What Is Pasha London Conspiracy?

  • While discussing the current political turmoil, some of the members of this forum often refer 'Pasha London Conspiracy'. Can any member who refers to this conspiracy theory can highlight any details?

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  • Can somebody completely and concisely narrate what exactly Pasha’s plan is?

  • Can somebody completely and concisely narrate what exactly Pasha’s plan is?


    @HF bhai,

    You can extract the entire plan yourself from this site.

    1. Click on [member] below the ID of [pakistan_21]

    2. You will get list of threads, click on all threads one by one and find the posts of [pakistan_21].

  • BT Bhai

    I read the article mentioned by Mr.pakistan_21 but could not conclude clearly well what Pasha's plan is. If it is narrated concisely, then it may be comprehensible.

  • We have a copy/paste expert member mentioned above who keep chanted and pasting this BS all over the forum.

    There are no evidence of such things which only exists in their filthy mind.

  • I wish to conclude if Pasha's plan is just a groundless conspiracy theory or any reality.

  • @HF

    Brother you can not coz they have just words with no proof at all. The comments section of that article on front page is the most rubbish conversation i ever read here on PKP and believe me i read a lot lot of rubbish here.

    So u cannot conclude anything on words of copy/paste experts like pakistani or Dr sahib.

  • Dear Ilzamies,

    Please watch again and again what your leader and president of PTI has said in press conference, on express last night and in parliament today.

    Your leader is standing on top of container with Sh Rasheed, following Qadri and leading the mob to attack parliament, PM house and secretariat, and you still have guts to favour him.

    When elected reps come to mediate, he refuses, but then a low ranking Brig calls, he rushes to COAS house leaving his speech in the middle.

    We know IK ney aap key saath bhi hand kar dia hey. Koi baat naheen, is tarah tou hota hey is tarah key kaamon main.

  • osakaboy ASA

    How are, Brother, and where have you been all these days?

  • @J.A.Khan sahib

    W salam.I am fine, thank you for asking and was in self exile for no reasons.

    I was busy in some family commitments and business ,have some free time now and enjoying all this mess.

  • Javed Hashmi is being very verbose about Pasha's plan without substantiating any concrete facts. He must substantiate his allegations with lucid facts.

  • The divide between parliament and army/ISI is getting clearer and deeper. After listening to speeches of joint session of the parliament today, specially to this Bungash guy from ANP, it is clear who is the script writer.

  • Yes, there seems to be a heavy clash between the two power blocs. Unfortunately, democracy is not real one to overcome the organized institution of the armed forces. Democracy can never prevail over the organized institution unless it is real in nature. Naming a big of criminals are democratic leaders is groundless.

    In our neighboring rival Bharat, the democratic institution is too strong to suppresse by the army.

  • جو دانشور ہر وقت پاکستان کے سیاستدانوں کی نا اہلیت کا ذکر کرتے ہیں اور ان میں کیڑے نکالتے رہتے ہیں

    اور بے چینی سے فوج فوج فوج کا راگ اللپتے ہیں

    وہ کسی حد تک درست کرتے ہیں . پاکستان کےھر شعبہ میں گندے انڈے موجود ہیں

    لیکن مجھے ذرا یہ تو بتایں کہ پاکستان کے فوجی جرنیلوں میں کون سے نیوٹن ، برٹرینڈ رسل ، چرچل، سقراط اور بقراط بیٹھے ہیں

    فوجی جرنیل بھی تو پاکستان میں ہی پیدا ہوے ہیں

  • Jaidi

    Who is comparatively better in your personal opinion? Political class or the army?

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  • still have no idea why would ahmed shuja pasha select these jokers for doing his job? :s...he should've just used ISI and have all pml-n lootaas leave pml-n...they would've lost majority. or have them impeach nawaz sharif. cause the only thing establishment will get out of it, is chaos. chaos suits the army as they just want an opportunity to take over.

    having an arrogant khan and a guy who is widely considered nothing more than a joke in pakistan isn't ISI caliber thinking its pml-n caliber thinking so maybe the script doesn't even exist.

  • "Jaidi

    Who is comparatively better in your personal opinion?"

    Me, me and me!!


  • "What Is Pasha London Conspiracy?"

    Politics in Pakistan is all about weaving conspiracy against each other.