MQM Opens a New TV Channel

  • Today's headlines from MQM TV Channel:

  • More r less all r corrupt

  • actually not only GEO but all channels have been pressurized to show thier coverage.


    they wont cut thier cables but will decently cut the throats of owners of these channels.

    they wont block channels but block the respiratory system of the cahnnel management staff.

  • @Beenai,

    couple of months back i get rid of Geo TV, why bcz they didnt stop Jali Molvi on line show.... I bet adhey Karachi waley ager Geo ka boycott ker din to GEO Altaf bhai ko nashir nhi karey ga!!!!

    How many people really buy Jessarat i bet only those who love jamat- e - islami right.... so have some courage and get ride of Geo and if not Geo then get the cable out of your home....

  • Parties can pressurize tv channels to run their beloved leaders speeches and public meeting coverage but no one can pressurize the ppl to watch them. This is very simple philosophy and I think political (or mafia groups) have to understand this fact. Anyways, its good that mqm has launched their own channel, other political parties and mafia should follow this example (apni apni duflee apna apna raag) and plz leave other channels for the public.

  • @expakistani,

    if i quit watching GEO ...

    than what?

    coverage on the gun point is there on Ary one world and other channels too.

    i think i shud just IGNORE theier stupid coverage .and switch off TV set for the time being...when funny life ghunda coverage has been aired.

  • No joke guys, if he would start a channel for a real, i would get the subscription. You know sometimes when you are buried in work load, this guys really entertains you. Why do you hate this joker, he is funny and the most funny is how people hear this joker while sitting seriously and holding their laughter lolz. I am gonna get this channel for sure.

  • terrorist mqm couple of months ago had announced for an opening of a bank in karachi.

    what happened to bank project of terrorist mqm???

    now, terrorist mqm has announced a tv channel.

    bogus party,

    fraudulant announcements.

    in my view, terrorist mqm is not in a position to either inaugurate a bank or tv channel, why?

    because, there are several groups in terrorist mqm.

    these groups are hidden, because of selective and controled reporting about terrorist mqm.

    on own tv channel or bank, these groups will come into light and possibly will start fighting each other for personal benefits.

    you know?

    money is the basic weakness of terrorist mqm. they all are doomed to fight for money.

    they fight for money,

    they kill for money.

    when, there will be a bank, then fight will reach at the door of 'nine-zero' and terrorist altaf will never be in a position to satisfy all.


    bogus party,

    fraudulant announcements.

  • @Beenai

    BB you just dont quit watching GEO, take 1 step forward send them letter/Email then one more email/letter then get rid of GEO and not only get rid of Geo but bring in our notice why NOT GEO, you will notice the change in mind set of our Media Mughls.. few months back i posted a link here about Ammir liqat ali ( how he was insulting the Hz Abu Bakker and Hz Umer) then get rid of GEO. right now its just me but soon I will start a compaing around usa " AMIR LIQAT ALI ko Bhagao" in USA and canada... woh khetey hain na

    Main to akela hey chala tha janab-e- manzil...

    humsafar meltey gaey karwan bharta gia...

  • @expakistani,

    boycott is not the only option.

    we can make them to listen to us the viewers.

    like they listen to the terrorits .

  • expakistani

    BTW i sent few emails to Geo showing them the real face of Amir Liaquat and requested them not to provide this joker a platform to spread hatred and false information.

  • LetsDoIt

    U did a right job with a right way..This is what u can do and u did. Its ok... wat tv channel decide, its their own headache...u did ur job and its should be a satisfaction for u.

  • @Beenai,

    Those terrorist got guns and bori, Do you have any thing like that...

    BB you not gona leave your house if i tell you that UNIT Incharge of your area standing out side of your house


    wt other options do you/we have....

    I dont like geo bcz

    1: Darams are sucks

    2: They dont have good comedy shows any more like 50-50

    3: Breaking news from GEO is not breaking any thing

    4: They dont have any good talk show on Pakistani politics

    5: Sports covarge is almost nothing

    but i still had Geo for 5 yrs bcz at lest this way i was supporting Pakistan.... but not if they continue with double face Aamir Liqat Ali.

    I choose to eat more Zebra Bansmati chawal (prod of Gujranwala) to support Pakistan rather then watching Geo.

  • GEO is basically an israel's channel...Israel is giving fund to geo...

  • @ExPakistani,

    since ur an expakistani...

    so i cant say much.

    but no matter how bad their program quality is ?

    how irresponsibly quick in breaking the news they are?

    people of Pakistan still love and believe in GEO..whatsoever.

    u can see in Gallup surveys.

    i can tell you from my media management department ratings.

    as i am in an ad agency .

    our media release department has ratings of all local channels ,in order to give our clients a best deal in viewership .

    according to that rating sheet...

    News Channels are most viewed than drama and entertainment channels.

    within news channels ...there is a No1 and No2 racing is quite obvious between GEO news and Aaj Tv.

    for current affairs show Aaj is on the top of every other news channel with Live with Talat,Bolta Pakistan and thier special event coverages.

    for news reference and breaking news headlines...still Geo is leading....

    i agree.

    Geo is quite irresponsible in breaking the news as long as a journalism student i can understand .

    but unfortunately...

    its still most viewed when it comes to a breaking news phenomena.

    as compare to Aaj TV which has a more serious approach towards breaking news .

    @Shahood A.Siddiqui ,

    whatever the GEO is ...but u cant go to that extend to call it an isreali Channel.

    its all the propaganda of Mush and Co ..who was afraid of Media Ginnie...

    as successors of Mush n Co ...Zardari and Co . are following the foot steps.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @shahood a sidique

    what a childish and sensless comments about Geo. Have you ever seen Geo talking in favor of Israel or against Palestin .. Try to expand your vision by sitting in the company of some educated people ...

    @adolf hitler

    This is a serious forum with main purpose to develop a society which can think positively ... but i think you have to be a bit mature while writing some thing ... to kill them with families,give them acid bath all is foolish ..


    MQM has no crediblity but still they are struggling to get sympathies of pakistani nation ... but nothing come out of it ... thats much better if they open their own channel .. because ALTAF bhai needs a place where he keeps speaking .. whather someone listen him or not is useless.

  • all the channels are becoming MQM channels.


  • @pkimage..

    Do you know that for 1 min live recording you neet to spend 10 million...Geo is showing all things which is harmful for Pakistan..Why he was not broadcasting the news of voilence in karachi by pathans???

    They just want to earn money...What i think that all media channels should be banned!!!