Could IK ever become PM of Pakistan?

  • Could IK ever become PM of Pakistan?

    No, never as long he continues to accept rejected and bad reputed people in his party. Even today he is making the same mistakes he made in past. Specially if he ever accepted Lunda Bazar turnovers made in UK, and also the ones who got rejected even by Liari and MQM. It shocked many IK sympathisers in UK when they heard that a notoriously known juggler is playing the role of a mediator between Nooners and PTIans now. In other words people may have good reason to believe that the PTI chairman has accepted to play by the rules of devilish political power mafia of Pakistan. Now let's see how PTI justifies herself vis-a-vis her vote bank. Some might say that IK's Dhernas were also directed and monitored by the same mafia. However, there are many other similar questions IK might not be able to answer ever.

    BTW, we can't see Sheeda Tilly on screen anymore, how come? Is he perhaps advised to go in background until next actions of Dhernas?

  • J.A.Khan jee

    According to you, he CANNOT!

  • why ?

    why cant we do it without him ? what do we need to do it without him or his dependency ?

    do we need to worship him ? why ?

    are we slaves of British master race ?


  • Sure, we can do without him with Zardari and Nawaz, turn by turn.

    We have Zardari and Nawaz to worship them.

    Yes, we are slaves of NouDero Maqbras and Takht-e-Lahore


  • If my memory is not that short for a few seconds he was the Prime Minister of Pakistan. I remember standing on a container he announced:

    "I Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan"

    I think at that moment in time, he was or at least he believed so.

  • Friend Ayatullah Adnak

    You must not forget that sometimes one wants to make a statement merely to prove self-existence.

  • Anjan Saheb

    Yes, you are very right to say that sometimes one wants to make a statement merely to prove his existence. But not in my case. In your case for sure. It's you who always wants to dictate this form, and if a person doesn't want to take you serious you start reminding them your existence, and in a very sarcastic manner just to insult the person. You are kind of sadist finds pleasure in hurting and insulting people. In my book you seem to be a very bitter and vicious person. I think that if you got any self-respect for yourself you will then ignore me. If you don't do it, we know then who you exactly are i.e. a persona non grata on this forum who should be ignored by all means and by everybody. Up yours!

  • I seem to have touched a raw nerve somewhere!!

  • Ajaan Saheb

    Happy to see you happy.

  • @J.A.Khan

    Could IK ever become PM of Pakistan?

    Answer is NO!

    Twisted-minded people like him should never ever become PM of Pakistan. He is carrying out dirty agenda of Taliban terrorists.

    Well J.A.Khan Jee, why on earth would you argue with people who have zero intelligence, no manners and no respect for other contributors of this forum?

    This is a very good thread; only healthy discussion/comments should be answered and all moronic comments should be ignored.

  • Yes, he can become the prime minister!

    PTI is the main opposition at the moment. It'll take one or two missteps from the current government and the political landscape could change within days. With the track record of Nawaz Sharif, Imran's best option is to hope for a rift between the army and Nawaz Sharif. When that happens, there is no other leader or party left to fill the vacuum. PPP is in shambles and will be lucky to keep a hold in Sindh.

    The problems facing the country are ginormous. No government can turn the tide in just one term. So, the present government will most likely fall from grace by the end of it's term. That means the only choice left is IK. Enough turncoats/electables may switch sides to make PTI the largest party in the parliament.

  • @Qarar Jee

    Agenda of political and religious Right is to turn Pakistan into Talibanistan.

    With IK winning Govt, this process of extremism and radicalization will be accelerated.

    You are right; mess is so much no Govt can clean in one term but option of IK in Govt is horrible.

    Let's hope for better options than pro-Taliban PTI.

  • Mr. Sweettruth,

    Ideologically, things have gotten worse in Pakistan. There used to be an election battle between liberal and conservative forces. Now it conservative vs ultra conservative.

    IK and NS are two sides of the same coin. The former openly sides with Taliban and the latter has hidden sympathies for them.

    We can certainly hope for the best but I wouldn't bet on any positive outcome.

  • @Qarar

    Due to strong media campaign by Right, foreign aid going to madrassay and extremism seeds sown in the 1980s, Liberal forces are waning fast.

    Future of Pakistan is bleak with dark forces of Right expanding their influence in all walks of life.

  • British Raj Potwari son Elzaam Niazi do not have any ingredient to become Prime Minister but with the funding of Jew/Moddi he can create enough filth to demolish Pakistan image.

    Jews/Indian used same trick as they used in 1970/71 on Shiekh Mujeeb ur Rehman (Traitor of Islam). Hindu teacher were funded by Jews/India to pollute mind of Bengali youth followed by media campaign in East Pakistan local print media.

    Same is done now by Jews/Indians (Moddi is controlling Burger Culture movement now) by investing on British Raj Potwrai son. Initially Kasuri schools (Beacon House, Educator etc) were used to pollute youth, followed by campaign through electronic media (Pasha Party media cells ARY, SAMA, NEWSONE besides 7/8 paid anchors on other channels). Shuja Pasha designs helped RAW/MOSSAD to make Lucky Imrani Circus of BGs successful event in short span of time.

    Potwrai son is icon of nepotism. Family members controlling SKMH (being used to flash Black money politics), one Banja is controlling funds in Pakistan and other is controlling Overseas funds (this Banja also sabotaged Kashmir Million March with the help of RAW). News bride Raham Khan has made chairperson of IDP Funds Raising.

    British Raj Potwari son is curse for Pakistan, what to think of him as Prime Minister, only BGs (Beacon House, Educator youth+ PPP Punjab deserters) have this fantasy.

  • I don't understand why people of Pakistan rejected Mr. Saleem Kirla, who had the same Manifesto and Desire for a New Pakistan?

  • Who is Saleem Kirla?

  • Sweettruth


    Now to IK again:

    As we all know that Pakistan Power Game is not run by Pakistan's useless politicians, hence run only by foreign powers which twist PKpolitics according to their own interest all the time. Just watch the crafty moves of Rehman Malik who is being used as bridge between IK and Nawaz Sharif. But by who is using him? Of course, we all know it, as a matter of fact. Now look, who is just gone to USA to meet high officials of USA, and why? It's definitely not to save Takht-e-Lahore or the fake owner of Bani Gala. Every sensible person of even slightest vision of Pakistan Politics and international developments can say easily that who is being used and by who and for what purpose.

    Do you remember somebody shouting on his revolution bus that he will never give up his dherna as long NS in power.

    Today we can see him talking every day that he will never go to join parliament session until bla..bla..bla. I believe that that day is also not far when Rehman Malik will call an urgent Press Conference and announce that IK has agreed to join parliament session again. Just after that we will hear IK saying in a Press Conference that he did so just to save democracy and andin the interest of Pakistan people, and so on, and so on.

    By going all these dramas through, Nawaz Sharif will continue to do his term to full, whereby IK could emerge as a permanent leading force to control Nawaz Sharif and Zardari by following the command of Big Brothers. And all these dramas just to show the world that Pakistan is going through a democrat process, so that the Big Brothers could continue their business as usual by keeping the power switch of politics in their own hands for as long as it suits them. No wonder why IK got married so quickly knowing the fact that he got no chance to become PM of Pakistan. However, the time will show who is right and who is not in case of IK's dream to become PM of Pakistan


  • Can he ? Yes .. looking at his day increasing popularity , and everyday free publicity on TV (Dharnas , Marriage , and still without any major issue) , PPP 's corruption and PML N govt. 's inability to resolve issues , i would say he can...

    Should he ? Who else do you suggest ? Zardari , Gilani , NAwaz Sharif , Altaf bhai or fazlur Rehman...

    This thread is just a wishful thinking of Blogger not based on fact and figures ...

    ps: Everyday, increasing Collection of new Lotas , is another indicator, by the way .

  • justhuman

    Yes, I understand where you are coming from. And I think you are right.

    Collecting lotas does indicate the policy managed by PTI's actual bosses. At the same time the reactions of this hidden agenda should not be underestimated, too. No matter how much one may try to revive Mushi's techniques to gain power in order to hand it over to IK seems to me rather too obvious and, therefore, not very feasible too. I don't think, therefore that the forerunners of IK and PTI would make this mistake.

    However, in yesterday's talk show of Nadim Malik Mushi has indicated the possibility of Presidential system and have suggested therefore some significant changes in constitution. And if this goes according to wishful thinking of power grabbers, it then may be possible to nominate IK as PM just to keep IK's followers calm, for which the lotas are being collected from every direction, knowingly that in any elections PTI might not be able to gain anymore seats due to IK's poor performance in public.

    Mind you, the public is no more that naïve it used to be. I think it's due our media that have done some good job too, besides some bad ones. Also the Sindh politics is becoming very complicated too. I think there are so many such and other related factors which indicate a directly takeover by the military under the slogan that says "enough is enough." Just think about all this! However, there is nothing impossible in Pakistan Politics. We can do only guess work, and then predict. Of course, we can be wrong too. :)