DG ISI and four others to retire in October

  • Could this be one of the reasons of Khan-Qadri dharna/marches. Perfect timing for Sharif's arms twisting. If extension file moves these days, then the actual story of dharna programme is not what is shown on media.


  • I think this whole topi drama has been stage managed for arm twisting NS to provide a safe exit for that Bhagora Musharraf.

    What a loss for a nation for the sake of one Bhagora!!!

  • ^^^ Its only 500bn in stock market, Rs.1.5 to dollar, and over a week time, energies and financial loss to the people of Pakistan. Nothing much!

  • Military should stay in their shoes and shouldn’t dictate otherwise Pakistan will turn into situation like Syria, Iraq or Egypt. Military already created sufficient mess in our beloved country.

    Ch. Nisar behaviour is hypocritical like Mir-Jaffar. He is the same person who recommended to bring musharaf and now playing with Nawaz-Sharrif in another novel way.

  • agreed with Dr. Zafar, our establishment has totally made this nation suffer always, either its defaming of Fatima Jinnah, bangali hatred, sindh taas agreement, bringing terrorist in pakistan in name of jihad till lal masjid. Pakistan worst enemy turns out to be establishment.