Whatever happened to Malaysian Plane?

  • Whatever happened to Malaysian plane:

    A Malaysian Airlines plane Boeing 777 flight No.370 flew from Kualalumpur boarded with 270 passengers and crew. After one hour or so the plane just vanished and lost all electronic contacts with the world. The destination was Beijing, China. The basic facts that are available to Malaysian authorities shared with the world concerned agencies is that the plane remained within contact with hot spots of ground transponders for a little lesser than an hour. After that the communication system of the plane was either switched off or disconnected. After a lapse of 11 minutes the ground navigation transponder got the connection with the plane but no exchange of messages could be made possible. The sophisticated uplink devices could only confirm that the plane was flying with all its components in tact. The location and direction of plane could not be exacted as the technology, at this point in time, is that it can do so only if the navigational contact with the pilots of the plane remains good. Further, the navigational devices confirmed that the plane is “pushing” in the air, which means that plane had not crashed down. So, in all probability, the plane was hijacked by a very smart passenger or group of passengers and this possibility cannot exclude the crew themselves (because the pilot could have sent the shortest description of SOS or Mayday or the plane had been hijacked to the nearest transponder tower. Nothing of that sort happened and plane just severed its second to second navigational contact with the ground navigation. This clearly shows that today’s aeronautical navigation technology might be advanced to a great extent but not sufficient advanced to follow the path of a deviated plane if its navigation board is switched off. Even the satellites surveillance failed to exact the deviation of the plane route. The marine drones equipped with sonar system in Yellow and South China Sea could not find the plane or pieces of plane down the seas bed.


    The hottest theory is that the plane deviated from its route to Beijing and headed towards Indian Ocean. Indian ocean is fully covered by American Aircraft carriers, submarines and Frigates. “Seafloor” theory in Indian Ocean is still underway. The theory of plane landing on any scattered Islands in the Indian Ocean is also not possible for a big plane like Boeing 777. The satellites can only detect if they have a viable inclined angle of their cameras for the moving object in the air, they failed big time. A retired high ranked officer of CIA has forwarded his theory that the plane has landed in Pakistan. This is a highly irresponsible and illogical statement. Pakistan’s and that of Afghanistan air space is fully covered with surveillance by NATO bases and Aircraft Carriers in Arabian Sea.

    The Malaysian Intelligence is investigating thoroughly through interviews of dear ones of each and every passenger of that flight to find out a possibility of a psycho syndrome or therapy happened to any of the passenger including the crew. Nothing has been surfaced or at least not told to the media. The matter is still a mystery. For how many days? Let us wait and see the development.

    This report has been summed up by me through the courtesy of CNN, Reuter, BBC reports on the current issue.

    Khalid humayun

  • Imtiazahmed Sahab

    Good to you for extracting information from different sources. These days most of the aviation is managed through electronic devices. I assume you are acquainted with the techniques of remote hacking. Some conspiracy theories revolve around even the fatal accident of Diana. Doodi's Mercedees was mostly equipped with electronically controlled functions. Some people suspect that Doodi's Mercedees went out of control due to intrusion in its electronic systems through satellite frequencies.

    Let us see whether any outcome of this incident appears to our view or not. Most of the big accidental events usually end up with conspiracy theories. Kennedy' murder, Diana's accident, Zia's air-crash,9/11 are still discussed with conspiracy theories.

  • It has become a fashion to blame Pakistan for every misdeed in the world. Although, Pakistani nationals have been involved in various previous attacks, the theory of a Boeing 777 landing in Pakistan (or even Iran) without the knowledge of the government is ludicrous and far-fetched.

    There is also another theory in the market that Americans shot down the plane because it was in a close proximity to their nuclear assets in the region, and they are now mum about it.

    It's quite surprising that the plane of that size wasn't picked up by the US and Chinese satellites. My take on this is that they might know where the plane went down on the sea but aren't disclosing the pictures because they don't want the world, especially their enemies to know the reach of their satellites.

    None the less, it's a very odd episode.

  • 1. There is another theory that the Plane was crashed in China and due to Iron Curtain Policy, no information could be released out of China.

    I don't believe.

    2. The team which discovered the Titanic, might help to trace and locate the Plane, at later stages, to conceive another Hit Movie.

    That doesn't make sense.

  • That doesn't make sense.

    Whatever you say and whenever you say Does not make sense!!!

  • At this point hijacking is much more plausible scenario than the worse everyone fears - plane crashed somewhere and everyone on plane is gone. Not just that if this mystery is not resolved it will shatter the confidence of people on Boeing and aircraft industry at large.

  • Plane still missing. No clues after 9 days. They say it kept on flying for 4 hours after the disconnect and traveled about 2200 miles in those 4 hours. It is somewhere in India, Pakistan and/ or neighboring countries.

    Did the plane crashed, blast or hijacked. No body knows about it. If crashed or blast in the air then the story is over, but if not and hijacked then where is the plane. Has the technology advanced that much that it can hijack a plane and blindfold whole world. If hijacked, then where did it land. Certainly on an airport bcz it is a big big plane. It can't land on any place other then an airport.

    If it blast in the air then it was divided into small pieces that fell in the ocean. Where is the black box.

    Is there another Bermuda Triangle in this part of the world.

  • گلریز صاحب

    ایک سازشی نظریہ

    کیا یہ ممکن ہے کہ جہاز کی تباہی میں بوئنگ کی نا اہلی چھپانے اکے لیے تحقیقات کو یہ رنگ دیا جا رہا ہو

    امید ہے عبد الرحمن صاحب کو یہ تھیوری پسند آئے گی

  • Update search area for Flight MH370


  • جذباتی جی آپکا بنایا یہ دائرہ نماچوکھٹا کچھہ زیادہ ہی بڑا نہیں ھوگیاکہ اٹلانٹک اوشن پر کم از کم پرواز کا وقت 10-12گھنٹے ھے ، اس پار سے اس پار---جہاز میں اتنا فیول کہاں تھا

  • My suspicion is whatever happened to the plane, eventually it crashed in the ocean. Sad indeed.

    I rememeber long time ago may be 20 years ago there was an american plane that also got disappeared and later the rubble was found from the ocean I believe. They were never able to found with certainty what caused the crash. I guess the planes and aviation has too many things that can go wrong and be found out as well.

    What I, a layperson, find astonishing is in this time and age how are they not able to locate a thousands ton plan equal to the size of a multi story building and hundreds of people with GPS and what not. This is just hard to believe.

    No place of humor, but Mushtaq Ahmed Yusufi once said the worse part of rumors about Pakistan is they are true. I just hope the plane is not recovered from our airports.

  • My analysis is that what ever happend to the plane, was with the pilot's will, wish and action.

  • Gullo Ji

    That was a Sarcasm Duh:


  • gullo badshah aadmi hai

  • ھھھھھھھھھھھھا

    کہیں یہ ایبٹ آباد کی پہاڑیوں سے برامد نہ ھوجائے

    اسکی بیویوں پر نظر رکھو کہ کہاں ہیں ---کہیں اسکے بچے سرکاری اسپتالوں میں تو پیدا نہیں ھورھے

    شکیل آفریدی کو پکڑو اور اسپر نظر رکھو ، کہیں وہ بدنامی کا باعث نہ بن جائے

    میں نے اپنی طرف سے ساری پیش بندی کردی

    دیکھو پہلے کی کسی ھوشیاری نہ دکھانا

  • Something is deliberately being made curtained for the common men of the world. A mysterious silence prevails betweeen USA, China and Russia. List of passengers with the names and identifications may be there but it is not known to billions of people of the world like me. Like the saying goes "Bud achcha, budnaam bura", the buck stops here (Pakistan).

    The theory of impossibility of landing of such a big boeing on any of the scattered islands in Indian Ocean is a false theory. There is a common practice of soft landing of the plane when the folded-in wheels system of jutting out fails, out of blue. The plane consumes all its fuel while making round after rounds around the chosen place of soft landing and then can land either in the soft beaches or shallow water of beaches. The plane's belly might be damaged due to friction but the plane would not catch fire. So eliminating this possibility is not wise.

    Something is definitely being censored. I do not think it will even be known to public after thirty years when classified papers of Pentagon and CIA are made known to public.

  • مرے خیال میں بہر اوقیانوس میں بھی کوئی شیطانی ٹرائنگل ہے جس میں دجال رہتاہے ---دجال نے جہاز کو غائب کر دیا اور اب وہ جہاز پر سوار ہو کر اے گا -- دن تھوڑے رہ گے نیک کام شروع کر دو--کہتے ہیں دجال کو سب سے پہلے چھوٹی آنکھوں والے چینی جاپانی ملائیشن دیکھیں گے

  • imtiazahmed sahab

    "Something is deliberately being made curtained for the common men of the world. A mysterious silence prevails betweeen USA, China and Russia. List of passengers with the names and identifications may be there but it is not known to billions of people of the world like me."

    All such cases like 9/11, Kenedy Murder, Diana accident are thoroughly investigated and recorded but never brought to public disclosure due to certain reasons.

  • Today almost 14 days have been passed. If that plane had landed or crashed anywhere on the land it would have been known by now.

    The disappearance of the Malaysian plane and no sign yet even after 14 days prove that ill fated plane is some where deep down the ocean.

    Until and unless some wreckage or debris is not found we will keep hearing non-sense from all around.