Welcome French initiative for Israeli-Palestinian Peace

  • According to a Reuters report of June 21, after many failed initiatives by the United States, which basically were designed to fail anyway, France is now trying to solve the Israeli-Palestinian problem through an international support group comprising Arab states, the European Union and UN Security Council members

    It Is a matter of great shame that despite the passage of more than half a century, the Palestinian-Israeli problem, just like the Kashmir one, has not been solved.

    In the last over two decades, Israeli-Palestinian negotiations have several times been conducted under mainly United States auspices, which failed because the US refused even to exert the minimum of pressure on Israel which is the only thing that could propel Israel towards making a deal with Palestinians, and which would necessarily involve vacating at least some of the illegally occupied Palestinian land.

    As for George Bush, he could be hardly be considered to be serious in seeing the problem solved and during his rule when the negotiations were held just to create an impression that a peace process in on while behind which façade, he gave Israel all the opportunity in the world to consolidate its occupation by building more and more illegal settlements as well as the barrier wall which the UN has declared illegal just like the illegally occupied Palestinian territory.

    The situation did not change much with the coming to power of Barack Obama who proved just as ineffective and too weak in solving the problem. I remember that during the second round of negotiations under his auspices, In response to Israeli reluctance to freeze illegal construction at least during the negotiations, Obama thundered “Freeze means freeze.” However, when Israel still refused to budge, than instead of taking a hard line with Israel, Obama tamely downgraded his stand and said “Demand for a freeze is not a suitable premise to build peace process on.” And how much influence Israeli Lobbies exercise in the US can be judged by the fact that despite Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s openly canvassing for the opponent of Barack Obama during the elections, the US Congress invited Israeli leader to come and address it, without even exercising the usual courtesy of seeking White House’s approval for the event. And during Netanyahu’s address, the members stood up so many times to give Netanyahu standing ovation on a very ordinary speech that it could be concluded that they practically heard the whole speech standing. This is the way they repay their obligation to Israel for the generosity of Israeli billionaire and Israeli lobbies which finance the election campaigns of most of the US assembly aspirants. No wonder an American called the US Congress an Israeli-occupied territory.

    And what is even more disgusting about the US leaders, is that despite all this provocation, they keep increasing economic and Israeli aid to Israel and veto any resolution at the UN Security Council which is even mildly critical of Israel.

    And now, after a long time, a peace initiative has come from France which is not sold-out to Israel like the US is. However, Benjamin Netanyahu has already started criticizing the French initiative even though France has been helpful to Israel all along and even helped Israel become a nuclear power by gifting a nuclear reactor to it.

    Fed up with the Israeli arrogance, many formerly staunch supporters of Israel have developed some sympathy for Palestinians and a pro-Palestinian environment is emerging. Even Barack Obama has said words to the effect that because of its inflexible and unreasonable attitude, it has become difficult for the US to support Israel at the UN, meaning perhaps that it would not veto a pro-Palestinian resolution at the UN Security Council.

    So let us hope and pray that the French initiative succeeds and the Palestinians get an opportunity to establish a viable state, on a contiguous piece of at least part of the land which wholly belongs to them and on which they had lived for generations before being forcefully, cruelly and unlawfully ejected by the Israelis by the use of all sorts of tactics, including massacres, long lists of which are available on the web.