Pakistan: Iran & Saudi Arabia: Distinguishing True Friend

  • Recently lot of news is coming out regarding Pakistan sending its troops to Saudi Arabia for Yemen Border. Many people think that this is not right. But lets take a step back and see how these two countries have worked with Pakistan in past.

    Pakistan nuclear test:

    When many countries around the world put economic sanctions and trade block to Pakistan on testing nuclear devices Saudi Arabia provided petrol to Pakistan free of charge for 4 years. Thing to remember is that out of these 4 years 2.5 years were of Musharraf era. So this gift was not for any particular person but for the people.

    Bailout Package

    Recently Pakistan foreign exchange reserves went down pretty drastically, deteriorating Pakistan credit rating thus driving the cost of borrowing. Saudi Arabia once again stepped in and provided around US $1.5 billion.

    Pakistan Iran gas pipeline:

    Pakistan Iran gas pipeline was one of the most expensive gas deals. Iran is charging $15/ MMBTU. However, Turkmenistan is supplying gas to Japan at a rate of $4/ MMBTU (2).

    Foreign Remittances:

    Pakistani sent US $3 Billion in foreign remittance to Pakistan from Saudi Arabic. No amount is mentioned regarding Iran (1).

    Pakistan Nuclear Program:

    It is a known fact that only high ranking official of one country is ever allowed to enter Kahuta Nuclear facility of Pakistan and that is of Saudi Arabia. It is also a known fact that the initiation of nuclear proliferation case against Pakistan and vilification campaign against Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan (the known father of Pakistan Nuclear Program) was due to Iran. The one whom we tried to help as a friend and which in turn tried to stab our back and get our nuclear program rolled back.

    Other Roles:

    Saudi Arabia:

    Saudi Arabia has not only helped when asked like after nuclear blast, but it has also helped voluntarily on number of occasion with different projects like Shah Faisal Mosque, large donations when flood or other calamities hit Pakistan.


    Iran has twice invaded Pakistan international borders and killed our men (3) in 2014 alone. Iran is involved in directly funding fiqah-jafriya and other terrorist organizations in Pakistan. Apart from some very limited humanitarian aid, Pakistan has never been given any meaningful help from Iran.

    Iran is directly involved in proxy wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Bahrain, Yemen simultaneously. There forces are on record spreading anarchy in these region. Another thing to consider here is that Syria, Lebanon and Yemen all have around 15 – 20% Shia population and in Pakistan also we have around 20% Shia population. So this itself is a very serious question for Pakistan.

    Lesson: Remember the True History


  • TiredPakistani،

    Your comparison between Saudi Arabia and Iran is very valid. Saudi Arabia has helped us numerous times in our 67 years history both politically and economically and we are thankful to their help and generosity.

    On the other hand our relations with Iran were like a roller coaster ride. During Shah times it were cordial but still not up to the level that we have with Saudis. But since Khomeini-led revolution our relations with Iranian Ayatullahs were on a very bumpy ride.

    Iran has never helped us economically but since the revolution it has even back stabbed us politically by siding with the anti-Pakistan elements like Northern Alliance and Indians inside Afghanistan.

    So when it comes to the friends of Pakistan, I will choose Saudi over Iran any time. However, the current situation in the Middle East has totally different dynamics. A great game is being played in all those Middle Eastern countries. The sponsors of this game want all Muslims to get involved in this game and as a result self destruct each other. Saudis and Iranians have happily obliged and doing their bidding in countries like Iraq, Syria, Libya and now they want to open another theater in Yemen.

    The goal is to draw the remaining peripheral countries like Turkey, Pakistan and Egypt in this quagmire to finish them once and all. This is what Pakistan's concern is and this is what has been conveyed to both Saudis and Iranians to rethink their strategies and try not to become a part of this great game.

  • Oh, you the children of Allah, why don't you read the history to understand the background of all such helps?

    Just ask yourself if Saudi Arab could live with Pakistan. Don't you know the reality of history of mentality of Arabs who never help anybody without their own interest. Just read the world history of last 150 years to find out that who was the actual founder of all these countries and that how and why the actual founders told these newly born earthly gods how to behave and with who to stand shoulder to shoulder. Only then you will stop approving or disapproving such countries you believe to be your lovers or haters. It's all politics where nobody does any favour to anybody. It's all about how much you need each other. Shah Pehlvi of Iran helped Pakistan even in the toilet just because he was told to do so by his masters. The same can be said about others who ever helped Pakistan. Our Pakistani Bahadur Foj served Saudi Arabia and Jordan more than they saved East Pakistan. Why so? It's a very long story, my friends! Just be realistic. You will be thrown out of the door even by your own father or blood brother if of no use to them. That's the harshest reality of life.

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