Rangers kills Tariq Mahboob of Sunni itahad

  • Tariq Mahboob deputy sec gen of sunni ittahad council , killed in custody by rangers after third degree torture

    Reason being they refused to support PTI in NA 246

    Rangers proved that they r kanjars

    They r making hundreds of fake JITS. Here is the actual murder.

    R they above the law bcz of kanjarness


  • And you invited them into Karachi.

  • Doesn't mater, u invite them or not, they come by themself.

    Its sad instead of condemning them, u as usual playing politics and dragging mqm in that.

    U r a symbol of extreme hate, discrimination and buzdili.

    Who so ever directly or indirectly supports kanjar is a kanjar himself

  • Name-calling won't help you. period.

  • إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ

    Was ANI really supporting MQM/PTI? as far as i know ANI is not like political party they support JUP Noorani type group

    Dawn is not sure if TM died in Jail or under Rangers ?


    KARACHI: Anjuman Naujwanan-i-Islam (ANI) chief and member of Sunni Ittehad Council Tariq Mehboob died in custody on Saturday, however, it is not clear whether his death took place in Central Jail Karachi or Rangers' custody.

    While officials initially asserted that Mehboob died of a heart attack, his family suspects foul play and alleges that he was tortured.

    Last week, Mehboob and seven others were picked up by paramilitary force personnel near Yousuf Plaza in Block 16 of Federal B area, and shifted to an undisclosed location for interrogation.

    The ANI chief was accused of providing refuge to target killers which is punishable under the Anti-Terrorism Act 1997.

    Two days earlier, Mehboob was produced in an anti-terrorism court (ATC) which remanded him in Rangers' custody for 90 days under the Protection of Pakistan Ordinance (PPO).

    However, a press release issued by the Rangers said the accused was sent for 90 days Preventive Detention by ATC in Central Jail on April 16 after completing all legal formalities for further investigation.

    The press release added that he did not die in Rangers' custody and that he died in Central Jail Karachi.

    After completion of legal formalities, his body was shifted to a hospital where a post mortem was conducted. The cause of his death was kept reserved.

  • @expakistani Jee

    "Dawn is not sure if TM died in Jail or under Rangers ?"

    Since Rangers were given custody for "90 days" by the court, in my opinion even if he died due to natural causes Rangers had responsibility to provide appropriate medical help and medicine as and when his health deteriorated. They have no excuse to say that he was in jail.

  • Infact TM and ANI were against mqm, but they refused to support PTI after meeting with arif alvi, the puppet of kanjars.

    C the price of going against kanjars order is extra juducial killing.

    Now i m looking for his JIT video, which will never come out. Where is his JIT video. Forget it.

    Is there any forum in this country to control these jungli wolves

    When the ppl will stand and raise voice against napak foj.

    Otherday in pindi a major dragged a girl by putting a rope around her neck.

    V r living on planet of the apes and they r ruling us and supporting only apes.