A Brief 65 Year History of Pakistan

  • People die for Military Rule

    After a few years

    People die for Democracy

    After a few years

    More People die for Military Rule

    and after a few years

    More people die for Democracy.........

    During the game Islam & Kashmir is kept within brackets

    At each change, Sweets are distributed without bothering about Diabetes.

    What a Crowd of STUPID people?

    Masha Allah

  • Javed Sheikh Saheb

    The briefest history of our Pakistan seems as "by the rubbish, of the rubbish, for the rubbish," seen and experienced since 1906 until today. Don't you think so?

  • The state, represented by the civilian & military rulers alike, connived to fool simplistic generations of Pakistan by using hate, name of religion, false sense of superiority and false sense of possible victory of Kashmir.

  • sipahi Bhai Jee

    All in the name of Islam i.e. "Pakistan ka matlab kia, la-ilaha-illallah." What a joke!!!

  • "Pakistan ka matlab kia, la-ilaha-illallah."

    Main purpose of besath of our Prophet (pbuh) is to bring to peak the moral, ethics and character traits of all human beings.

    Those people, who have lowest of moral, ethics and character traits, have not even understood what is required of them by "la" of "la-ilaha-illallah".

  • Such do not know the meaning even of "Al-Lah."

  • دیکھ ذرا میرے دیس کا حال

    کیسے گزر گئے پینسٹھ سال

    ساری قوم کا ہے یہ کمال

    دھمکی ، دھونس، دھماکے، دھمال

  • A country, having own sovereign boundaries, is based and represented by a Nation whereas the definition of a Nation is:

    **_A large body of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular state or territory._**

    We have numerous descents from Persian, Arabian, Afghani, Turkish, Uzbuk and Mongol other than local inhabitants belong to pre-Islamic invasions.

    We have many distorted histories

    We have different cultures home to home, area to area, city to city and province to province.

    We have more than 10 different languages.

    Its bitter truth that we stand united for none of above.

    As far as religion is concern we are more divided on religious ideology than anything else.


    Even today if we limit our languages to our areas and limit our cultures to our clans and limit our religion to our personal life then we can start building new common history which will ultimately make us a strong nation who have no word like “Minority” in any known and unknown language of nation.

    (By inspiration of QeT speech in 11th Hour on 18 Jun 2014)**

  • A country of pakora,pulao,and pirate,full of hecklers,like moulana diesel, jokers like,bhai of England,who early in the morning, is sindhi, afternoon, Punjabi, and in the evening, Pathan, pushto etc, full of dramatic perts like Qaderis, whose heckles hearas fishes on sea shore of Norway.

  • This country has been a jagir of people like Zadrdari, Nawaz, Altaf, Fazulu and the army generals of course.

    God has blessed this country with great human and natural resources but the corrupt colonial style administration and army never let is grow as a developed and disciplined country. Still Pakistan is potential enough to transform into a rich country within a decade time.

  • جاگیرداروں ، سرمایہ داروں ، رشوت خوروں اور بے ایمانوں کو کب تک گالیاں دیتے رہیں گے

    یہ محض خوش فہمی ہے اور خود کو دھوکہ دینے والی باتیں ہیں

    اگر کسی غریب مزدور، کسان ، ٹیکسی ڈرائیور ، رکھشا ڈرائیور گلیوں میں امرود یا مونگ پھلی بیچنے والے کو بھی حکمران بنا دیا جائے یا وہ حکومت پر قبضہ کر لے

    تو پھر بھی پاکستان میں دو دونی چار ہی رہے گا

    اس کی وجہ میں پہلے بھی کئی بار بیان کر چکا ہوں

  • Jaidi

    We don't need a communist like Faiz who lived like a multi millionaire. We need a communist like Chauin Lai or Mao.

    We don't need a general like Niazi but a general like Aurangzeb.

    We don't need a judge like Iftikhar Chaudhry but a

    Qazi of Qurtaba.

  • @ HF,

    قیامت تک ایسا نہیں ہو گا

    انشا الله

    بس انگریز کا قائم کردہ نظام جو تقسیم ہندوستان سے پہلے موجود تھا ، اگر کوئی سیاستداں یا کوئی فوجی حکمران وہی نظام زندہ کر دے

    تو پاکستان کے چہرے پر دوبارہ رونق آ جائے گی

    اور ملک میں خوشحالی چھا جائے گی

    تیری گیتا رہے میرا قران رھے

    محمد رفیع یوں ہی گاتا رھے

  • Jaidi

    The word 'Insha Allah' was very frequently misused by so called Amir Ul Momineen Gen. Zia Ul Haq. While using the Islamic word he served the best to the American interests. Later, when his use was over he was blown up by his own masters.

  • Jaidi

    "بس انگریز کا قائم کردہ نظام جو تقسیم ہندوستان سے پہلے موجود تھا ، اگر کوئی سیاستداں یا کوئی فوجی حکمران وہی نظام زندہ کر دے

    تو پاکستان کے چہرے پر دوبارہ رونق آ جائے گی

    اور ملک میں خوشحالی چھا جائے گی"

    No hereupon you are absolutely wrong. We need the system which the British established in their own country. Colonization system is useless for us.

  • Pakistanis are yearning for a good leadership. They like to support whoever seems to be real reformer. They trusted Bhutto for change but he failed because of his colleagues like Khar and Mumtaz Bhutto. They then trusted political Mullas in 1977 but they also turned up to be fraudulent. They then trusted Iftikahr Chaudhry but he also turned to be a cheater. Imran has been given a chance in a province but he also seems to be failing in delivery of goods.

  • Why Each and every talented and capable leader fails to deliver any breakthrough in Pakistan since 1947?

    Why majority of Pakistanis are sharply divided on each and every social, cultural, political and religious issue?

    خشت اول چوں نہد معمار کج

    تا ثریا می رود دیوار کج