So-called reliable sources are also part of web of deception to suit agenda

  • Engel wrote that he and his producer dug into the story more and discovered that the kidnappers who took Engel and his news team captive for five days in 2012 lied to them and said they were tied to Syrian President Bashar al Assad. They are now believed to be part of a Sunni militant group, not affiliated with Shiite forces loyal to Assad.

    While NBC presents its clarification as re-reporting the story, the Times reports that NBC knew about these possible discrepancies both during and after Engel's captivity and still chose to put him on the air and blame the Shiite forces.

    Several sources who spoke to the Times said the team's escape from their captors "was staged after consultation with rebel leaders when it became clear that holding them might imperil the rebel efforts to court Western support," according to the newspaper.

    And Engel might have exaggerated some details from his telling of the story — in a Vanity Fair article published after his release, he described one of his captors lying dead, but now acknowledges that he never saw the body.

  • So western beloved Free Syrian Army is doing ruse to get western support.

    The New York Times reports that the Sunni criminals who took Engel and his crew were likely affiliated with the Free Syrian Army, the group that was escorting the journalists.

    **The Times notes that it's a "common tactic for kidnappers in war zones to intentionally mislead hostages as to their identity."


    How many more lies have been spread and ruse enacted by them and their friends.

    Did the ruse was being done with full knowledge of western government with a goal of demonizing?

    How many lies are being manufactured and ruse enacted with respect to Yemen by KSA / GCC countries for nefarious purposes?

  • Sometimes media and journalists willing or unwillingly spin the news in a direction because that's what public wants to hear. Fox News did almost hundreds of stories on WMD that were found in Iraq but they were all cooked up.

    Sadam Hussaein was once a hero of the Western media when he was fighting with Iran but it didn't take long to make him a villain.

    We see that in Pakistan more often than anywhere else. When establishment wants to project a certain view, more than enough journalists are available at their disposal to broadcast fabricated stories.

    Engel is a bold journalist who, more than once, put his own life in danger to report the truth from a warzone. Very disappointing chapter in his career!

  • @Qarar Jee,

    This was not just a matter of reporting, it was a major ruse to convince world against Syrian government.

    Engel was part of a ruse by Free Syrian Army to demonize Shias in general and Syrian government in particular to obtain support from western government. What better to use a famous war zone reporter in a ruse such that even though NBC / Engel new about it being ruse, they still blamed shias and Syrian government since that was the right thing to sell in west.

    As far as Fox is concerned, people with intelligence already know about them being based on lies.

    Everyone has to read news items from all sources with all angles. For example, I see falsification in the news last week of capture of two iranian military persons in Yemen as well as Houthis firing into KSA territories.