Altaf bhai resigned on statement of Khawaja Asif -;)

  • Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Chief Altaf Hussain on Tuesday announced once again that he was stepping down from the post of party chairman over the remarks made by Federal Defence Minister Khawaja Asif regarding 'Mohajirs'.

    “Only people coming from Ludhiana and Jalandhar were genuine Mohajirs. All the rest are fake Mohajirs.”

  • Bhai has taken accountability to the new level. In west people resign for their words but bhai has resigned on what one opposition MP said. May be bhai heard this statement when he was on 7th moon. As soon as he will get over with hangover Rabta committee will urge him to revisit the decision.


  • Did he resigne, he has been resiging many time before this.

  • altaf,s resignations are mohajir leaders "uncompromising" character his resignations are also like engraving in a

  • Khawaja Asif said the right thing. The word Mohajir is by definition refers to temporary immigration - the ones who need to move back once things get better in their native towns like Afghan Mohajirs. In case of Moajirs settled in Karachi - there was no such intentions from the day one. The settlers in Karachi, the MQM base camp, are immigrants not Mohajirs.