Charlie Wilson's War

  • loved the book and been waiting for the movie. if it's half as good as the book it's worth watching.

    for those who don't know about it this is about american congressman charlie wilson who arranged CIA afghan pakistan operation against USSR in the war. Om puri is playing zia ul haq.

    coming out tommorow.dont miss it

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    I read that book sometime in Feb or March of this year. Then did some research over the net about Congressman Charlie Wilson and learnt that the movie in under production. About the movie they put its theme as a recent history movie but there is lot of humor in that. So basically it will into the catogary of true story comedy. I recall one scene in the book when Congressman had meeting with Hikmatyar in Peshawar hotel in the presence of his belly dancer friend who was wearing skin tight suit and fundo worloard was full of appreciative smile (externally).

    But I am surprised with the high profile cast. I don't know any any movie based on any book which is better than the book. Compare any John Grisham's book and movie. Read Da Vinci Code first then see the movie. But I always recommend to read the book first. 'All the kings men' is sitting in my bedide for over a year.I won't watch the movie unless I read the book first.


  • Yes he is.

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  • In addition to late Congressman Charlie Wilson, a Houston socialite was also a key player in funding this war. Joanne Herring was portrayed by actress Julia Roberts in the movie. The movie showed that she had a close relationship with General Zia ul Haq and was a Pakistan’s honorary Consul at Houston, Texas. A question comes to mind how Joanne Herring got connected to a Pakistani General? There must be an affluent Pakistani American in Houston who made it happen. Does anyone know who that person could be or how she got “hooked up” with Zia? History will be incomplete if it does not include that unsung Pakistani.

    Would be nice to find a relating thread or open a separate thread if you have a grudge against that “Holy War”.