Shameless Niazis

  • I didn't know that Niazis are this kind of shameless and honourless people. The first Niazi surrendered to General Arorha very humiliatingly and shamelessly after a very humiliating defeat, and this one, namely IK Niazi is going to Parliament session after creating all those dramas known to the whole nation so well. Now, Gog bless Javed Hashmi who is opening incredible POTLIAAN of this shameless Niazi who wants to become PM of Pakistan by any hook-n-crook.

  • The script that failed. Script was well written but the actors chosen for main roles didn't know (they still do not know) abc of politics errrrm acting.

    One can give a thousand excuses for one's U-turn and that is what IK was spelling out lame excuses for his return to parliament before a mass gathering of media men. He can do so, but he must realize that so much eating of past pledges has already damaged his political future big time. Moral lesson: Do not play the hidden hands' game, play your own.

    I liked one tweet: "Ek beewi, sirf ek beewi, Tarzan ko jharh se neechey utaar lati hay".

  • Imtiazahmad Saheb

    I liked that tweet too.

    The real game players used IK in Punjab, and now in Karachi. I think our Punjabi brothers have now become politically quite smart, too. Therefore I believe that IK is now concentrating in Karachi just because he knows how badly he is going to lose general elections in Punjab, and also in KPK. Whenever I occasionally speak to ex-PTIans I hear from them only how embarrass they are about IK's performance, u-turns and lies, besides other peculiarities.

    We do know Altaf Hussain's strange and peculiar behaviour, but IK is not better either, perhaps worse. What a shame that just to gain mere power they lose their self-respect and dignity altogether without any regret at all!!!

  • Shameless Niazis

  • Strange that nobody commented on these two Niasis!!!!!

  • Dacca Fall Niazi is physically dead. Container fame Niazi is nearing his political demise.

  • Imtiazahmad Saheb

    Also his masters don't need him and TUQ anymore, for they do know hat their game is over. The only winner in this power game are our military and Sharif Brothers. These two played their cards quite well. Though I don't approve Sharif Brothers, yet I have to admire their sense of patience and their smart moves that have saved them up till now quite smartly.

  • What about other Khans? After all, IK is a Khan first and then a Niazi!!!

  • @J. A. Khan

    Is it really you or someone hacked your ID to post this thread . What happened to you .. day by day , you are talking like Patwaries , even without monthly stipend.

  • What is so shameless? Making a move in politics is something that everyone does. If the move is successful, then it is considered brilliant move. If the move fails, it is considered as shameless.

    How many times PML(N) and PPP have fought with each other and then the same two parties decided to sign COD and cooperate with each other. Brilliant move or shameless move?

  • How many times PML(N) and PPP have fought with each other and then the same two parties decided to sign COD and cooperate with each other. Brilliant move or shameless move?

    @hypocrite sahib

    Both PMLN and PPP agreed on a minimum agenda to never be a pawn of the establishment in the future. Both were bitten by the establishment and they were sincere at least on point.

    PTI is establishment's B-team. PTI members came to the assembly, went out and still called it the fake or 'jaali' assembly. So, there is a difference. PTI has no common agenda with PMLN.

  • to never be a pawn of the establishment in the future

    Qarar sahib

    Exactly. " in the future". But the past is tainted and who knows that in future they wont succumb again to the temptations?

    As far as PTI is concerned, yes it did called the assembly as fake as their whole case is based on "rigging". If they are wrong, why the judicial commission was established?

    I am not trying to justify the actions of PTI but I am not supportive of blaming one for something that the others have repeatedly done. It reminds me of my main character quality which is being a hypocrite.

  • hypocrit Saheb

    Even thieves got some honour among themselves.

    Yes, if IK had any clean background and a strong and honourable backbone with least manners and political and historical vision, I then would be the first one to support him as a die-hard supporter, for our Pakistan does need that kind of man to put Pakistan on the right track. However, I did support him for many years with my humble donations for his charity works.

    Here I really don't mind his personal life at all, but he does irritate me when I see that all he wants is just become PM of Pakistan just to fulfil his childish dream he promised himself to achieve at any cost. As a matter of fact he was pure in his early days of political life, but became something he shouldn't have become. I think his short cuts and u-turns, including his Dharnas in association with Sheikh Rasheed and TUQ destroyed him badly. However, he knows how badly he is defeated so far in Punjab and in the eyes of many of his young supporters who really were ready to die on his call, he has therefore entered now in Karachi politics where he stands no chance either. As a matter of fact IK used to have quite a big support in Karachi, but no more now, for Karachi voters know now IK's real face quite well. I think it is now everywhere the same in Pakistan when it comes to IK's current credibility. Here I really feel very sorry for those Pakistani youngsters who really wanted a great revolution under the leadership of IK, but got extremely disappointed.

  • Justman Saheb

    To be very honest, I'm deeply disappointed by IK's very poor and selfish performance, and I'm not the only one in this boat. I feel very much sorry for those youngsters who wanted to see their country going through a wonderful revolution under the leadership of IK.

  • Thread should be re-named as "Shameless Khans" as that will be more appropriate!

  • Good to know that Darling Anjaan is also on this forum.

    How are you, my Sweety? Long time no see you. were you on your period, or having you one again? Me love you and wish.....

  • Thread should be re-named as "Shameless Khans" as that will be more appropriate!