Father, brother, uncle arrested after Indian teen alleges years of rape

  • Father, brother, uncle arrested after Indian teen alleges years of rape

    KOLKATA, India (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The father, uncle and brother of a 16-year-old girl in eastern India have been arrested accused of raping her repeatedly over a period of two years, police said on Saturday.

    The girl told a school teacher in Dhupguri town in West Bengal state on Thursday after being too scared to speak out previously. She was taken to the police where she registered a complaint against the three men on Friday.

    "Her father, a farmer aged around 50, allegedly raped her several times. She alleged that her uncle also raped her and of late her brother had also started," police spokesman K.L. Sherpa in Jalpaiguri district told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

    Police said the victim claimed she got pregnant twice but was forced to have abortions and that she attempted suicide four times. Her mother knew but kept silent, police said. The teenager is now in the custody of her aunt.

    From child marriage and dowry killings to rape and domestic violence, Indian girls and women face numerous threats, say experts, largely because of age-old patriarchal attitudes that view them as inferior to men.

    Public protests after the fatal gang rape of a woman on a Delhi bus in December 2012 jolted many in the world's second most populous country out of apathy and forced the government to enact stiffer penalties on gender crimes.

    Since then, voracious reporting by the media, campaigns by the government and programs by civil society groups have brought greater public awareness of women's rights and emboldened more victims to come forward and register abuses.

    In 2013 Indian authorities received 309,546 reports of crimes against women, a 26.7 percent jump from 2012, according to the National Crime Records Bureau.

    But in many small towns and villages, most cases still go unreported due to the shame and stigma attached to rape in these conservative societies, where the victim is often blamed.

    In some villages, local councils act as de facto courts, often ordering rape to punish women.

    In January 2014, a 20-year-old woman in West Bengal state was gang-raped by 13 men on the orders of a village court as punishment for having a relationship with a man from a different community.


  • These indians never fail to surprise us. When a poor girl was raped inside a moving bus with an iron rod, we thought this could be the lowest of the low from our neighbor. But alas! indians always aim high in such a circumstances and situations.

    What kind of a father and a brother could do this to his daughter and sister? I mean one of them getting nasty and evil is understandable but how come both of them can turn evil at the same time?

  • Incest and rape is a worldwide disease, you cannot say it is restricted to India only.

    ""India's space agency has released its first picture of Mars, taken by its satellite which entered orbit around the Red Planet on Wednesday.""

    Would you like to comment on this BBC news?

  • Would you like to comment on this BBC news?

    Although it would be off-topic but since you specially asked so I would give you my comments.

    In my opinion the money spent on this useless event would have been better spent if it was used to provide toilets to 600 million indians who defecate openly in public.

    Sending a probe to Mars to take pictures is just an ego trip and nothing new when the same has been done by many other countries.

  • Bhai who apnay jungle ke raja hain, apnay mulk men tatti Karen ya mareekh pe jakar Karen. Hamen doosron ke pait kay marrorh ki bajai apnay qabz ka ilaj karna chahiyay.

  • اگر میرے جواب سے آپکو قبض ہو گئی ہے تو پھر سوال پوچھا ہی کیوں تھا؟

    اور اگر سوال پوچھنا ہی تھا تو پھر جواب سننے اور برداشت کرنبے کا حوصلہ بھی پیدا کریں۔

  • Forget about the courage, I have a lot of it. And don't try to be meerasi, if you can't give a correct answer to my question why are you opening unnecessary threads?

  • If such acts happen in India, it is sad and worth condemning. If such acts happen in Pakistan they are equally sad.

    Humans can have the best behaviour and humans live everywhere.