MQM ended dharna in Karachi

  • As usual they have ended their dheran in Karachi,AND are back to pavilion of PA.

    We all know that they can not live without power,as it is very difficult to live without it with DA,TA and so many luxuries,aviling riding on the shoulder of fools, shoving cheap slogans, of JEYAI ALTAF,JIYAI...HOLE.

  • alltrue

    You may be all true but it is not true to re-name Karachi as Harachi. What does it mean dear????

  • Alltrue?,

    Not sure you want MQM to be on roads..... so whats your point here? whats your desperation? Dharna is issue base, issue is partly resolved or assured to be resolved, how do you want a political party to respond?

    Agree with you, MQM is riding on fools, that they chose to deal with your deeply racially biased and infected mindset politically...

  • I don't understand Altaf, one day he is calling for army help and next day he puts a long list of charges for army chief to answer. Don't hold your breath for an answer.

  • Parvez,

    Don't loose your sleep or stress too much.

  • mkhan1,

    I just worry about mental and physical health of our leaders. These days Allama Qadri, Imran Khan and dear Altaf Bhai. Looking at their performance, I would sorely miss them. Just imagine dealing with Zardari if Altaf Bhai were not around. Did you get it?

  • کیا یہ سمجھہ میں آتاھے جب رینجرز کے کنجر مغلطات کے ساتھہ کہتے ہیں کہ تم پاکستانی نہیں ھو ، جہاں سے آئے ھو وہاں واپس جاؤ

    پاکستان کو پاکستان رہنے دو ، کنجرستان نہ بناؤ

  • @Gulraiz bhai

    If my memory serves me well didn't Altaf bhai said not too long ago Patriotic Generals should take over. Wasn't Altaf bhai briefed on Rangers tone, demeanor, intensions and demands?

  • Parvez,

    It's an irony how Pakistan is being governed.Punjab by two brothers and their families, Sind by zardari family.

  • It's an irony how Pakistan is being governed.Punjab by two brothers and their families, Sind by zardari family.

    mkhan1 sahib

    "governed" or "ruled". I wish if someone can really govern

  • It is all about Nia Pakistan and Hong Kong at the top of it all. Long Live the Queen!

  • @Shirazi bhai,

    You have rightly pointed out contradictions in Altaf Hussein Stance wrt Army. Nations are not devastated by committing mistakes but insisting on them.

  • A year or so back, MQM leaders were telling outside parliament that Paindus like mujra. Imran Khan took it to the heart, and now he does not want to let go of his song and dance. All credit goes to MQM, no matter what anybody else says.

  • @Ghost Protocol. it like falling in a hole. Then the choice is keep digging or dig a new hole. Who is the philosopher in question?

  • Parvez,

    Hongkong does not mean queen anymore. Wake up. Sooner or later it will happen unless the system will change.

  • @Gulraiz bhai

    Nations are not devastated by committing mistakes but insisting on them.

    I doubt Altaf bhai is turning out to be anti-establishment hawk. By next month if not next week he will be labeling Generals Saviors like our Lota Saab.

  • @Pervez,

    You rightly pointed out, no benefit for digging holes one after another. Hoping to make some room in berhamn's heart is mere digging holes, move to eliminate the evil.

  • @mkhan1, what pity, no Queen. Hong Kong is just another port in China When you talk about historic Hong Kong it is tied to the queen of GB. Teach me some more history.

  • @GHOST PROTOCOL, Sorry but i do not belong to any politcal party, nor colour,caste or race, but i have seen ever changing Altaf like a lizard,when he is out of power,he becomes nervous and upset. Pakistan is like an old whore who has been pimped from a very young age and still the pimps have not filled their greed and asking her to “do more” till she dies.Altaf “the universal Bhai“a , a foreign (British) puddle, agent, “ethnic diarrhea”. Some time he is loyal Sindhi, some time he is Mohajir, some times Balochi, and next day Pathan, Pashto, where ever he finds an ass hole, gets in and make the people fool to supper foolish with his crocodile tears shedding circus show.

    Nation-building is not the role and task of the , Bhuttos, Zardaris, Altaf Hussain or Sharif.Imran Qaderis, as they are dead entries in history books and artefacts in museum. To visualize rational remedies and workable change of the currently disastrous political events and ethnic bloodbaths and set a NEW DIRECTION to facilitate social, economic, moral and political RECONSTRUCTION of the oppressed nation, you NEED educated people, intelligent and visionary thinkers and leaders and experts in problem-solving and change management to avert the self-suicidal agendas being followed by the PPP-MQM and the Generals - Karachi is at the tipping edge - just a glimpse out of the sadistic and incompetent mindset of the few, wait and see what will be the next?

    "A strange nation we are, expecting wisdom from morons, radicalism from born opportunists, and virtue from knaves whose principal claim to fame is daylight national robbery."

    Expecting miracles from jackasses*

    After witnessing the continued deaths, social, moral upheavals and intellectual destructions and burnt human bodies, a courageous female protester stands silent with a hand written poster on a roadside in Karachi to remind the thinking people:

    “Don’t Blow your Horn - the Nation is sleeping

    "Boal Key Lab Azad Hain Tairay"

  • @alltrue12

    I wholeheartedly support your view point, but I have slight disagreement. You say we need educated people. If your definition of "educated" is academic education then I have a disagreement. Education is an all embracing term and it is more than academic qualifications. Education starts at home which includes good manners, simple things like not to tell lies, not to steal and being polite to your elders and fellow citizens. If the academically educated people do not also possess this type of education then they are as good as illiterates.