90 days of performance

  • 90 days of PTI performance: A long list of achievements

    **ISLAMABAD: PTI Chairman Imran Khan had stated before the May 11 elections: “Why do you assume that the PTI will also fail, because other political parties have failed?” Actions would speak louder than words would be what Imran Khan sounded so sure of. First ninety days’ period was set as a benchmark by Imran Khan for others to judge the performance of the PTI government.


    These 90 days of PTI came to an end on August 31, so it is desirable to have a look what has been the performance in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP). Austerity in running the state affairs coupled with curbing the misuse of state resources by top government functionaries that had plagued the previous governments was a promise that the PTI had made to this nation. Barring the minimum security required, no minister, including the Chief Minister, in the KP government takes any protocol vehicles and staff during movement. The incident of state helicopter ride taken by the Chief Minister KP and followed by payment for the fuel used for the trip set the example for top political leadership and bureaucracy in the province that the PTI government would have zero tolerance for the misuse of scarce and precious state resources. No other incident of such nature was reported afterwards even by the most vigilant media.

    A plan to commercialize state guesthouses to mitigate unnecessary government expenses is in the pipeline.

    Elimination of corruption at top level was the target set by the PTI for the first 90 days of its government. The PTI achieved this target; suffice it to say that not a single scandal, not to speak of a mega one, has piped up in the watchful media with all media eyes set on the KP government on this count.

    Nor has the PTI government left any chance of the surfacing of any corruption scandal in future by putting into operation the Right to Information (RTI) Ordinance which ranks 76th among 90 countries that have RTI laws including many of the so-called first world countries.

    The KP’s RTI law has scored 143 and is positioned at top global RTI rankings. Under the new law any citizen can make a request to the government on a simple paper or through an email, without any fee, requiring information about all government departments, the KP legislature, chief minister’s secretariat, governor’s secretariat, lower courts, and even to private bodies funded by government and private bodies providing public services.

    The applicant under RTI Ordinance is not even required to disclose the reason for demanding such information. No more effective step for curbing corruption was imaginable when the typical measures of carrots with sticks and surprise raids followed by rather showy suspensions of functionaries by political lordships had miserably failed in the past.

    The potential Snowdens within the KP government have been given legal cover as no action can now be taken against them for blowing the lid off the internal wrongdoings in the public interest.

    The a,ccountability bill draft has already been prepared and released for public comment, which will soon be translated into a law.

    Accountability bill envisions a strong independent Accountability Commission which would be able to hold even the chief executive accountable.

    Education and Health, though among the most important government functions, have been the most neglected ones in Pakistan since its establishment. Reforms in both fields were kick-started with the unprecedented high budget allocations by the PTI government.

    Health reforms package already approved with the hallmarks of giving government hospitals autonomy on the pattern of UK model and a special focus on Mother Child Healthcare.

    Mobile lady doctor service has been launched to make health services available to remote and hitherto inaccessible areas of KP.

    Education reforms package has also been approved. Doing away with multiple evaluation systems at elementary level and introducing a uniform curriculum is what PTI government in KP is working very hard on.

    Biometric attendance system has been planned and its pilot project is already complete. Deliberations are at the final stage on a mega initiative to construct the necessary facilities in primary and elementary schools in KP and equipping them appropriately, which requires billions of rupees, by involving overseas Pakistanis.

    Consultations on launching of new international standarduniversities in KP with public-private partnership are also under way and concrete plans will soon be released. Local monitoring and management of schools and health units has been envisaged.

    Another promise of PTI about to be fulfilled within weeks is the promulgation of a fully empowered local government system law. Final draft of local government system has been prepared, the salient features of which have already been debated publicly.

    Party-based elections at district and tehsil levels, formation of village councils with powers of dispute resolution in petty disputes and offences, decentralised management of education, health, police; all these measures will prove to be a catalyst of change that PTI has been promising to bring about throughout the election year.

    Online FIR has been a dream that has come true in KP. Out of 309 complaints from July 1 till August 20, 44 were converted into FIRs and in some instances decades old criminal disputes of the people were resolved merely by registering online complaints. One such instance was also reported by BBC. All the necessary facilities were provided to Peshawar High Court to materialise the operation of Mobile Courts which have already disposed of their initial cases.

    To enhance the capacity of law enforcement agencies in their counter-terrorism operations, necessary weaponry has been ordered, the FC has been recalled from other parts of the country and the establishment of a provincial intelligence agency has been announced.

    Multiple initiatives like land record computerisation, Peshawar Mass Transit System project, micro-hydel projects, e-governance project, clean and green Peshawar project, establishment of KP revenue authority etc. are at different stages of planning and execution.

    Conflict of interest law, the right to service law, e-governance and e-businesses laws, the public-private partnership law and the vassal law are in final stages and would soon be promulgated. The KP government has won the right to govern for five years, but the early days’ performance, initiatives and plans are very important to set the direction of the new government.

    The PTI government might not have achieved perfection, but it has sincerely made an all-out effort to cleanse the proverbial Aegean’s stables that had been dirtied for decades in the KP. The writer is the newly appointed central deputy secretary information, PTI. Email: aiddi11@gmail.com


  • The formation of Government at the PKP was another political mistake by Imran Khan.

    Better he should have stayed at the opposition benches to let Mr. Nawaz and Molvi Fazal to form a Coalition.

    PTI could have gained lot, throughout Pakistan, at the next elections in 2018.

  • The formation of Government at the PKP was another political mistake by Imran Khan.

    شیخ صاحب ۔۔

    وفاق اور پنجاب میں تو دونوں ہاتھوں سے ملک و قوم کو لوٹنے کی تیاری ہو رہی ہے ۔۔ خیبر پختونخوا میں بھی لوٹنا شروع ہو جاتے ۔۔۔ اگر کچھ نہیں تو وہاں کم از کم اوپر سے غریب عوام کو لوٹنا تو بند ہو گیا ہے ۔۔۔

  • This review has forgotten to mention many hallmarks achieved by KPK government during its three months governance:

    1. As promised the Premier and Governor houses has been bulldozed/demolished and libraries with comprehensive subjects have been established.

    2. At least hundred new schools (50 only in North Waziristan) and three new universities have been established.

    3. There is no shortage of power supplies and shed downs have been practically eliminated. By 2014, we would be selling excess electricity to other provinces.

    4. Bread and butter is avaliable to masses on cheaper rate than any other provinces.

    5. Since we are going to have a final dialogue with Talibans, as a goodwill gesture, we have let some 300 high profile Talibans free from DIK. This will help for future peace and tranquility in the province.

  • @ imtiazahmed

    I thought you a reasonable bloggers and expect these comments from you (Luchtaal party have all liberation). The reason is not to support PTI, pint out your comments flaws.

    1- Governor house is the Federal government property, this point valid if PTI has the federal government. another even in three months you cant build a 3 marla house, thinking about a library....?????

    2- This issue also under federal government, Waziristan part of FATA and this also under the rule of federal government. to establish three universities, my answer in first point to build 3 marla house....

    3- For power please listen the link of bbc


    4- For this you are right KPK governemnt should announce subsidies if promise.

    5- Please read the article of Dr. Sfadar Mehmood, hope you will understand the punjabi Kahawat "Kutti Choran Nal Rali Hui Hay" (this for all parties PML-N, PTI, ANP, JUIF and all others)


  • Sorry Tahirnaseem saheb: I don't know what prompted me to write such things. I am not that type. Bur sorry again. You will appreciate that many good things of Imran Khan I was all praise. Same things goes for all political parties.

    Sorry once again for my previous write up. I will never be a member of luch tal party.

  • خیبر پختون خواہ کے عوام کو اب دودھ اور شھد خریدنے کی ضرورت نہیں رہی ہوگی کیونکہ شرمناک خان کی شرمناک حکومت نے صوبے میں حسب وعدہ نوے دن کے اندر دودھ اور شھد کی نہریں چلا دیں ہونگی


    لکھ دی لعنت تے در فٹے منہ


    اپنی اوقات سے بڑھکر بھڑکیں لگانے والوں کا یونہی **عوام کے سامنے منہ کالا ہوتا ہے


    اگر شرمناک خان نوے دن میں کچھ کر نہیں سکتا تھا تو اتنی لمبی لمبی چولیں مارنے کی کیا ضرورت تھی؟ آدمی اتنی ہی بات کرے جتنی اسکی اوقات ہوتی ہے

  • باوا جی ۔۔

    نوے دن میں دودھ اور شہد کی نہریں چلانے کی بات کس نے کی تھی ؟

    کوئی ویڈیو پوسٹ کریں ۔۔ نہیں تو کم از کم کوئی جعلی تصویر یا کارٹؤن ہی پوسٹ کر دیں ۔۔۔۔

  • لکھ دی لعنت تے در فٹے منہ

    یہ ہے ملکی مسائل حل کرنے میں سنجیدہ لوگ - یہ صرف ہاتھیوں کے مسائل کی حل کر سکتے ہیں خواہ اس کے لیے انہیں ٹوٹی کمر کے ساتھ برطانیہ کیوں نہ جانا پڑے

    ملکی مسائل کا حل سوچنے کے لیے انکے پاس وقت نہیں ہے اور نہ ہی انہیں کوئی دلچسپی



  • @ Imtiazahmed

    I really surprise to see your post, and i am sorry if i did something wrong in my write up.

    You are, one of the few bloggers at this site, people consider realistic logical and impartial for most of the discussion.

    Any how please accept my apology if you hurt with any of my word.

  • پاکستان تحریک انصاف کی خیبرپختونخواہ حکومت نےتھانہ کلچر کو بدلنے کیلئے اقدامات شروع کردئیے ہیں۔ ملک میں پہلی بار خیبرپختونخواہ حکومت کی جانب سے آن لائن ایف آئی آر کا نظام متعارف کرادیا گیا ہے جس کے ذریعے شہری گھر بیٹھے ایف آئی آر درج کراسکتے ہیں۔آن لائن ایف آئی آر کی مانیٹرنگ کیلئے سنٹرل آفس میں ایک کنٹرول روم قائم کیا گیا ہے۔ جہاں کمپیوٹرآپریٹرز 24 گھنٹے آن لائن شکایات وصول کرتے رہتے ہیں۔

    خیبرپختونخواہ کی عوام نے اس اقدام کو سراہا ہے، خیبرپختونخواہ کی عوام کا آن لائن ایف آئی آر کے نظام کے بارے میں کیا خیال ہے، یہ ویڈیو دیکھیں


  • Compared to KP, federal Information Bill is a tame, vague effort to deny info

    Umar Cheema

    Tuesday, September 03, 2013

    From Print Edition

    1351 658 684 5

    ISLAMABAD: The PML-N government has produced a toothless Freedom of Information (FOI) law draft, subsequently approved by a Senate Committee. Other than providing a weak enforcement mechanism, it has proposed punishment for those who go to appeal on ‘malicious grounds’ against the departments which deny information.

    The draft law has treated parliament as a sacred cow, denying the public right to seek any information about it.On the contrary, the judiciary, which has a special status in the Constitution, can be approached for information about its working.

    Compared to an exemplary RTI law introduced by the PTI government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the draft prepared by the federal government is extremely restrictive in scope, doesn’t prescribe punishment against officers denying information and offers no protection to whistle-blowers, its reading indicates.

    The KP law has been rated by the World Bank’s experts as among the three top RTI laws being practised at the global level. The PTI government had consulted international RTI experts during the course of drafting the law in order to make it more comprehensive and close to perfection, whereas the federal government’s draft seems to be the brainchild of the bureaucracy and politicians who are keen to keep the culture of secrecy intact.

    The federal FOI law draft is a replica of the one introduced by the Musharraf government in 2002, introduced under donors’ pressure and through a presidential ordinance, that was toothless like the PML-N government’s draft to be tabled as a multi-party bill in the Senate for approval.

    The draft was designed by the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting and produced before the Senate Standing Committee constituting representatives of the PML-N, PPP and PML-Q, among others.

    As the bill was approved by the Senate Committee on August 28, it had followed talk of the Information Minister Pervaiz Rasheed, who said the government believed “in consensus and took decision after taking on board all stakeholders.”

    He was taking credit of a draft bill that would change nothing on the ground as it carries weak pro-active disclosure provisions, offers vague definitions of ‘information’ and national security in addition to a complicated process of filing information requests that is tantamount to discouraging them.

    Contrary to the KP’s RTI law that acknowledges public right to know as its name implies, the FOI draft approved by the Senate committee suggests through its name as if people are being granted freedom to ask information as if that is not their right.

    While the KP’s law neither asks for any fee to apply for information nor one needs any prescribed form to furnish request, the FOI draft of the federal government has asked for both making it complicated in an apparent bid to discourage them.Likewise, the KP’s law promises an independent and powerful information commission to take action against the departments denying public access to information, the federal government’s draft law has made federal ombudsman as appellate authority to take up complaints as was the case in the FOI ordinance introduced by the Musharraf government.

    The ombudsman does not have any judicial authority and can only recommend that is not mandatory for the offending departments to comply with.

    Again, the KP’s law does not require an applicant to declare his intentions for seeking any particular information, the federal government’s draft calls into question the intentions especially if somebody dares to go in appeal against the government department denying information.

    The Article 19 (2) of the FOI draft reads: “Where a complaint instituted is found to be malicious, frivolous, vexatious, the complaint may be dismissed by Mohtasib (Ombudsman) and fine may be imposed on the complainant up to an amount not exceeding ten thousands rupees, after providing him the opportunity of being heard.”

    Inclusion of this provision means discouraging an applicant to go into appeal against a departmental officer denying information. While honouring recommendations of the ombudsman is not mandatory for the department denying information, punishing the appellant with ‘malicious’ intent is suggested in the draft law.

    Instead of incorporating any provision forcing the concerned department to provide information within the prescribed time period of 20 days, the Article 13 (4) rather advises the applicant to file a review application to the principal officer of the public body before going to the ombudsman, a practice apparently intended to lengthen the process and discourage the applicant with the warning not to dare again.

    While the KP’s RTI law allows seeking information of the executives, legislature and courts, the federal government’s law has exempted Parliament from this category, not though the courts, according to its article 4 (2). Law should also have included autonomous or semi-autonomous institutions, and private institutions, which receive or have received in the past official funding, subsidies, amenity plots, tax benefits or any other support.

    The federal government law has excluded a lot of information in the name of ‘national security’ that has been vaguely defined. Article 4 (2) of the draft law reads: “National security” means and includes the matters pertaining to the integrity, security or defence of Pakistan or any part thereof.”


  • شاہی خاندان کی نوے دن کی کارکردگی ۔۔


    ‎جو پیپلز پارٹی نے مہینوں میں کیا تھا ن لیگ نے ہفتوں میں کر دیا ..اگر مہنگائی میں اضافہ کرنے کے لئے وقت نہیں مانگ رہے تو پھر بہتری لانے کے لئے بھی وقت نہ مانگیں

    ‎حسن نثار


    **‎مہنگائی میں اضافہ اندھا دھند تین ماہ میں پٹرول کی قیمت میں تیسری بار اضافہ مہنگائی اور ٹیکسوں میں بہت جلدیاں دکھا رہے ہیں اور کارکردگی کی بات کریں تو کہتے ہیں ہمیں وقت چاہیے بس ہمیں لوٹنے دو ہماری مرضی سے ..کارکردگی کے لئے پانچ سال درکار ہیں لیکن لوٹ مار اور مہنگائی صرف تین ماہ ہی عروج پر


  • Pappu bhai...lagta hay admin nay apnee or aap ki izzat bacha lee...kyun kay abhee counting jaari thee or aap nay apnay leader ki tarah raat 9 bajay he result announce kr diya thaa..:-)... !!....jiss tarah aap log wakeel nahee...seedha judge he kara laytay hein..yeh thread bhee achanak ghayeb ho gaya hay..ya kara diya gaya hay.:-)

    Reh gaee meri baat...to mein arz kar raha thaa kay munafiq waghera to aap kay ustaad e aali muqaam mujhay kaee dafa keh chukay hein..aaj aap nay bhee aik sachay mureed honay ka suboot diya or meray aik seedhay sawal per bohat kuch kaha..der aka fear ka to pata hay mujhay...aap reasonable lagtay thay..per patwaarion ki muhabbat hay he andheee....aap kay peshwa or aap kay aastanay kay baaki mureedon ki inhee baaton ki wajah say...hum nay yahan aana kam kar diya hay..!!

  • باوا جی ۔۔

    نوے دن میں دودھ اور شہد کی نہریں چلانے کی بات کس نے کی تھی ؟

    کوئی ویڈیو پوسٹ کریں ۔۔ نہیں تو کم از کم کوئی جعلی تصویر یا کارٹؤن ہی پوسٹ کر دیں ۔۔۔۔



    مومن جی

    شرمناک خان اور اسکے پیپسی برگروں کا ابھی سے یہ حال ہوگیا ہے کہ عوام سے کیے گئے سب وعدے بھول گئے ہیں

    یہ نہ تو کوئی جعلی کالم ہے، نہ کوئی تصویر اور نہ کوئی کارٹون


    یہ شرمناک خان کے شرمناک الفاظ ہیں


    ذرا غور سے پڑھیں کہ یہ کس بے غیرت اور بے شرم نے عوام سے جلسہ عام میں وعدہ کیا تھا کہ





    شرمناک خان کہہ رہا ہے کہ

    گورنس سسٹم، ریوینیو کولکشن، اخراجات میں کمی، دہشتگردی اور کرپشن کا خاتمہ - یہ سب کچھ نوے دن میں ہوگا



    Video @ 2:40 - 3:00




    اب تو یہ کہنے کا حق بنتا ہے کہ


    لکھ دی لعنت تے در فٹے منہ**

    **کالا منہ تے نیلے پیر


    :) :)

  • What to expect any Revolution within 90 days in a society which don't want any change for the last 66 years?

    As I have predicted earlier, no light is visible in Pakistan, for another 25-30 years.

    Mr. Nawaz Sharif might make some additions to the existing infra structure, but that would meet the fate like PIA, Railways, WAPDA, Education, Film Industry, and Tourism........

    Long Live Religious Fanaticism

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  • شرمناک خان کی مثالی حکومت کی نوے دن کا کارکردگی

    لکھ دی لعنت تے در فٹے منہ



  • بیوروکریسی کو لگام ڈالنے کے دعویداروں کی اوقات