19 members of MQM Rabita Committee suspended indefinitely

  • KARACHI: The Muttahida Qaumi Movement's (MQM) Rabita Committee on Sunday suspended 19 of its members owing to a "lack of responsibility" in their duties.

    A statement on the party's website said the members were suspended for their negligence in party affairs.

    MQM Chief Altaf Hussain called a meeting of London and Pakistan Rabita Committee to oversee party matters on Sunday morning.

    However, at the time of the meeting when the London secretariat inquired about the presence of party members at Nine Zero, they were told that only night shift members were present which included Deputy Conveners Nusrat Shaukat, Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui and another member of Rabita Committee.

    The suspended members include Kanwar Naveed, Nasreen Jalil, Haider Abbas Rizvi, Mumtaz Anwar, Dr Sagheer Ahmed, Kahaful Vohra, Tauseef Khanzada, Syed Shakir Ali, Saif Yar Khan, Adil Khan, Khalid Sultan, Nisar Punhwar, Yousuf Shahwani, Aslam Afridi, Amin-ul-Haq, Ahmed Salim Siddiqui, Abdul Rasheed Godial, Ashfaq Ahmed Mangi and Adil Siddiqui.

    The members have been suspended for an indefinite period.

    The committee said that the suspended members would not be able to participate in party gatherings and meetings, and anyone found violating the suspension would have to face termination from party membership.

    Sources in MQM, however, cited other reasons for their suspension.

    They said that rifts among the members on different issues and low collection of Zakat and other funds during Ramazan were among the major causes for suspension of the Rabita Committee members.

    They said that the funds collected during Ramazan were lower than last year and the coordination committee members were directed to visit party offices to increase it.

    However slackness from them failed to raise the amount, which promoted Altaf Hussain and the Rabita Committee in London to suspend them.

    The sources said that other Rabita Committee members in Pakistan would perform their duties as usual. They said that the suspended members had sent apology letters to the London Secretariat.


  • Altaf bhai is going through tough times. Dr. Imran Farooq's routine sacrifice brought some extra ordinary attention from Scotland yard. Besides some undesired media attention the forces of Kufar found an opportunity to go after Zakat and Fitrana money under the hood of money laundering. Despite all these tough times Altaf bhai kept his head cool and didn't demand anything out of ordinary from his Friends. All he said let's work hard to meet the targets that we achieved last year. But it seems like Rabta committee is getting old, they don't move their butts. They are not able to match even last year's below par numbers. Few in London office suggested to Bhai to make under performing members Murgha on stage in next worker's convention. Altaf bhai overruled the suggestion keeping in mind the physical impact of stretching that senior members would have to go through and decided to suspend the culprits in first phase. If things don't improve bhai will be forced to sign terminal orders.


  • The press release issued by London Secretariat highlights the clause 21.2-C invoked to suspend the memberships of 19 members of Rabta Committee.

    21.2-C : Rabta Committee members will be working day and night.

    When Altaf bhai's hangover was over he called Nine-zero. He was told 19 members of committee were absent. When asked to clarify their absence the members said they were working all night and couldn't make it on time in the morning. Altaf bhai wasn't satisfy with the explanation especially when 4 hours time differential works in favor of committee members. Altaf bhai asked members when you signed the charter didn't you know you will work day and night. Night duties are great but who will work during the day. The suspensions orders are final and indefinite.

    There is a positive development. The suspended members have submitted written apology which Altaf bhai will review as soon as his hang over is over.


  • @Shirazi Bhai, you know living in London is expensive and the bank accounts are frozen. The plight is obvious. A better solution would be for Altaf Bhai to find a sugar dady quickly.

    The other part that I fail to understand is dependance of a secular party on Zakat and fitrana. Pope has a better system of collecting 10% of income from every catholic. Maybe MQM can learn a few things.

  • @Shirazi and Parvez bhai

    I thoroughly enjoyed the news and your comments on the issue.

  • 19 members of MQM Rabita Committee suspended indefinitely

    19 members of MQM Rabita Committee restored with immeiate effect.

  • Who did that?

  • اے پرویزی و شیرازی اپنے بچے دانی جتنے ننھے سے دماغ پر زیادہ زور نہ ڈالو نہیں تو وہ بھی اسی کی طرح پھٹ جائیگا

    سہ سہ سہ سمجھے

  • @Gulraiz. When people go over the edge that is what they say.

  • السلام علیکم

    کیونکہ فورم پہ ایک دھاگے کی وجہ سے کچھ شعر و شاعری کا ماحول بنا ہوا ہے تو ایک شعر گلریز پچپن صاحب کے جذبات کو مدنظر رکھتے ہوئے اور فراز سے معذرت کے ساتھ۔

    یہ عالم مریدی کا دیکھا نہ جائے

    یہ متحدہ سے جذبہ غلامی دیکھا نہ جائے

  • I am glad the crisis is over. It's easy to cool bhai down. Give him a lemon glass or put his head under the tap water. I wish some comrade here put the conference call that suspended memberships.


  • @Shirazi bhai,

    You are too late, before your lemon glass effected thing got over :)

    BTW, It is good to know that for you Mutehida Disciplinary Issues are more important than Rana Sunaullah's divulged


    Those who had quit PML-N during the era of dictator have now become its successors, he alleged. Rana Sana declared he would soon expose hypocrites in the party.


    Rana Sanaullah

  • شیرازی بھائی

    لگتا ہے آپ بہت قریب رہے ہیں الطاف بھائی کے بہت اندر کی معلومات بھی ہیں آپ کو


  • میں باز آیا نیکی سے --یہاں تو نیکی برباد ، گناہ لازم ھے -ایک تو لوگوں کو مشورہ دو کیسے انکی نازک چیزیں محفوظ کی جاسکتی ہیں اوپر سے صلواتیں سنو--کیونکہ پی کے بھائی نے شعر لکھا ھے اسلئیے ایک ادھرسے بھی کہ جب بات متحدہ کی آتی ھے

    ایک ہی صف میں کھڑے ھوگئے فنڈو و پھدو

    نہ کوئی پھٹو رہا، نہ کوئی پھٹو نواز

    یہ ڈسپلن کی باتیں ہمارے معاشرے کے لئیے ایک گالی ہیں ، جسے سنکر لوگ ٹھٹھہ کرتے ہیں -ہر وہ چیر جو اچھی ھے ہمارے ہیاں بری ھے اور ہر بری چیز اچھی ھے ----جیسے امریکہ کے وائس پریزیڈنٹ کے امیداور سینڑ جان ایڈورڈ نے ایک " ٹیرین " بنائی تو لوگوں نے اتنے جوتے مارے کہ پاجامے پر انڈروئیر پہن کر بھاگا اور پھر کبھی نظر نہ آیا--جبکہ یہاں تو شاید کل ٹیرین اگر آکر کہے کہ دیکھو میں تو پیار اور سونامی کی نشانی ھوں تو سب اسکے پیچھے ھوجائینگے

  • Altaf often does that to excercise his authority.

    He also likes people to say they lve him. He often pauses in his speech and waits for an i love you.

    He also likes it when people say bhai im sorry, next time ghalti nahi hogee.

  • قائداعظم صدارت کررھے تھے -وزیر اعظم لیاقت علی خان نہ پہنچے -قائد نے انکی کرسی ہٹوادی --جب وزیر اعظم آئے تو ساراوقت کھڑے رہے -کسی نے انہیں کرسی پیش نہ کی کہ ڈسپلن کا یہی تقاضہ تھا--کیسا پھدواور پھٹو وزیر اعظم تھا ، اس سے بہتر تو گیلانی اور شوکت عزیرتھا ---اصل بات یہ تھی کہ ڈسپلن کرانے والابھی تھا اور ڈسپلن کرنے والابھی تھا کہ ایسے ہی لوگوں نے یہ ملک بنایاتھا--پھر اسوقت کے گلوؤں نے ڈسپلن کرنے اور کرانے والے کے ساتھہ کچہ یوں کیاکہ ایک تو ایمبولینس کے خراب ھونے سے جنگل ہی میں اس دنیاسے رخصت ھوگیا، وہ جسنے اپنے قلم سے گئو ماتا کے دو ٹکڑے کر دئیے تھے اور دوسرے کو سرعام ایک گلو سے مروادیااور اس ملک کا ڈسپلن اپنے انجام کو پہنچا--جب ہم بغیر ڈسپلن کے ایٹم پھوڑ سکتے ہیں تو ہمیں اسکی کیاضرورت ھے --اب کئی دہائیوں بعد الطاف حسین نے ڈسپلن کا راگ الاپناشروع کردیاھے وہ بھی اپنی پارٹی میں

    اب کوئی فنڈو ، بھدو ، پھٹو طوطے کی طرح رٹا رٹایا سبق لکھے گا کہ لندن میں حالات خراب ہیں ، دو فنڈو جو ایجنسیوں کے پاس ہیں انپر پریشر ڈالنے کے لیئے ھے ، --زیادہ پی لی ھوگی جب نشہ اتراتو فیصلہ واپس، حکومت پر پریشر ڈالنے کے لئیے ھے--ایم کیو ایم پر براوقت ھے یاآنے والاھے

    کوئی انہیں بتائے کہ

    آشیانہ بنانے کی بات کرتے ھو --دل جلانے کی بات کرتے ھو

    کہ جب بات متحدہ کی آگئی تو

    ایک ہی صف میں کھڑے ھوگئے فنڈو و پھٹّو

    نہ کوئی پھدو رہا، نہ کوئی ___نواز