Muslim terrorists' animosity toward schools

  • In a recent attack, Somalia based terrorist group A-Shabab claimed responsibility of attacking a Christian school in Kenya and killing 147 students. Christian students were targeted while Muslim students were let go. A new pattern is emerging among Islamic terrorists that they are attacking more and more schools, but why?

    In FATA, burning down schools is a so normal that the government has even stopped reopening many schools in troubled areas. The attack on the army school in Peshawar was another recent aggression where children were slaughtered without a second thought.

    Terrorists' resentment or hostility toward the youngsters in schools baffles my mind. What could be the reason for this barbaric behavior? Whatever it is, it not limited to one region or country, the whole 'Ummat' thinks alike.

  • @Qarar Jee

    "What could be the reason for this barbaric behavior?"

    Answer is complex ignorance and hate centered life.

    That is these terrorist muslims are ignorant that they ignorant. Due to their ignorance and hate centered life they do not have ability to think and logically discuss anything.