Who is more powerful in Pakistan? Govt, Army or this group?

  • THE government’s campaign to register madressahs in the country and obtain data of their teachers, students and financial/material resources has met with strong resistance from the seminaries’ bodies as they have opposed the registration process.

    The secretary general of the Ittehad-i-Tanzeemat-i-Madaris-i-Deenia (ITMD), the umbrella group representing the madressahs of five major sects in Pakistan, Maulana Mohammad Hanif Jalandhri, has expressed reservations about the process of registration of seminaries under the National Action Plan. He has flatly refused to comply with the government decision and provide the details the government is seeking for registration of madressahs, which the government believes will help root out militancy and extremism from the country.

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    This reporter spoke to Maulana Jalandhri to know why the ITMD is opposing the process of registration of seminaries. Here is what he said:

    Q: Why are you opposing the process of registration of seminaries?

    A: The government is not following an earlier agreement reached between us (ITMD) and the government for registration of seminaries. If they [the authorities] want to register all seminaries and obtain data, they should follow the 2005 agreement. They themselves are violating that agreement.

    Q: What was the agreement and how is the government violating it?

    A: We had agreed to register the seminaries after mutual consultations (between the government and the seminaries board). But now the government has introduced six to seven different questionnaires on its own and is asking us to answer all these questions. We have objection to it.

    Q: What specific questions in these questionnaires do you think are objectionable?

    A: It’s not only the matter of objectionable questions, but the government is not following the earlier agreement. They are not following even the decisions they have just taken. They issued a notification on Jan 20, 2015 about setting up of a consultative committee to discuss this issue. This committee comprises members of the government and seminaries. But they did not call its meeting and tried to impose this questionnaire on us. They are trying to obtain information in violation of this notification and we have our objections to it.

    Q: What objections or reservations do you have about the questions?

    A: We have objections that they have presented this questionnaire in violation of our earlier agreement with them.

    Q: There are reports that you have reservations about giving data of teachers’ families?

    A: No, it’s not the case. But we want them to follow the agreements we have already had. We want consultations on this whole issue.

    Q: So, otherwise the registration process can’t be completed?

    A: No.

    Q: Then what is the solution?

    A: The solution is that the authorities should call a meeting of the committee they have formed themselves. They should hold consultation on all these questions with us first; get a mutual agreement on it and then they should send it to the seminaries for answers. Otherwise the process of registration will never be completed.

    Q: And when you oppose this registration process, you oppose it and raise objections to it in the capacity of an office-bearer of the Wifaq-ul-Madaris Al-Arabia or as the secretary general of the ITMD?

    A: As the secretary general of the Ittehad-i-Tanzeemat-i-Madaris-i-Deenia. We all are united in opposing this process of registration; I represent the seminaries of all five schools of thought.

    Published in Dawn, February 5th, 2015

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  • Having dialogue and developing consensus is part of political process. Weak state that pakistan is, molvis are like bhiron ka chahta and need to be dealt with tectfully.

  • "Having dialogue and developing consensus is part of political process. Weak state that pakistan is, molvis are like bhiron ka chahta and need to be dealt with tectfully."

    Governments implement their laws in order to protect citizens. If there are cults forming "hornets nests", if need be they should be destroyed if there is unwillingness to follow rules/law. There is a silent majority, which have had enough. They will support action against violators of law.

  • Another example where the leadership of these religious groups are protecting banned outfits like ASWJ.



    KARACHI: Lawyer and activist Mohammad Jibran Nasir has been arrested near Chief Minister House today, Jibran confirmed to Dawn.com over the phone.

    Jibran had announced a sit-in today near Chief Minister House again after the rally organised by Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat (ASWJ) who had been banned by the government since Feb 15, 2012. Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader Sharmila Farooqui on Tuesday night had also confirmed the banning of the group.

    “The ASWJ have organised a rally today under police protection,” the activist said, adding that the security given to the group was illegal and had compelled him to take the step.

    Nasir claimed that as soon as they announced protest, the ASWJ also diverted their rally towards the CM House. “ASWJ a banned outfit rally is heading towards CM House. Perhaps Sindh government may give more respect and attention to demands of terrorists,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

    While talking to Dawn, Nasir said: “ASWJ has publicly threatened the civil society members through its Twitter account.”

    However, the ASWJ spokesman Umar Muavia denied Jibran's allegations while talking to Dawn.com and said, “There was no police protocol with our rally, nor did we threaten Jibran or any other civil society member.”

  • Ghost Protocol Saheb

    All the authorities de facto of Pakistan need to do is to ignite a big fire full of burning and smoky flames around this Bhirrhon ka Chatta in order to burn them altogether. Na rahey ga bans, na bajey gi bansri. That's it. There is no other solution to this menace.

  • The Muslims of Indian Sub-continent are now paying the price for the historical lies to create Pakistan. Now this very shrewd move to create Pakistan i.e. "Pakistan ka matlab kia....lailaha-illallah" is hitting Pakistan right in the yolk by their own boomerang, I think so.


    about 2 hours ago

    Terrorists are treated like innocent citizens, and those like Jibran who dare to speak out against the terrorists are incarcerated. This is the stupidity that has made Pakistan the butcher shop of the terrorist.

  • In Pakistan, after the Objective Resolution of 1949, Religious Fanatics, are the most powerful Pressure Groups.


    State could not implement the Death Punishment to Mumtaz

    Qadri, even after the verdict.

  • @Sheikh Jee

    "In Pakistan, after the Objective Resolution of 1949, Religious Fanatics, are the most powerful Pressure Groups."

    I agree Religious Fanatics are most powerful, but the were not at least first 25 years of existence of Pakistan. They gained power in early years of ZAB, as ZAB tried to become leader of Muslim world and countries like KSA and Libya gained more access to Pakistan.

  • Curiosity sahib,

    Very soon you will draw the conclusion that Liaqat Ali Khan was killed due to ZAB.

    Poetry of Mirza Ghalib was composed by Faiz Ahmad Faiz.

    Very good.

    Keep it up.

  • quriousity sahib/sahiba

    Mullas were prepared already from 1949 to be used first in East Pakistan, and then to be used in Afghanistan, and then in Pakistan. Now Pakistan is standing there as a lost child in a bazar, isn't it?

  • Very soon you will draw the conclusion that Liaqat Ali Khan was killed due to ZAB.

    Poetry of Mirza Ghalib was composed by Faiz Ahmad Faiz.

    Very good.

    Keep it up.


    Another lost argument and an exit with an Aayen Bayen Shayein!!!

  • JAKhan Jee,

    "Mullas were prepared already from 1949 to be used first in East Pakistan, "

    I am not sure, I understand.

  • As per evidence gathered, "Umpire ki ungli" is the most powerful entity in Pakistan. Sometimes, it refuses to raise, pity. 100 seats remain a dream.

  • CIA remained founder of all Khawarjee factions and also Madrassa concept in Pakistan. It is Soviet Afghan War, where CIA gave Madrassa Concept for getting fighters for guerrilla war against USSR.

    later Madrassa culture remained a business, where a Mullah/Zakir/Mufti formed a state in madrassa of his own brand of Islam and will own dynasty rule. Zia ul Haq was plundering money for Afghan War, so allowed different dynasty to flourish in madrassa like Lal Masjid (Masjid Zarrar of 21st Century). It was so lucrative business that even Gullu Qadri quit his job and started business under the flag of Minhaj ul Quran. With pity investment on preparing few fanatic mnureeds, one earn billions and also status of deputy Allah (Allah Maaf Kary).

    If we look at initial concept of Madrassaa some what closer) it is ASHAB E SOFA, who used to get religious education from Prophet Muhammad PBUH while residing in Masjid Nabvi. I did lot of research on it and did not find a single source where ASHAB E SOFA took single paisa or eat single loaf from Zakat, fitrana, Sadqat or donations. ASHAB E SOFA used work during day and at night learn religious education.

    Lessons is with a human who has given strength by Allah and he is not disable he can not eat from zakat, fitrana, sadqat.

    Here people produce children in immense, can not grow them and dump them in madrassa for boarding and lodging. Where a illiterate Mullah/Zakir/Mufti brain wash them and use them for shining his dynasty.

    Pakistan must go for madrasaa/mosque system in liens with UAE, Saudi Arab, Turkey or Iran. Where mosques/imam barghs are supposed to abide by Government instructions and can not utter single words unless approved by the Government.

  • Another evidence as to who is more powerful, even interior minister doesn't want to offend them.

    It shows on whose side Interior Minister is and it is definitely not on the side of the victims of terrorists who use islam to kill innocent.


  • Crackdown against Madressahs to find legality and illegality is only good in smaller provinces. In Punjab, the government is finding loopholes and flaw in the law to save Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Jamatud Dawa, Jaishe Muhammad et al and thousands of madressahs running under their shelter. It is as simple as that.

    What, if, after North Waziristan cleansing operation the Army turns towards Punjabi Talibans? It's a million dollar question.

  • http://www.dawn.com/news/1165432/lal-masjid-denies-nisar-claim-of-written-apology-on-aps-remarks

    This shows that interior minister is scared and is playing with lives of Pakistan.

  • Social media is well used by Khawarjee and Hizb u Tuhrir to create confusion and division in Pakistani Muslims. All to think of it before making any controversial comment against the interest of Pakistan.

    Pasha Party social media generated from Musharraf gifted Bani Gala Farm House is assisting them, as British Raj Potwari son Elzaam Niazi has strong nexus with both Khawarjee and Hizb u Tuhrir.

    Pro Khawarjee threads mostly revolve around creating sectarian rift and thoughts. Hizb u Tuhrir is creating threads to bring Pak Army under discussion by originating threads like civil military relations, who is more powerful civilian or Army, Pakistan ruled by Nawaz Sharif or Raheel Sahrif .......etc.

    Pakistani to depict national unity and defiantely we all are united against Khawarjees (ISIS, Daish, Al Qaida, Taliban, Hizb Ullah, Gullu Qadri Firqa).

    Ro Elzaam Niazi Ro

    Ro Hizb u Tuhrir Ro

    Ro Khawarjee Ro

  • Proscribed organizations showing their muscle!

    You can't criticize us, even if you IM.


    ISLAMABAD: Religious groups belonging to the Deobandi school of thought on Saturday protested against Information Minister Pervaiz Rasheed’s remarks about seminaries.

    Addressing a national conference organised by the Pakistan Academy of Letters in Karachi on May 3, the minister described the seminaries as ‘centres of ignorance and illiteracy.’

    Wafaqul Madaris Al Arabia, the board representing the seminaries belonging to the Deobandi school of thought, on Saturday held a protest outside the National Press Club here.

    The protesters demanded the removal of the information minister besides the registration of cases against him.

    Protesters seek removal of the minister and registration of cases against him

    The protesters said they would announce their future course of action against the minister after consultations with other religious groups.

    The minister at the conference had asked academicians as well literary figures to play their role in promoting the culture of tolerance in the country.

    But at the same time, he described the seminaries as the ‘universities of illiteracy’.

    The minister had said: “These universities of ignorance, to whom we give donations and hides, are giving an ideology of hatred and conservativeness to the society.”

    The remarks invited criticism from the religious elements, mainly belonging to the Deobandi school of thought.

    Addressing the protest rally, Deputy General Secretary Wafaqul Madaris al Arabia Maulana Qazi Abdul Rasheed said the remarks by the federal minister had upset the whole nation.

    The office-bearers of Wafaqul Madaris al-Arabia said they would initiate a campaign against the minister even if they have to delay the exams of the madrais affiliated with them.

    Mufti Mohammad Naeem of Jamia Binoria, Karachi, said the minister was an ignorant person.

    He said the term used for knowledge in the ‘Quran’ refers to the knowledge of Quran and Hadith only.

    Similarly, the student wing of the proscribed Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat (ASWJ) – the Muslim Students Organisation - in a statement said the statement by the information minister was a conspiracy against Islam and it had hurt the sentiments of Muslim youth of the country.