• Situation takes interesting turn as Javed Hashmi discloses script of the London plan.

    Salient features:

    • Conspiracy includes SC judges and ISI chief.

    • National govt of Technocrates.

    • Re-elections in September

    • IK was asked to join forces with Qadri

    • MNAs were forced to resign

    Only one loose end, they forgot to shut up JH. It will cost army, ISI and SC its image.

  • Another embarrassment for army in a row. And this time Supreme Court comes under question.

  • جنرل راحیل شریف صاحب

    پاکستان کی فوجی وردی کی عظمت کو گندے انڈوں اور ٹماٹروں سے محفوظ بنایں

  • ^^^ RS is no saint, these buggers care only about extension in service.

  • This is time Hashmi should bring coup in the party. He should ask like-minded to withdraw their resignations. Even if 2 or 3 listen, this will diffuse the current explosive situation.

  • یہ پہلی دفعہ ہے کہ آرمی اور آئی ایس آئی دفاعی پوزیشن میں آگئے ہیں .......ہاشمی کے الزامات کے بعد فوجی اپنی صفائیاں پیش کرتے اور ٹویٹ پر ٹویٹ کرتے نظر آرہے ہیں

  • ایکسٹرا جی

    آپ نے بہت پہلے ہی کچھ جرنیلوں کی ایکستینشز کا ذکر کیا تھا، اسکا اور آیی ایس آئی چیف کی جیو سے لڑائی کا اس معاملے سے ضرور تعلق ہے

    آئی ایس پی آر کہتی ہے فوج اور آئی ایس آئی کو اس معاملے میں گھسیٹا جا رہا ہے، انکو اور گھسیٹنا چاہیے، انکی پشت پناہی کے بغیر کوئی ڈیپ سٹیٹ قوت تقویت نہیں پکڑ سکتی

  • @.-JAVEED SHEIKH SAHEB, I appreciate your comments, and political knowledge sir, ii do remember the time of Iskender Miraza,when he steped down,and General Ayub took over, i was in matric at that time, i also do remeber the Sohaerwardi as PM.

    How you see the involvement of judge of Suprime court ss blamed by Javeed Hashemi,and who is funding Fradulent Paderi,who has highjecked iletrate, and ignorant people from the villages, specially, kidds,women,and old men,showing them green parks.

  • Salute to Javed Hashmi,he checkmated remnants of coward Pasha & Coward Musharraf and anti democratic thugs like Imran Khan,Qadri,Shaikh Rasheed,Chaudries etc.

    Remnant of Coward Pasha and Coward Musharraf who are appearing these days in media like Air Vice Marshal Shahid Latif and Lt Gen Amjad Shoaib etc also stand fully exposed.

    Retired blacksheep in election commission like Kunwar Mohammed Dilshad,Afzal Khan aka Qadhafi also stand exposed, beside them whole of ARY news and its anchors specially Mubashir Lickman stand exposed.

    Remnant of Coward Pasha and Coward Musharraf fully stand exposed,its high time Army acts professionally and purge these friggin' cowards from among its ranks..

  • COAS is not involved in the conspiracy and this is the main reason no coup so far despite the worsening situation in the red zone. It has been learnt that current and former DG ISI and some remnants of Musharraf tenure are involved in this conspiracy both retired and in service.

    The precursor to this Inqilab is the GEO event and the subsequent backing of GEO by this government since then. DG ISI hasn't taken it lightly and that's the reason NS has become persona non grata for him and hence the demand for his resignation.

  • Well played democratic forces who stood united in these testing times. Well played COAS who resisted temptation(despite the pressure on him by remnants of Coward Musharraf & their script and its meticulous execution) coz COAS must have realized that any unconstitutional move would be immensely unpopular among masses.

  • I think the ongoing proxy wars in Pakistan have started taking up new shapes. What is happening is the latest shape of a proxy war.

  • Hashimi sahib cut your long long useless speech short and come to the point.

    This man is not making any sense since last 15min.

  • @.-OSAKABOY.-

    This Hashmi is oppotunist and lier barking usuelesly,Why he did not come out when this conspiracy was going on,why he remained silence till this day.

    This is all topi drama, to come in power, and we have seen many like him in past.

  • @Easygo


    آپ نے بہت پہلے ہی کچھ جرنیلوں کی ایکستینشز کا ذکر کیا تھا، اسکا اور آیی ایس آئی چیف کی جیو سے لڑائی کا اس معاملے سے ضرور تعلق ہے


    I had only written about ISI chief, who's retiring in October and his extension file is with PM now (if he hasn't signed it already). Extension of 5-6 Generals was mentioned by Javed Hashmi.

  • @Suleiman Dar sb

    "The precursor to this Inqilab is the GEO event and the subsequent backing of GEO by this government since then. "

    I strongly believe that attack on Hamid Mir and subsequent blasphemy case on Geo by Machar Licman was first step to isolate the PMLN govt before launching full scale assault. Similarly, Model Town case was fabricated to deter govt's defense lines and creating moral justification for attacking and besieging the capital.

    The way army/ISI has forced the govt to register FIR and then blocked their ability to use force against protesters, shows they were a party to this inqulab/azadi show.

    As Khushnood Ali Khan said today on Capital TV, "if you want to track who is behind this conspiracy, then follow the financial track, see who is paying/arranging the food for protesters and you'll get to the culprit". I an inclined to think he's right, coze arranging and financing food for 20,000+ people twice a day is no joke.

    Also, ARY's blatant attack on Geo and govt shows they have been paid heavily for this task. And when media is bought, it is not matter of few billions but tens of billions.

  • Javed Hashmi was never regarded as any brilliant politician.

  • Meanwhile our stupid interior minister

    Plz someone tell him that it is 180 degree not 360

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  • @ OSAKABOY, Plese can you help me how i can print and paste image on this site if i copy it from other newa papers.I have been trying but i can not paste it on this site.please help me. thanks.

  • There is non-stop Sham-e-Ghareeban on ARY News. All Ilzami and Inqulabi kiddos are advised to tune in, there is some respite for them.