Mumtaz Qadri files an appeal; does he not want heaven?

  • Mumtaz Qadri submits appeal against death sentence in Supreme Court.

    It seems very odd that Mumtaz Qadri is filing appeal after appeal against the death sentence. By doing so, isn't he refusing heaven because the moment he is hanged, he'll be in heaven with the prophet. What kind of a Muslim refuses a guaranteed ticket to heaven and instead chooses a miserable temporary life on earth?

  • He knows in his heart that he doesn't have a ticket to Heaven.

  • What a Muslim that he is preferring a mercy from man, and begging for a miserable life on this earth and that also in prison as a prisoner of man, to his Godly heaven next to his beloved Prophet in whose name he killed his own Muslim brother, namely Salman Taseer. Where are his honour and faith now?

  • salam

    if his appeal is successful which is a bit unlikely then he'll emerge as a hero for extremist parties like sunni tehreek etc as they have been supporting him since day 1 of the murder. if he is released he'll create a fitna, other ignorant misguided brainwashed ppl will have a plea to murder anyone keeping in view qadri therefore, it's highly imperative for govt for society and for the greater good of nation to hang him as soon as possible so that anyone who's eyeing someone to murder could learn some lesson.

    he should've been hanged long ago as it was simple and straight forward case..

    he was not only a murderer, he was a "namak haram" killer as he killed a person who he was supposed to guard"....

    fitnas should no longer exist..

    May ALLAH bless Pakistan and Pakistanis

  • اب اسکو جنت کا اعتبار نہیں رہا

  • PS I would go a step further I would demand the sentence of those ignorant laanti mullahs whose speeches provoked him for this murder.. they r also the real hate preachers whose mouths should be shut once and for all if they don't learn a lesson

  • " they r also the real hate preachers whose mouths should be shut once and for all if they don't learn a lesson"

    It is similar to "asking for moon" in our country.

  • If Mumtaz Qadri admits in his appeal that he was brainwashed and that he doesn't believe in hocus-pocus heaven he then should be pardoned instantly, and those who gave him brainwash must be arrested immediately under the charge of 302, beside many other charges. That's the only way to save Pakistan and innocent Pakistanis respectively.

  • keep him in jail for rest of the life and make a symbol that will help

  • salam

    @J A Khan sahab

    even if he was brainstormed, he was adult at the time of crime, he exactly knew what he was doing, he had been planning for that murder eversince he heard those mullahs, he convinced his fellow guards not to shoot him once he shoots taseer and look at the tragedy, they knew this act that's y no one stopped him or shot him as i guess as per the rules of such high profile security, guards can shoot the killer before he kills the VIP but no action was taken from their sides which clearly indicated that rest of the guards were part of conspiracy willingly or unwillingly, the salaries that they took after that incident as the person who they were supposed to protect got killed by them directly or indirectly..

    if they did that act for the sake of Prophet Mohammad(S A W) or islam then does islam teach them to kill the person who employed you and your house is run as a result of that salary, what a clear contradiction and a what a sheer display of ignorance... i curse all of the other guards as well who didn't take any action, if they were really earning halal, they shouldn't have been the part of that conspiracy or they should've shot qadri there and then in order to justify their jobs, if they wanted to be neutral they should've resigned from their jobs.....

    one one hand they earned haram and on second hand as per their definition they hailed Prophet's name...

    extreme laanat on those ignorants and haram khor.. yes they were haram earners .

    May ALLAH bless Pakistan and Pakistanis

  • ukpaki Bhai

    I agree with your point of view in this case fully. Thanks for sharing the same sentiments.