So now China ke RANDI is offical term

  • Pakistan and China on Monday announced the launch of a new think tank to focus on the development of of their economic corridor. According toPakistan Today, the name of said project is, RANDI. Yes, you read that right.In case you didn't know, 'randi' is a Hindi slang used to refer to prostitutes.According to a press statement issued by the Islamabad office of Pakistan China Institute, the newly-formed think tank Research and Development International (RANDI), will have two co-chairpersons; Madame Zhao Baige, former minister and currently member of parliament and vice chairperson of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Peoples Congress, and Senator Mushahid Hussain.Twitter however had a field day. From Randi mat Kaho (Don't call me prostitute) jokes to 'La Whore'there was no salvaging this situation for Pakistan.Here's some of the tweets making fun of the name.Well, that's an unfortunate name for a think tank... fatima bhutto (@fbhutto) April 20, 2015It took joint Pak-Chinese imagination to produce this marvellous 5-letter disaster of ACRONYMOLOGICAL proportions Shekhar Gupta (@ShekharGupta) April 20, 2015#Pakistan is now officially #China's #RANDI Chandan Sadhu (@chandansadhu) April 20, 2015#RANDI institute must be in La Whore as it's name suggest randi LOLOL XDThere was also once #PISS (Pakistan Institute of Strategic Studies) Headed by @ShireenMazari1 & @sherryrehman like #RANDI eternity (@eternit96426605) April 20, 2015Wonder why Pakistan and China had to name their joint forum as " Research And Development International " (RANDI)? Mahesh Verma (@vermamahesh0404) April 21, 2015ROFL #RANDI SUNEESH (@SuneeshAnand) April 21, 2015 That awkward moment when a think tank does not even think its name through. #RANDI NumbYaar (@NumbYaar) April 20, 2015They really named it #RANDI Einstein once said "2 things are infinite - Universe and Stupidity, I am not sure about the Universe." Shishir Agrawal (@clickepic) April 20, 2015IIN is behind this pakchina's #RANDI Br? Leader (@sricha96) April 20, 2015

  • That must be RADI

  • freudian slip ....