Terrorists plots busted in France and Italy -:)

  • Yesterday coming back from work I heard in news France is on high security alert after police busted big terrorist plot targeting church's in France. Before I could applaud police's efficiency the emerging details were rather amusing. Mujahid bhai accidentally shot himself in leg and called emergency services. When paramedical staff arrived they got little suspicious of whole scene and called police. Police found some AK-47s, blood traces of some lady murdered same day, maps and detailed plan to attack church's and the names and numbers of whole cell and their foreign contacts.

    Accidents happen but if you are on Jihadi mission why in the world are you calling 911? Well Jihadis are knuckle head - that's why they are after 72 virgins but this one is extreme case.

    Similar sort of gang is busted in Italy - some Pakistani and Afghani Mujahids who were behind Meena Bazar bombing in Pakistan few years ago got arrested in Italy.