashtun start roit in orangi and start burning homes of urdu speaking.. reaction happen all over karachi start doing that same with pashtun..

    If you say it was wrong then prove it who start this roit ..

    Come orangi-town and ask & see your self these peoples whos houses burned by pashtun youth.

    Come to abbasi-shahed hospital and check record how many urdu speaking suffered by bullet...

    Go and check sindh court ,, how many FIRs & cases pending sence 90s..

    How can you few pplz says MQM running in karchi with out karachian support.

    what you have prove..

    PML-N had start operation in 90s, PPP carried that operation ..

    PPP in wadara system party no-democratic person can join them.

    PML-N born by Genral Zia-ul-haq.. its and ISI running party..

    these 2 parties cmes from wadara & choudris back ground, they can not stay in cities.

    Go and check lahore , hyderabad, Islamabad & Karachi.. how many seat each of it gets. its division .. they only gets there fix seats from there villages.

    So its politics how Mr,Zardaripresident of pakistan Bitrate PML-N ..

    How PPP bitrate Wakeels .. when president of country do action for there party favour ... then MQM had complete right to save Karachi & hydrabad by hook or by cook.

    you maybelover of PPP , ANP or PML-N.. but do you have eyes,

    do you do justice, are you not blind, you didnt saw last 8 years, what cnstruction done in karachi.. how did it.... it tooks 15-20 years any city to build that much infrastructure that City Govt of karachi had did..

    How can you say bad Nazim when he is working 18 hours visiting construction sides, bridges, parks, road, sewarage system, water supplies etc.. how can any person living in karachi ignore it..

    Some body had problem from election then tell me why not I can give my vote in Lahore, when I born in karachi..

    Then how come ANP got 2 MPS, when there ID card from NWFP..

    if you says unfair election then yes it was unfair,because how can NWFP ID card person had vote in Sindh , he have to vote in his area.

    I know hate , can not let any body to do justice. and fair decession.

    but if you are not wadara & you are not chudari,

    and you are educated & you are brave enough to go and see your self orangi-town burned houses.. plz ask them who burn them, who start roits firing in orngi-town...

    And ask them only why & who stoped & safe them, who came after roits to gave them for weeks food. Go plz find truth.. you can not find truth because you only see news channels..

    You talking about open secrit... what above comments I wrote did you read them, do you understand it, can you reply answer any one of my coments...who had seen all this past .. why dont they support MQM.

    And if you like PPP then go vote them, we like MQM we had gave vote to them & we will vote them....We like them , they are sincer with karachian, they are our identity. they are our childrens. And love there leaders we had seen pst work done by MQM they are great, there idology is perfect, they know were they have to go. they are educated. And we are thankfull Mustafa kamal, city nazim, what strrugle he done to make karachi this much beautiful.

    Roits happens all over the world. read news papers, its not mean administration fault, there is some element from our country agencies who want to de-stablise sindh govt..

    Plz can you tell me who is Minister of education of Paksitan.. hes the wadara from balochistan who had sold 5 young girls in jirga, and he had admitted that, who gave his this ministry.

  • u have muissed the fact that mqm is brain child of zia ul haq and agencies. anyways, mqm did not worked for urdu speaking community but snatched thier identity being an educated, cultured and civilized nation... mqm ruined the education system of karachi and killed a lot young generation... but u ppl could not understand it ... go and ask to those who have lost thier young son/brothers or facing Bhatta mafia in karachi... i m not saying that any party is angle and mqm is not but here i m trying to say that every political party is corrupt and selfish but not a death squad. we as a nation should wake up and realise and acceot the realities not dreams or blind love

  • Brief pointers about MQM facts

    MQM is a US sponsored bunch of Ghundas .

    thier Moto is Destruction.

    thier line of action is HATE.

    thier code of conduct is Gali.

    there strategy is Ghunda Gardi.

    thier vision is to KIll everybody to solve all the problems.

  • even though MQM is really a mafia, i really have to give it to them to try to become the victims every time. Damn those puppy eyes used by altaf kaalia!!! o wait, there are no puppy eyes since all he does is talk on the phone :D damn his pain-filled barking!!!

    But the funny thing is how everyone has different and very contradictory views to each other on this forum about certain things, only MQM unites us. So that's another thing they should put down in their accomplishments, besides the usual extortion, murder, rapes and of course beatings and the burning and the hacking and slashings....

  • manzar hai vahii thathak rahii huu.N

    hairat se palak jhapak rahii huu.N

    nothing gona change youn hi khari rhao aap!!!

  • funny how dringroom talker unitied..

    Friend come on ground, see ground reality...this is not punjab, its karachi city of advance tech peoples..

    MQM workers had worked day night & make it in world top 15 cities..

    Hate is not in karachian , hate in you guys...

    Justify your self, get education.

    Non of you guys can reply any karachian question..

    we gave lot to our country & we will..

    It willbe foolish to not accept Pakistani eating american charity.

    american bombing Pakistani soil, and Leaders hide that these days..

    non of you have any objection..

    18th feb 08 till today 10 month gone but goverment minister did not made any new road in whole pakistan.

    they are wadaray they always get vote from there own villages but they never do good for them. but you all mentally use tobe live like servant of them....but you have problem from us, who dont ready to accept your wadara system..

    Karachi is joke.. it is paksitan.. go any other city, theres no comparition with karachian..

    MQM is sponser of karachian, karachian support & they love MQM openly.. theres more then 5 lakh youth working for them, they Enginers,doctors, Master,Bussines comunity, poor, rich, black, white all equal as said in Islam.. Karachian not feudal..

    MQM is destruction for wadara(feudal) system.

    In past you had killed us, you had tourcher us, know you have pain when we slaps you.

    friend if 1.5 correr had gaving MQM.. you cant ignore these vote..

    if 75% real votes its means lot

    simple darling..

    Wafa karo gai.. Wafa karein gay.

    Jafa karo gai.. Jafa karein gai.

    Sitam karoo gai.. tu sitam karein gai.

    Zulum karoo gai.. tu zulum karein gai..

    Hum admi hein tumharay jaisai..

    Jo tum karoo gai .. wohi hum karein gai..