Khyber Pakhtoonkhawah and other provinces

  • KP (NWFP) has consistently voted parties with different ideologies in power. In past on various occasions it has shown confidence in ANP, PPP, PML(N), MMA, PTI etc.

    In comparison Sindh has been voting for PPP, Urban Sindh has been voting only MQM, Punjab has been a bastion of PML(N) and Balochistan has been bringing in the same sardars and warderas.

    I am wondering what makes KP so different. It is considered bit backward as compared to Sindh and Punjab, has been under the influence of Taliban for long yet it has shown the most openness in terms of providing opportunities to parties and leaders with different backgrounds and ideology.

  • I agree with hypocrite saheb. Only this afternoon I watched on TV Imran Khan trying to do some patch work with some 25 KPK parliamentarians who have given ultimatum to make a forward block. The difference is perhaps on distribution of ministries. Imran Khan has said "this is our internal matter and media should not make a hype of it".

  • @Hypocrite Sb.

    I am glad you said different but not better. I will be very hesitant to declare this KPK trend better than rest.

    Elections, parties, government all are mere means to the bigger goal - economic prosperity. If KPK's economic conditions were better I 'd have called this better. But when we look at economic indicators it is not better it is just different.

    Personally I am huge fan of two party system. I think multiple parties are counter productive. They give more weight to lesser valuable player and that hurts both governance and accountability. The developed democracies that are delivering for centuries, US & UK, are both two party system. This brings stability in the political system and has essential ingredients to adapt the change.

    KPK's electoral results shows immaturity. And that is not just in elections they were most red and leftists in Pakistan and in no time they started JIhad against Rusia for America. And now they are doing Jihad against US. Why in the world KPK wants to liberate Kashmir and Afghanistan is beyond me. Their political immaturity and social attitudes are consistently exploited by establishment. They use them as pawns w/o much effort. After voting for Imran Khan they are realizing he is little too much on the right.

  • Is it because the influential people in KP (Khan, sardar etc) change their loyalties more readily than Sindhi bhotaar and Punjabi chaudhry?

    IS it because the influentials are more pragmatic and desperate?

    My question really is, have there been new faces coming in KP assembly or just new parties?

    Though when I think about it, ANP, MMA and PTI may have different faces from different families even? so KP in reality choose new people as Hypocrite said?