Admin can't controle Anjaan. Bye everybody

  • Now I'm sure that Admin got no authority to control people like Anjaan. Or perhaps Anjaan is Admin himself. That's why I have decided to quit from this forum. This man seems to have some particular assignment/agenda and got enough authority to insult people. I, therefore, condemn the authority of Admin strongly and wish him good luck with this kind of bloggers such as Anjaan.

    Bye to everybody. And I mean it.

  • @ J.A. Khan,

    I would suggest you revise your decision.

    During my 6-7 years association to the Forum, number of rational, knowledgeable and decent bloggers like you, had to face such nonsense from reactionary mind set.

    They were discouraged, ridiculed with Fatwas of Kafir, Kohri, Anti Islam, Anti Pakistan, Indian Agents and even their families were not spared from their abusive and dirty tactics.

    Finally, most of these Reactionaries with twisted mind set had to run away or started behaving like escapists.

    I would like you continue with your contributions and keep on spraying the Anti-Cockroaches material.


  • @ ja sahib..

    Leaving forum is concept is defeated mentality.. That is not choice of decent blogger.. last years, few blogger when they were badly defeated in an intellectual war, they settled in a cave.. after leaving this foram you can too join them..

    there had been a dictator s m mirza in the history of forum, he banned many good bloggers including myself.. but i didn't left and come up with new ID... I think anjaan is ghost SM mirza.. He is robot in this foram and not the real person... He has been programed with fews words Tripe...... The ghost of S M mirza is taking revenge....... The ghost is programmed in such a way anyone who speaks in favor of Javed Shaikh.. The ghost will take him as enemy... I hope you change your tactics... I also had been hanted by the memories this ghost.. but as a old ghost this ghost couldn't overcome..

  • I hope the end of this story WILL NOT be ....

    JA Khan Saab drinks acid like that athlete in Multan and Omer Mahmood saab come up with new short story blaming Anjaan bhai for everything. Anjaan bhai will go underground for few days and we all 'd say Admin could have done this or that to avoid this humongous tragedy.


  • @Shirazi

    After a long time you have posted something which even I cannot describe as Tripe. Well Done!


    On the one hand you have given me fame/notoriety and on the other hand a sense of guilt that my behaviour has caused hurt. I normally will never join Javed Sheikh in any of his campaign but I will break the rule and ask you to:

    overlook my wrong doings and stay on board and in return I promise you to do what you had asked of me. Not to respond to your postings.

    Now be a good sport and reappear to accept my apology!!!

  • 'accept my apology'

    دیکھو دیکھو الله کی شان

    انجان بھائی جان

    جے اے خان

    پر لے آیا ایمان

    اور شاید بن گیا انسان

    توم تانا دھر دھر دھان

  • I think the guilt is from both sides. this forum has been the Platform for mocking each other and not for positive discussion. When one Person Posts something, he Posts as he is forcing others to accept his point of view. I have also seen some J.A khan Posts which Mock others, their ideology or religion. so he is not himself free from guilt.

  • @J.A Khan bhai,

    I think you should reconsider your decision and come back on forum especially after unconditional invitation of Dr. Anajaan for accepting his apology.

    @Dr. Anjaan.

    I appreciate you for showing great level of decency and civility.

  • @ shahidalileghari,

    At a discuss forum, difference of opinion and point of view about a philosophy, should be reciprocated with arguments.

    I guess, Mr. Anjaan lacks the temperament for a serious discussion or intentionally avoids that.

    Your position about a particular issue should not bother me or injure my feelings if I have the argument to negate or reject your position.

  • In my view anjaan behavior what we have today, it has a lot of contribution of the flattery from Bittertruth and Adnak sahib.. They flattered him in every thread... this made him more confident in teasing some respected blogger like javed shaikh...This is the really story..bittertruth sahib and andnak are also invovled in this crime for making JA sahib leave foram... This is root cause of this terrorism...

    I agree with Javed shaikh sahib.. Anjaan sahib put tripe after some senior blogger post... and this tripe get more support when Bittertruth and adnak sahib had given the titled of Ayatullah... after this anjaan sahib become Choodiewien ka chand.. har thread main raha charcha tera

  • Anjaan

    I accept your apology if it's genuine. Hopefully it is.

    Now let's be really decent to each other, and we can be so, since we are not going to have any comments on each other anyway, neither directly, or indirectly.

    Thanks a lot.

  • @J.A. Khan bhai,

    Good to see you back on forum.

  • To All Dear Friends

    A bundle of thanks to all of you for showing your kind understanding and support so decently.

    Thanks again

    I'm back :):):)

  • BitterTruth

    Thanks so much

  • fear sahib

    If you are terrorised by adnak or BitterTruth or by anyone else does not give you permission to have someone weaker as your prey. But now the things are over.

    By the way, thank you in person for being so nice. Cheers

  • @ J.A. Khan,

    By expressing your sincere observation, you have given a positive message to unfold a problem.

    It is encouraging to notice that Your posting served the purpose.

  • ja sahib

    i ain't terrified of anyone.. just luch tuling and making you room to arrive and point at me..... I have different way to solve problem.. but for the moment you seem really terrified by Anjaan... a kid... a boy.. what an irony..thanks nice have.. cheers...

    ja sahib.. you cry like a baby.. i haven't seen javed shaikh sahib crying like that.. once javed shaikh sahib created a khuda hafiz thread.. but didn't cry.. i like it...

    and now plz don't start telling admin.. Admin jee.. you can't control fear.. i am leaving ... Lol

  • fear sahib

    I prefer not to comment on your bay-crying stuff. :)

  • @Fear Bhai

    bittertruth sahib and andnak are also invovled in this crime for making JA sahib leave foram... This is root cause of this terrorism...

    If you can find a way to place the chips I can request Afshaan baji to expand the horizon of drones beyond Waziristan. Terrorism in any form and shape is not acceptable.


  • Ayatullah Fear jee

    “bittertruth sahib and andnak are also invovled in this crime for making JA sahib leave foram... This is root cause of this terrorism...”

    Your goodself and every human being on this this forum and in this world is an Ayatullah as per fatwa of our missing Ayatullah Rahman jee.

    Therefore, it will be very difficult for you to find out the right target to place a few chips, if Ayatullah Shirazi jee is able to get from Ayatulli Afshan jee to curb the terrorism.