His Master's Voice

  • This phrase along with the most loyal animal used to be on gramphone record.

    Now the most loyal one , on his master's orders has gone toUK to ask them to stop altaf hussain from giving speeches.

    Does UK PM or MIT has the power to stop anybody from doing so.

    They think that whole world is like Pakistan where the law is order of the day or farma a imroz

    There govt doesn't have the power but the law.

    Whatever the law says they follow that.

    What cooperation is going on muder case.

    They want those two kanjars to be handedover to them. But Pakistan is doing hanki panki. They think that that UK courts can give a verdict like Pakistani monkey judges.

    Remember when these donkeys demontrated on ten downing st on zohra shahid murder, what UK PM did, nothing bcz law doesn't give any verdict if one million donkey ppl r complaining.

  • Gulraiz 55 Jee

    Though I'm no sympathiser of MQM or Altaf Bhai, yet I have to say that Altaf Bhai is very right for calling them what they really are.

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  • This post is deleted!