Malala Must Raise A Voice of Protest Against Atrocities Over Palestinian Childre

  • When Malala was shot by terrorists in Pakistan, she was pampered so affectionately by the Western world. Over massive killings of Palestinian children, Malala is so far a silent spectator. She must raise a voice of protest against the atrocities over the Palestinian children. Countless Palestanian children have been killed, made homeless and orphans.

    Malala must fulfill her moral duty now.

  • Hussain Farooqui Bhai

    Would you like to be mean to your promoters and supporters??? So she is not doing any wrong, I think so.

    Cheers :)

  • Whenever this inspiring and great education activist Malala says something, they (extremists and Taliban supporters on this forum) call her voice of the West, agent of the West, anti-Muslims and propaganda of the West.

  • To Ab Muslim Ummah kay mujahidoun aur ghaziyoun ko Iman kee taqat and Allah kee madad per bharosa nahee raha aur woh us bachi kee taraf daikh rahay hain jo unkay baqol yahood u nisarah kee sazish hay.......hahahha

    Aur Gaza kay Photo perfect shoot outs kee muzammat per toofan uthanay walay munafiqeen ISIS kay zulm per aisee khamoosh hain jaisay wahan kissi ghair muslim ka khoon bah raha hay....

    Malala's movement is about education specially of girls...thats why Nigeria was relevant....Israel conflict is not Malala's subject and so is ISIS...

  • Malala starts sfter Obama fails. She is waiting for Obama to fail on ME and then She will pick up ME cause like Boko Haram.


  • Shirazi Saheb

    Did you hear this BShit of Achoota? Just pick the bone out of that. :)

  • @Achoota

    Well commented!

    May be a girls education activist Malala is their last hope.

    These Mujahid and Ghazi of Muslim Ummah want Malala to get air dropped in the middle of Gaza city and start fighting with Israeli troops. What a shame!

    And you are right; ISIS terrorists (backed by Saudi money and Pakistani arms) are killing Muslims of different sects in large number and destroying their mosques/shrines, and these hypocrites on this forum of Muslim Ummah are completely silent over the killings of innocent Muslims in Iraq and Syria.

  • "and these hypocrites on this forum of Muslim Ummah are completely silent over the killings of innocent Muslims in Iraq and Syria."

    And you are one of them.

    Any bye the way, Malala is also the by-product of the West. Do you think are/were no other girls in Pakistan who did not struggle for education. And what was the nature of the injury which could not be attended to in Pakistan that she had to be flown out for treatment and ........

    As I said earlier it is about time you started behaving like a well educated and properly brought up individual!!!

  • @Anjaan Talibani

    Hypocrites are hypocrites and you rank high on this forum.

    Why don't you condemn terrible atrocities and blowing up of shrines and mosques at the hands of ISIS Takfiri terrorists?

    What scores do you want to settle with an education activist?

    Why a girls education activist is thorn of your eyes?

    Her life was insecure in Pakistani city of Swat after a Taliban's attack and that is why she was sent overseas for treatment.

    I wonder when would you grow up to grasp clear facts.

  • When will you stop being a US propagandist?

    Please provide time and date. AND

    God bless America and all whose who depend on its welfare system. Amen

  • @JA Khan Saab

    Achoota Saab has a point Malala's expertise are on education especially girls education and extremism surrounding it. In Gaza few school girls would have died so she has a room to jump in. But she won't go to Gaza - she survived Talibans she won't survive Hamas. But she may have a photo ops for Gaza as lot of British civil society is raising Gaza issues.

  • Shirazi Saheb

    Also I'm not any supporter of any Jehadi, but this is a matter of humanity, and being a Muslim she should have said some comforting words about Gaza victims. By the way who can deny that such human injustice, no matter where onour planet, should be condemned?

    Of course, we all know what's going on on our planet when it comes to such matters, yet none of us can justify such atrocities. No way.

  • 1. Malala, according to her status, has already issued the statement in support of Palestine and condemning the killings of innocents in GAZA.

    2. She is not Head of any State or government.

    3. Where over Millions of Molvis have failed, what a young Malala would do?

  • @Javed Sheikh

    This Jihadi mindset will do anything but not condemn terrorists of ISIS. May be tomorrow, they will say why Gullu Butt did not condemn Israel????

    What the hell an education activist Malala has to do with this centuries-old purely religious conflict of Muslims and Jewish?

    Muslims and Jewish were killing each other yesterday.

    Muslims and Jewish are killing each other today.

    And I bet...

    Muslims and Jewish will continue killing each other tomorrow.

  • "Muslims and Jewish"

    No, should be "Muslims and Jews".

    I think you need an education activist Malala to help you!!!

  • There is no shortage of Malala ill-wishers on this forum. Malala is a brave girl who stood up against anti-education Taliban criminals in Swat Valley and in return she received bullets in her forehead.

    A Pakistanis Anjann Talibani thinks, it is conspiracy of the West, nothing happened to her and she is working for the West.

    Leave her alone

  • Javed Sheikh Saheb

    Thanks for this information.

    By the way you got a very valid point i.e. if these mullas and maulanas have not done anything so far, then who is poor Malala. Whatever she could do she has done per your say. Good enough.

  • salam


    malala has done nothing apart from writing her observations in her diary and by the way r u aware of female literacy rate in swat, yes it was on higher side even before and after malala got attacked, there was no such thing that girls were deprived of education, few miscreants started bombing schools in swat but it was a temporary halt for girls to go to school..

    actually malala's father was a real cunning man, he had some links with foreign agents and he fully capitalized on that also geo brought her to limelight and phaphy kutni hamid mir who is master in creating hype made her heroine as once he tried to make hero out of that thief engineer waqar for water kit (what an illiterate anchor person)...

    now malala drama is enjoying royalties of the book written by christina lamb... malala is just an ordinary average girl fully cashed by her clever and opportunist father...

    May ALLAH bless Pakistan and Pakistanis

  • So lets set the record clear once for all.

    1: Malala got herself shot with newly invented Pentagon weapon which ensures even bullet pierce the head person does not die.

    2: US forces were waiting after Malala incident to take her to UK for immediate recovery rather we had Airforce One already flying over PMA kakool academey to pick her.

    3: Osama Bin Laden is not dead coz a person cant die thrice- once in africa, once in tora bora, once after running out of dialysis in FATA....but his sons are genuine because great Osama found a way to donate sperms from heaven.

    4: What is happening in ISIS is all created by US as Abu Bakar Baghdadi was captured and trained in Guantanamo Bay to launch this and all this is designed to get all the oil of Middle East to Israel but since Abu Bakar Baghdadi is Alhamdillah a muslim and declared himself amir ul Momineen like Ala Hazrat Mullah Umar we should not go against Amir. As Amir's obedience is mandated so we should be OK with the killing.

    5: Muslim blood is only valuable when opressor is either Jew or Christian or Hindu. When it comes to between Muslims its kind of OK.

    6: We lost 60,000+ people in madness in Pakistan and we not able to produce Photo Perfect shots of kids and sorrows on faces. Our brothers in palestine are going through bigger sorrows than us as they can produce 36 Megapixel photos to attract the world...Our response should be directly propotional to Photography of conflict.

    7: Taliban and Mullah Omar are conspiracy theory created by US on the scale of famous "Life is a story told by an idiot full of sound and fury signifying nothing" we should really focus on what is reality- i.e US and west are shipping haram products in our toothpastes, shaving gels, alcohal in perfume and thats the real agenda of zionists..

    if you want to add further facts i am happy to read and embrace :)

  • what a joke when her name was included for nobel prize winners.... this world is full of dramas..