Minster Rana Mashood of PML N Caught Red-Handed

  • Here is real face of Raney and Sharifs...

    Choor pakera gia


    Thats why Azadi March is important

  • Ex Pakistani bhai.

    میرا نہیں خیال نوں لیگ کے سپپورٹرس شریفوں کو شریف سمجھ کر سپورٹ کرتے ہیں بلکے شاید انکی بد دیانتی کی وجہ سے ہی ووٹ کرتے ہیں لےهذا کرپشن کویئی مسلہ نہی ہے

  • کھسیانی بلّی کھمبا نوچے۔

  • Extra bhai,

    یھاں کھسیانا کون ہے؟کھمبا کون ہے اور بلی کون؟

  • Exp bhai,

    Mubashir Lucman type of people should be taken seriously, so.....so.... It means Rana Mashhood is an honest and pious person and should not be criticised for his crime :).

  • M Luqman is back with more solid evidence. Last day he run a little trailer and going to release whole thing in today programe.

    He is with the man Aasim Malik of Future Concern himself.

    I can't wait to see whole thing which may destroy the remaining credibility of Mr Shahbaz Sharif.

    ARY khara sach 1am pst must watch. grab some pop corn and cola coz this is going to be a hell of show i believe.



  • Mubashar Lauqman has turned the professional Journalism into Hira Mandi through the Art of Blackmailing.

    Most of his stories are extremely bogus where he tries to stretch a Mouse into elephant.

    Sometimes he gets so desperate to make his story attractive by entering into the bed room and bathroom of his target.

  • Javed Sheikh jee

    "Most of his stories are extremely bogus where he tries to stretch a Mouse into elephant"

    Is it being said that money taken by Rana sahab is actually equal to a mouse but Hakim Luqman painted it equal to elephant?

  • "Most of his stories are extremely bogus"

    Explain yourself Javed Sheikh. What do you mean?

    are his stories lies?

  • @Javed Sheikh

    Sir, waiting for your reply. Please oblige!!

  • @sheikh sahib

    I intentionally hold my response to prove that some time a villain can be hero in the end.I don't know u watch movies r not but this theme exist in world of entertainment.

    Future Concern was working with mixed reputation.This ratio was 50/50. The reason behind its reputation was peoples lake of information in immigration matters. We all know that embassies and lawyers are not bound to return their fee in case of visa refusal.

    I know many friends and families who were their clients, some were happy and some were not.

    There is FB page on this matter with latest update by victims.After exploring that page we can understand that how cleverly Punjab Gov built their case against Future Concern.Now we know the reasons behind all this.

    How come same Judge is in-charge of the case from start till date.

    He was transferred last year to pindi but orders were cancelled by LHC.

    I know Mr Asim is not completely honest but he have solid proves and made many valid points in his interview.

    Every one should see that first to understand the matter.

  • History of Pakistan is full of Morally Corrupt, Financially corrupt and Political Corrupt Politicians, Army Generals, Bureaucrats, Journalists, Industrialists, Judges, Land Lords and Religious Pundits.

    Intellectuals and Critics must educate and guide how to kill the Corrupt Culture of Pakistan?

    How the next generation of Pakistan could behave honest?

    Personal bashing is not the solution where the critic himself/herself is 90% Corrupt.

    Market Economy + Democracy cannot control political corruption even in most advanced democracies like America, U.K., France, Canada


    When there is pocket there will be pick pocket also,

  • When there is pocket there will be pick pocket also,


    Where thee is poetry and prose there will be the Poetry and Prose Chor!!