Musharaf is liability

  • musharaf is liability for the Nation. his case should be winded-up quickly to avoid the wastage of time and Nations wealth or put him in jail. If army wants to protect him then they should accommodate him in an army barrack until his cases are decided. There is no need to spend millions on his security and allow him to create fuss in the country.

  • @Dr. Saab

    Musharaaf's trial defines civil-military relationship. There are no easy answers. At the end Musharaaf will be scot-free but it's not easy for gov't to just let him go.

  • Shirazi Sahib, you are right.

  • Even the sitting President does not get such a costly and highly measured protocol and security what the under trial ex President Musharraf got for his travel from Islamabad to Karachi.

    Who says pen is stronger than sword?

  • Hahah Musharraf is punishment for this nation. God is telling us our real auqat, as we are disgraced on daily basis for a clown like Musharraf... What can be more disgraceful than this......

    By the way Army has changed the perception of professionalism. They are proving political chiefs like Kayani are better than professional looking chiefs like Raheel Shareef etc.....Coz political chiefs have high IQ to understand the reality vs Low IQ picks in ISSB who never come out of Fauj vs bloody civilian drive.

    Ab bhugatna to paray ga.