Will a Pakistani denounce Islam, if USA open blanket visa to apostasy VICTIMS

  • Pakistani visa seekers to a greener pasture have pioneered the travel trickery since the early sixties. From forged documents with embossed Tibet cream lid to innovative asylum schemes, Pakistani brain has been ahead of the curve of immigration rulebook. In a recent news, the United States embassy in Khartoum has given refuge to a MURTAD women and is making arrangement to fly her to the safe haven.

    What percentage of Pakistani Muslims will denounce Islam if the flagship of HUMAN RIGHT opens its gangway to the vowed voyage? I suppose the Islam bashers on this forum would welcome this human gesture and the fundus will not bring the JACKET to the triage?

  • I'd say it depends which region in Pakistan.

    My guess, 35% will choose visa.

    Someone told me sardars from Indian punjab (desi liberals se mazrat) ran a scheme in some western country (probably canada) where they sponsored their sister as wife. The scheme eventually got caught. In the interview the visa officer would ask the guy to show if the woman is actually her wife, in front of the visa officer.

  • Azizi,

    Only 95% would line up in front of Pakistan based US embassy had it announced such a visa policy in Pakistan. But once they are on American soil they would say they are Muslims. Yes, you heard it right my friend, Azizi. They are with double standards in every breath.

  • No doubt about that J.A.Khan jee.

  • Qadianis are already enjoying this facility of political asylum in nos. of countries. Some fake Qadianis have also taken asylum by declaring themselves as Qadianis.

  • @HF

    Are you suggesting that your friend Jaidi is fake Qadiani?

  • Anjaan Bhai

    You know very well that my Yar Jaidi is a great man. He has a very good taste for poetry and music. However, I don't find his ideology to be agreeable.

  • @HF

    "He has a very good taste for poetry and music"

    But I have recently observed that his Urdu Grammar is very poor. His poetry is just "tuk bandi" and his music is limited to "dhir dhir dhan"!!

    As for ideology, it is his personal business as long as he does not poke his nose in other people's ideology!!!

  • Bhai Anjaan

    The shortcomings you have mentioned about Jaidi are there but he is my yaar. I enjoy his presence on the forum.