Pakistan, Its Own Worst Enemy

  • Pakistan faces very big problems: a failing economy; a Taliban insurgency; and persistent tension with India, which has resulted again in exchanges of cross-border fire. The country’s leaders and citizens obviously need to join in common cause to put the country on a steadier course.

    Alas, this is Pakistan. For the past two weeks, thousands of protesters in Islamabad have been demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. His critics have every right to express their views peacefully. But forcing his resignation is the last thing Pakistan needs.

    It would further polarize society, weaken the fragile democratic institutions and strengthen a powerful military, which says it wants to be out of politics but has regularly staged coups and otherwise sought to control civilian governments for three decades.

    Mr. Sharif came to office in a parliamentary election 15 months ago, the first peaceful, democratic transition of power between civilian leaders in the country’s history. It was a hopeful moment; some 60 percent of voters turned out, and most people seemed willing to accept his victory.

    The current anti-Sharif anger is being stoked by two men. Imran Khan, a prominent cricketer turned politician, wants new elections. Muhammad Tahir-ul Qadri, a cleric of the Sufi Islam sect, is pushing for the creation of a unity government. The protesters have demanded electoral reforms and Mr. Sharif’s removal because of alleged corruption in the 2013 election. Some believe that the army, which has an uneasy history with Mr. Sharif, has had a hand in the crisis. Reports that Mr. Khan and Mr. Qadri are negotiating with the army chief of staff are unsettling.

    Mr. Sharif’s brief tenure has been marked by sectarian tensions, power outages, insurgent-related violence and a failure to deliver on campaign promises of economic revival. He has also named cronies to high posts. But forcing him out now and in this way is not the answer. A smarter approach is to make democratic processes work through reforms to prevent electoral fraud and rampant cronyism. It will also require negotiation and compromise.

    The United States, preoccupied with crises elsewhere, has shown little urgency in trying to calm the situation, even though Pakistan’s stability is crucial to regional order — especially as American troops withdraw from Afghanistan. It should be pressing Pakistan’s army, in particular, to reject any idea of staging a coup. Mr. Sharif should resolve to govern better while the military focuses on its primary concern, defeating the Taliban threat.{"2"%3A"RI%3A18"}&_r=0

  • 2-3 years all pundits were unanimous the solution to our problems is elections. And one year after election we are demanding new election. This shows how serious are we in tackling our problems. No wonder Pakistan is 3rd world.

  • شیرازی صاحب اگر عوام کا اکثریتی فیصلہ لے کر امن و امان قائم ہو جائے تو کیا برائی ہے . مڈ ٹرم انتخاب کا مطالبہ ایک آئینی مطالبہ ہے . ہو سکتا ہے نواز شریف دو تہائی اکثریت کے ساتھ واپس ا جائیں .

  • @Lota Saab

    And who will be the guarantor that IK will accept those results?

  • guarantor

    ہیڈ فرشتہ جبرائیل (جنرل راحیل شریف ) پاک فوج کو سلام

  • Raheel Sharif is anti Nawaz Sharif - we don't accept him :)

  • Halki Phulki Jamhoriat mein Halka Phulka TUQ !!!

  • اگر میمو گیٹ میں گنجا کالا کوٹ پہن کر وکیل بن سکتا ہے

    اگر چھوٹا لوہار حبیب جالب بن سکتا ہے

    تو طاہر ال پادری انقلابی کیوں نہیں بن سکتا ؟؟؟

  • فراڈ الیکشن بھی نقلی ڈگری کی طرح ہے

    ڈگری اصلی اور نقلی نہیں ڈگری ہوتی ہے

  • Raheel Sharif is anti Nawaz Sharif - we don't accept him :)

    راحیل شریف قبول نہیں تو اس سے منتیں ترلے کرنے کی کیا ضرورت تھی ؟

    "#COAS was asked by the Govt to play facilitative role for resolution of current impasse, in yesterday's meeting, at #PM House".

  • Raheel Sharif is anti Nawaz Sharif - we don't accept him :)

    Don't lie to me. Angel of Death, Raheel sharif, you had me so worried about you. Because something is going around. You are puzzled. If I were you i would take life of Nawaz Ganja. Save Pakistan or save nawaz Ganja

  • Raheel Sharif is anti Nawaz Sharif - we don't accept him :)

    @Shirazi bhai,

    Who is exactly referred in 'WE':

    1. PMLN

    2. Geo News

    3. USA



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    We is PMLN.


  • ویسے شیرازی صاحب

    اگر نواز شریف استعفیٰ دے دیں اور مریم نواز شریف کو وقتی طور پر وزیر ازم بنا دیا جائے تو یہ بحران ٹل سکتا ہے

  • We is PMLN.


    Thanks Shirazi bhai,

    Entire Army especially ISI is anti Nawaz Sharif - we don't accept them:)

    Here, 'WE' is Geo News.

  • شیدا ٹلی فوج کا انتہائی پالتو ہے- جاویدہاشمی آؤٹ- شیدا ان- فوج صرف اپنی اصل ڈيوٹی دے اور حالات مزيد خراب نہ کرے ورنہ ايٹمی اثاثے ہرگزنہيں رہيں گے- اتنا فساد ہی کافی ہے جتنا کچھ برپا کرایا جا چکا- تمام خیرخواہ سمجھنے کی کوشش کريں ورنہ عراق کی مثال ہمارے سامنے ہے- کورکمانڈرز بھی يہ بات سمجھيں!!!