What does China Cutting mean?

  • What does China Cutting mean?

    For those who do not know the term here is some useful information from a source who know it all.

    The following is taken from another forum posted by a member:

    The word “China Cutting” was first used by the Founder of MQM Mr. Altaf Hussain in the history of mankind. This phenomenon is no strange for the citizens of Karachi but the rest of Pakistan has been confused by this phenomenon. Let me tell in brief what is a china cutting and how it done.

    To make it more interactive I am writing a real story of my friend who had experienced this practice personally and may be the first person who raised his voice against it. His real name and venue of incident has been changed and kept private for security reasons but will be provided to the person who would really like to help him.

    In 2004, Like a normal day, Mr Siddiqui woke up at 6 am and went to park for exercise. The park is located just nearby to his home. As he went outside he saw many trucks having heavy construction machineries are entering in the park. He was surprised because as a general secretary of the society of which the park belongs to he is unaware of any proposed construction. He saw few teen aged guys who are instructing the loaders and workers about their jobs. Mr Siddiqui went there to seek information from them.

    Mr. Siddiqui: AOA, May I ask what is going on here?

    Guy: Who are you?

    Mr. Siddiqui: I am ---- Siddiqui, I live here in this building and the general secretary of this society

    Guy: Don’t you see that construction of a building in going on here

    Mr. Siddiqui: yes I do see, but you are doing this on a land which is owned by the society and registered in the union council.

    The guy stared at Mr. Mr Siddiqui and dialed a number in mobile and started talking. After the conversation, he replied Mr Siddiqui, I don’t know about that, meet Tariq bhai you would find a proper answer of your question from him.

    Tariq bhai is the joint incharge of a local unit of a political party and a very WELL KNOWN person in the area.

    Later on that day, Mr Siddiqui called a meeting of the society and raised the issue of illegal construction on the parking area of the society and the adjacent park. Other members of the society supported Mr Siddiqui and they formed a group of 3 members who will meet Tariq Bhai and discuss the problem with him

    Mr Siddiqui with other members of the society went to the party local unit office to meet tariq bhai. The local unit office is located in a municipal park which was a play ground before. When they reached there Mr Siddiqui saw the same guy which he had talked before with arms and weapons carrying in his hand guarding the office.

    Guy: Hello, Siddiqui Sahib, so you came here to meet tariq bhai

    Mr. Siddiqui: Yes, as per your advice. Is he available here?

    Guy: No, not now. He occasionally sits here. Most of the time he stays in the head office of the party.

    Mr. Siddiqui: so how could we meet him

    Guy:Let me call him and confirms if he is coming today

    Guy called tariq bhai and replied that Tariq Bhai is on his way to the office

    Mr siddiqui joined the que of those persons who were waiting for Tariq bhai. After half an hour Tariq bhai came with 3 gun mans and entered into the office and started meeting with people. After waiting an hour Mr. Siddiqui was called

    Mr. Siddiqui introduced himself: AOA, I am ___siddiqui, general secretary of

    Tariq bhai: Yes, yes I know, that guy has told me about you

    Mr. Siddiqui: so I assumed if he has also told you about our problem

    yes he has told me, Tariq Bhai asked: Have u discussed this matter with others like media, or any other party person

    Mr. Siddiqui : No, we didn’t. In fact I was advised to meet you so we came here straight away to you and we hope that you will help us

    Tariq bhai has asked Mr. Siddiqui some more questions about their backgrounds, and when Tariq bhai got confirmed that these people are ordinary citizens and have no political affiliations, nor have any direct approach to higher authorities then he replied: you are from our community so you must aware the problems of the community. You know the current situation of the city. There is a huge need of new housing projects for people so we are working for the people to give them shelter. Is there anything wrong with it?

    Mr. Siddiqui : I appreciate your approach and what are you doing for the people but the only problem is that you are doing this on a land that is not owned by you. It is an illegal act.

    “We own the whole city Siddiqui Sahib". Tariq Bhai replied in anger. "Nobody can dare to stop us and we do whatever we want. Don’t take it as a threat as we don’t give threats we believe in actions. Yes, we are going to construct a building in the parking area and the adjacent park. Go now as I have some other important appointment and don’t bother to go to police as they will not help you , SHO of this area just had a cup of tea with me. Go now and don’t come here again.

    This was an amazing situation for Mr. Siddiqui as he was not expecting this kind of rude behavior from him. He was very upset but the other members were caught in fear. They suggested Mr. Siddiqui to leave this matter here and allow them to do what they want.

    But Mr. Siddiqui thought that he met with a wrong person and he should contact directly to the head office of the party and hoped that they will him so Mr Siddiqui went to the head office seeking help and justice from there.

  • Graphic illustration of China Cutting from Karachi

  • So if I have understood this term correctly then,

    China Cutting = Qabza Mafia with the use of carrot & stick together

  • yes thats what china cutting is, and land Maffias who like to grab parks, ground, govt plots, Railway plots use same

    trick and method... sometime they even get approval for few houses and flat from development authorities.

    I am sure in lahore and Islamaba they are using same tactices with different name.... MQM, ANP, PPP, KDA and shameless Police officers and political leaders are into this China cutting business.

  • Yes it's pretty much the same in the rest of the country except that unlike Karachi it is not done under the banner of political parties. Mostly it is done by individuals, gangsters, ghundas who then look for political patronage but in individual capacity.

    The biggest land grabber in Punjab in terms of area is Malik Riaz & Co who had cosy relations with all the governments from Mutharaf to Zardari and now with Shahbaz Sharif. Then there are smaller fishes as well in every town and city.

  • So your pain is that China Cutting is being done by a political party, not with land grabbing mafia. What difference does it make? A crime is a crime, be that it is done by a political party or land mafia. Land grabbing is much more in Punjab than Sind. And don't spread hatred between people of different federations.

  • Actually biggest land mafia in this country is FAUJ. Don't u guys see DHA's and Askari Housing every where in the cities ? Who has paid price for these lands ?

  • And don't spread hatred between people of different federations.

    What the f*** have you been smoking these days?

  • This is the second time I am telling you don't try to be a meerasi. Behave yourself and give proper reply.

  • Actually biggest land mafia in this country is FAUJ.


    Just a correction that FAUJ do not run or operate DHAs but yes the ex-army men do.

  • SD jee,


    Secretary defence is chairman.

    corps cmd is vice chair.

    sitting brgd is administrator.

    for your kind info , its mainly govt land on which dha's are built and then given to uniformed angels at throw away prices

  • Our interior minister ch. Nisar and PMLN 's newly elected senator from pindi ch. Tanveer are also in china cutting business but Dar Saab's biggest concern is who is running the show in Karachi as if in Punjab and PMLN it's all satay kheraan .....

  • For ur kind information before commenting on fauj enhance ur knowledge about armed forces

    the buy these lands from govt from their serving personnel expenses,which is cut from their salary every month throughout their service..........they make roads, they have beautiful infra structure make parks make mosques intheir soceities and this all is done from their own pockets........but some idiot people thinks after watching such societies that this was awarded or inherited by fauj.........actually our civillians ministers, mayors, local coucellors get more budget for local soceities but all gets into their own pockets........ so please when ever u go to cant area compare it with your area.....budget is same but management is different....

    u may have seen very old shelter buildings of 1950s in cant ares but are very well mantained ......u may find potohar and land cruiser jeeps of 1980 very well maintained by these armed forced compare it 2013-2014 gp and gs no cultus that are being driven by civillian officers u will find ur answers there

  • What does China Cutting mean?

    For those who do not know the term here is some useful information

    دوستوں میں بھی چائناکٹنگ کے متاثرین میں سے ہوں

    میری چائناکٹنگ کی افسوسناک داستان کافی پرانی ہے -اورمیں آجتک اس چائناکٹنگ پر خون

    کے آنسوروتاہوں - لیکن میری زمین آج تک واپس نہ ملی آپ لوگ اپنے پارک اورپلاٹ کی

    چائناکٹنگ کی داستانیں یوں بیان کررہے ہو جیسے اس سے بڑی چوری کوئی نہیں

    سنہ سینتالیس میں مجھے زمین کے دو ٹکڑے ملے تھے -ایک کانام مغربی پاکستان تھا اور

    دوسرے کا مشرقی پاکستان ، جو مجھے لاکھوں جانوں اورعصمتوں کو قربان کرنے کے بعد

    ملی تھیں --میں نے بھی اسے خداکاانعام سمجھکر اور اپنے دکھوں کو بھلاکر اس جانفشانی

    اورایمانداری سے اس زمین کو ترقی دی کہ چند ہی سال میں یہ ناکام ریاست جس کے پاس نہ

    ملازمین کی تنخواہ کے پیسے تھے اورنہ بجٹ کے پیسے تھے ، اتنی ترقی دی کہ

    صحراگلستان بن گئے اورگائوں شہربن گئے

    لیکن پھر سنہ اکہترآگیااورمیری زمین کی چاٹناکٹنگ ہوگئی -میں دن رات سربہ سجود رہا،

    اٹھتے بیٹھتے کلام پاک کی تلاوٹ کرتارہتالیکن سب کچھہ بیکار--دیکھاجو تیرکھاکے اپنے ہی

    فوجیوں سے ملاقات ہوگئی ، وہ جنہیں حفاظت کاذمہ دیاگیاتھا ، ہتھیارپھینک کرپتلون اتارکرلیٹ

    گئے ، وہ جو بہادروں کے تمنگر بنتے تھے چوہوں کی طرح ایک گولی چلائے بغیر ترانوے

    ہزار، کیاافسرکیاسپاہی سب کے سب اپنی جان بچانے کے لئیے قیدی بن گئے--شبیرشریف کا

    اگرمس فائر ہی نکل گیاتواسے نشان حیدرمل گیا

    یہ چائناکٹنگ کیوں ہوئی ، ایک سازش کے تحت --کیونکہ بزدل، بھگوڑی ، نگوڑی

    اورمکاردھروں کی فوج کوپتہ تھاکہ اگربنگالی ساتھہ رہینگے تو اسکااقتدارپر اسطرح قبضہ نہیں ہوسکتاجسطرح آج اس سرزمین پر اسکاقبضہ ہے

    آج یہ اس ملک کے معاشی اور سیاسی اقتدارپر اسطرح قابض ہیں کہ کوئی انپر انگشت نمائی

    نہیں کرسکتا، اگرکوئی جراءت کرے تویہ اسکی آنکھیں نکال لیتے ہیں -

    پہلے انھوں نے اس ملک کی ماں کو غداراور راکا ایجنٹ قراردیا، ماں مرگئی تو خداکی رحمت

    ختم ہوگئی اور پھر اکہتر میں چائناکٹنگ کردی -

    اسکے بعد ایک عفریت کو جنم دیا کہ ، پال پوس کر جوان کیا-جسکانام طالبان ہے جو اب تیس

    سال کا خونخار درندہ بن چکاہے ، جوانہی کی صفوں میں بیٹھاہے اور قتل وغارت گری کررہاہے

    -اسکے بعد الااعلان آئی جی آئی بنادی ، وہ کنجرآج بھی دندناتے پھرتے ہیں --

    پھرناٹوکے نام پر اسلحہ منگواکر ، کسی دوسرے کے متھے مارکر مذہبی انتہاپسندوں میں بانٹ

    دیا کہ لوگ آپسمیں لڑتے رہیں

    یہ ہرسال سارابجٹ تو خود کھاجاتے ہیں ، ملک میں شیرخواربچے بھوکے مررہے ہیں ، نہ

    بجلی ہے ، نہ پانی ہے ، نہ گیس ہے ، نہ یہ ہے ، نہ وہ ہے --انکی بلاسے --کسی خونی

    درندے کی طرح اپنے منہہ سے خون صاف کرتے ہوئے کہتے ہیں کہ ہم ہیں نا اس ملک کے

    محافظ-تم لوگ چین سے مرو- تین سو پچیس ملین ڈالرکی ایک ایک آبدوز خریدرہے ہیں ، آخر

    کس لئیے ، انہیں کونسی عالمی جنگ لڑنی ہے ، ہتھیارڈالنے کے لئیے کیابندوق کافی نہیں ہے --

    ہرماہ ایک ہوائی جہاز پہاڑوں جنگلوں میں دے مارتے ہیں کوئی پوچھہ گچھہ نہیں

    کرپٹ سیاستدانوں کوخریدکرانہیں وزیراعظم بنادیتے ہیں اورجب دل چاہتاہے انہیں لٹکادیتے ہیں

    یاملک بدرکردیتے ہیں

    دوستوں ، آپ جو ان بزدلوں کے شیداہو اب مجھے کہوگے کہ دیوانہ ہے ، پاگل ہے -کیابکواس

    کرتاہے ---ہماری زمین کو اپنی کہتاہے اورسمجھتاہے کہ اسکے ساتھہ چائناکٹنگ ہوگئی

  • SD Sahib,

    No comments about FAUJ ? Atleast accept that DHA is run by BAHDUR FAUJ

  • Comments of gularaiz55 clearly show his hatred for the National insitutions especially Army because of the reason the way criminal political party in Karachi is being taken to the task and cut to its actual size.once shitty people talk about their natiinal insitutions like dis; they not only show their kind of luv for the motherland but also ther inner n chracter. Shame on U n keep barking. U ll b taken care of every passing day till the time u mend ur ways.

  • Good job done. They deserve even worst.

  • Riaz Tekhdar land mafia is true reflection of China Cutting.

    Just see his estate along Islamabad Murree Express (Gulf City) is true example. Forest land awarded to him by china cut and he did construction in short time. People were crazy when little green belt came in Rawalpindi Islamabad Metro track and well propagated in media. Look complete forest is digested and media is calm, as well paid.

    Hope understood what is China Cut.

    Reward by Riaz Tekhedar, Zardari earned BIG HOUSE at Lahore. Pervaiz Musharraf facilitated Riaz Tekhedar in China Cut and earned farm House, not only for him but for his close aide at that time Pappu Niazi too.

    Riaz Tekhdar is making university and flats for MQM, why?????

    MQM will not speak on his China Cuts in Karachi, rather make any voice silent if spoke against Riaz Tekhdar over his China Cut using MQM target killers.

  • LOL.....