NA - 246 election day

  • After the polling is over,its now obvious that this was btw mqm and establishment

    Way establishment tried to rig by slowing down is like justice delayed.

    It should open the eyes of ppl that how establishment steals elections in remote areas. This was karachi, there were ppl and media everywhere so they couldn't do much. They do whatever they want in distant areas.

    V need a different supervising system for the next elect,otherwise results will be controlled by them again like hameed gul did.

    Hope mqm beats establishment with big margin

  • کراچی کی زندہ لاشوں نے عمران خان کو سیاست کا پہلا سبق دے دیا

  • Fight btw mqm and pti in kareemabad

    Pathrao on muqaddas cow rangers by ppl