Pak team’s Saudi visit postponed on Riyadh’s call

  • Saturday, March 28, 2015

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    ISLAMABAD: Riyadh has appreciated Islamabad’s gesture of offering all its resources to “defend the territorial integrity” of Saudi Arabia amid developments that may not oblige Pakistan to send its troops to the holy lands.

    A credible senior-level government source told The News here on Friday that the visit of the high-level official delegation that was to leave for Riyadh on Friday has been postponed following a call from the Saudi authorities. “We have been asked to wait for a few days,” the source said.

    He added that Pakistan had been told that efforts were being made to tackle the conflict through the Arab League. “At a later stage, a special meeting of the OIC could also be convened,” the source said.

    Regarding Pakistan’s offer, the source said that the civilian and military leadership had agreed to offer Pakistan’s resources for the defense of the territorial integrity of Saudi Arabia. The source added that the decision and the Pakistani offer did not mean that Pakistani forces would join any Saudi offensive against Yemen.

    The source said that this aspect was discussed in the Thursday’s high-level meeting and it was unanimously agreed that Pakistan would take every possible step to defend Saudi Arabia from any foreign aggression. However, it would not be possible for Pakistan to get into a conflict or become part of the ongoing military offensive against the Yemeni rebels.

    The source, who holds an important position in the government and was also part of the Thursday’s meeting, said that Pakistan realizes that getting into the Middle East conflict as a party would have serious implications not only for Islamabad but also for the whole Muslim Ummah.

    The source said that on the one side Islamabad has the best of relations with Riyadh and, on the other side, the country shares borders with Tehran. Instead of becoming a party to the Saudi-Iran conflict and their proxy wars, the source said that Pakistan could play the role of a mediator between the two to avoid what could otherwise might lead to an alarming Sunni-Shia divide in the Muslim world.

    The source said that the Pakistani delegation, which was to visit Saudi Arabia on Friday, was supposed to discuss the details of what the Saudis expected from Islamabad and what Pakistan could offer them.

    On Thursday, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had asked Minister for Defense Khawaja Muhammad Asif and Adviser on National Security and Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz to go to Riyadh on Friday to ascertain the requirements of the brotherly country and make an assessment of the situation. The delegation was to also include senior members of Pakistan defense forces.

  • Khawarjee Houthi joined hands with Khawarjee Groups like Al Qaida, Al Shabab and Diash. Threatens to advance and invade Mecca Medina, after last city of Yemen (Aden) is captured.

    Muslim will gave last drop of blood to protect Mecca Medina, if Khawrajee took even single na pak step towards it.

    Shariet and International laws does not permit capture of Government by private militia. We Pakistani fighting Zarb e Hzb for it, same were designs of Khawarjee Taliban in Pakistan.

    Friends of Iran must think, Iran supported Northern Alliance against Pakistan, Pakistan did not wept/cursed why a neighbor/Muslim brother doing so, why should Iran feel disturb now. 10-15 lakh Pakistani in Middle East against 3000-5000 in Iran. Pakistan interest are well clear.

  • Pakistani-21

    Pakistani kerta-dhertas may be be-gherat when it comes to such things, but not that thick in their minds as one may think. They knew the outcome of this proxy war in advance. So, there was, therefore no harm in showing their absolute loyalty to their religious fathers so whole heartedly.

  • Re: Pakistan government decides to send troops to Saudia Arabia

    ARY, SAMA and NEWSONE are media cells of Pasha Party. Hizb u Tuhrir is sponsor of Pasha Party in Pasha London Plan.

    This rumour is given or unfolded by Nadeem Malik (SAMA) who was sitting in Pasha London Conspiracy meeting at London along with Mubasher shero in May 2014.

    Nadeem Malik what ever you do to confuse people of Pakistan, so far no troops/fighter planes given. Give quoting Jews media. Pakistan will never speak for Khawarjees whether Taliban or Houthi, where ever thy are if fighting against Muslim Government,.

    Tape confirmed Pasha London Plan, Pasha Party media cells SAMA, ARY or NEWSONE propaganda confirms Hizb u Tuhrir nexus with Pasha Party.

    Alas! Khawarjee (ISIS, Daish, Al Qaida, Taliban, Hizb Ullah, Houthi, Al Shabab, Gullu Qadri Firqa) instead of fighting against Muslim Governments in Muslim countries would have united tehir energy for the liberation of Palestine and Kashmir.

  • Pasha-phobia is still reigning the mind

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  • Mecca Medina presence in Saudi Arabia rules out any neutral option.

    Mecca is already attacked twice from Yemen aggressors, Abhra from Yemen attacked Mecca before birth of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Yemen terrorist occupied Kaaba in 1979 also.

    As per agreement of peace, Saudi Arabia was a guaranteeing implementation of peace accord, even signed by Khawarjee Houthi. Now Houthi has broken peace accord, refused to give up weapons and accept division of Yemen into 12 zones. Want division on their own terms. Saudi being guarantee is justified in bring peace in Yemen using force.

    Khawarjee Houthi in alliance with Al Qaida, Daish and Al Shabab has threatened to attack Mecca soon Aden is captured. This ultimatum by Khawarhee Houthi may be mare threat to keep Saudi Arabia away from use of force, but can not be ignored. As in past twice Yemen aggressors/terrorist have attacked Kaaba.

    Pakistan must go all out if Saudi Arabia is invaded, however, if war remain in boundaries of Yemen, troops or fighter planes must not be used.

    Hizb U Tuhrir and Jews are disseminating rumours through paid media cells/social media. Trying to make it a sectarian conflict (not even a 1% SECTARIAN), Iran Pak issue and so on... Iran supported Norther Alliance against Pakistan, but Pakistan did not wept.

    No statement even from Iran side in this regard, but Jews agents are doing best to create confusion. Muslim to understand Jews/Khawarjee propaganda efforts.

  • People read the news about Saudis, with their partners, attacking Yemen, not vice versa.

    Am I wrong?

    Perhaps, it is Pasha's conspiracy and part of London plan.

  • Maybe NS wants to follow in the footsteps of his role model Gen Zia by taking similar action inside of KSA to what Zia did in Jordan in Sept 1979. Ask any Palestinian and he will tell you.

    Afterall he has had great admiration for Gen Zia, who he considered to have set good precedence and always wanted pursue his policies.