Political writing as a career

  • I'm a newbie to this discussion board but I feel this place as a wonderful platform for the members. I can see different kinds of posts and discussions going on. I'm sure from the posts I have checked so far, there are some experienced guys in this nice board. From my teen ages, I hope to do something useful for the society and I'm still aware of it. Being a writer I preferred to use my skills and write political articles from my own perspectives after evaluating the issues. I don't like the many reporters who are biased over reporting and write in favor of their own side.

    Currently I’m working for an online writing company offering writing help to students. Being in the writing field I hope I can work better and contribute something useful through writing something effective. But the issue is that I do not have enough experience in writing or reporting political topics. I need support from veterans here to guide me through some basic ideas which I hope will be useful in my further efforts.

    Now my work is to take orders for cheap essay writing help from customers and provide assistance to them to complete the paper.