World Cup 2015

  • The only event that can take away attention from whatever is happening in Pakistan (and on this forum too) is the Cricket World Cup 2015. An event that leads to hopes, emotions, stress, fun, despair and ecstasy (often at same time).

    This time it seems that there are few teams with equal opportunities. In my opinion

    1. New Zealand, South Africa and Australia have the best chances to lift the cup.

    2. England, India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan could also be considered as teams with some potential to put up good fight and reach the finals.

    3. West Indies, Bangladesh and Zimbabwe could cause one or two surprises but beyond that I am not sure if they have any chance to win the cup.

    I think Pakistan will once again rely on its bowlers to make-up for a relatively weaker batting line up.

    I dont think we have anyone who can match the aggressive style of Gayle, Baz, AB De Villiers, Moen Ali, Warner, Maxwell, Faulkner, Anderson or Rohit. Umar Akmal could be one Pakistani batsman who can score quick runs provided he gets to bat up.

    In bowling we may find Junaid, Irfan and Yasir with support from Afridi to put up a good show.

    It will be interesting to see what happens from February 14.

  • As long as Pakistan don't collapse they can beat anyone. It's this adrenaline that get them.

    Among batsman, except umar akmal all have flaws. Sarfaraz may surprise but It's like moin Khan cannot Ask to score all the times.

    We have too many left handed fast bowlers so Sohail is good edition if he bowl 145k.

  • As long as Pakistan don't collapse they can beat anyone

    mkhan1 sahib,

    I agree with you but the problem is "as long as".

    I still think that Pakistan will put up a good show.

  • @hypocrite

    Thank you bhiya, Bhaqwan aap ko kush rakhey aap ney post start ker dia..

    I think, we are missing a pace bowler alrounder, someone like Bilawal Bhatti or Anwer Ali? Whab Riaz is not good enough.

    Most of the pitches will be flat in Aust-Nz and will swing in rainy days... i am not expecting lots 330+ scores bcz of big boundaries.

    I will go with following Xi

    1: Shahzad

    2: Sarfaraz

    3: Younus/hafeez

    4: Misbah

    5: Haris Sohail

    6 Shoaib maqssod / Umer Akmal

    7: Afridi

    8: Wahab Riaz

    9: M Irfan

    10: Junaid Khan

    11: Yasir Shah

  • Expakistani sahib,

    Very good selection.

    Haris and Shahzad give the option of completing few overs if one of the main bowler fails to deliver and in some cases option of adding an extra batsman in place of a fast bowler. I think Yunus and Misbah should also consider changing their position depending on how the openers perform. If there is a good momentum from the openers, we dont need it to be slowed down by Yunus and Misbah who do take some time and more importantly many balls in between.

    Sarfraz at the top is a good option an dalso helps shield Hafeez.

  • New Zealand team is shaping up very well. Seems to have depth in batting and variety in bowling.

    Recent performance from England could raise the hope of English supporters.

    Lets see how Pakistan plays in the two games against New Zealand prior to the start of the World Cup.

  • I want Pakistan to win this world cup.

  • Ajaml will be missed terribly.

  • Yes we all do though . Lets hope for the best. Yes Ajmal will be missed. Hafeez and Ajmal assured 20 tight overs.

    I will also like New Zealand to win the cup

  • Umer Akmal must be promoted at top order and he should play a central role in batting.

  • @hypocrite

    Yes, for last few years and specially last 3-4 months Nz is the only team with 4+ century makers.

    Also they have depth in quality all rounders

    its more like McMillan se bacho gey to Anderson se peto gey

    and if you got luck with both of them they have

    Williamson and Tylor.

    but like Rahul Dravid said, in this kind of format you need

    3 good days / or one bad day so lets see...


    we are missing some one like Hafiz, who can bat a bit and bowl some good 10 overs. lets hope haris can do it.

    btw in practice match Misbah scored 100 and YK 1... so not sure if YK will sit outside for team or will try to keep his place in playing xi.

  • @expakistani

    Younus Khan is still a reliable player and can save (with his 40 plus runs) if Pakistani top order batting fails.

  • Younus Khan is one of the best test batsman But kinda below average One day player .. Due to his recent extra ordinary Test performances he got this chance .Test and ODIs are different games though. In my opinion Fawad Alam would have been a better choice . It is unfortunate he was not given chance ....

  • we all know Younus Khan is fully capable doing what JM did during 1992 world cup; but he need to get in form put some runs on board.

    Also, things have changed in cricket field / ODIs. Strike rate of 70 may not be good.

  • what JM did during 1992 world cup

    Xxxxxxxxx. Xxxxx x. Xxxx.

    Who is this guy.

    1992 win was only due to phuddoos, no one else

  • I am curious, why the team needs raise before displaying their performance in World Cup?

    Didn't they receive bonus after series with Australia .

    And by the way they lost series to a lower ranked team in their most comfortable grounds.

  • The four semi finalists will be:

    1. Kiwis

    2. Aussies

    3. Proteas

    4. Poms (Their bowling is conducive for these pitches. Batting has a question mark)

    I'd be really surprised if an Asian team makes the top four simply because they just ain't cut out for it.

  • Pakistani will qualify

    1. shai

    2 sunni

    4 wahabi

    5 taliban (they will dig every picth)

  • @نادان

    Please avoid thsi chutypa on this thread,

    its only for cricket and world cup...

    you have many other threads to make a mess or create ur own

  • Really!!!!

    some 8113 extremist / diehard pakistani voted for best fielding cricifo website


    Which World Cup team has the best fielding unit?


    Australia 15.78% 23283

    Bangladesh 2.31% 3414

    England 0.68% 1004

    India 16.64% 24549

    New Zealand 15.05% 22199

    Pakistan 5.50% 8113

    South Africa 38.57% 56903

    Sri Lanka 3.22% 4745

    West Indies 0.77% 1142

    Zimbabwe 0.44% 650

    One of the Associates 1.04% 1534