Zaid Hamid arrested in KSA

  • RIYADH: Pakistan contentious defense analyst and alleged vicegerent of Yusuf Kazzab, Zaid Hamid has been confirmed to be jailed in Saudi Arabia.

    According to sources, Zaid Hamid was arrested two weeks ago by Saudi police for his controversial speeches against Saudi government and Islam’s basic beliefs.

    His second wife Tayyaba Bukhari who kept striving to get Zaid out, finally leaving for Pakistan after her visa limit expired.

    Zaid Hamid is told to be under investigation for allegedly being Iranian informer and for his speeches against Saudi government.

    Zaid Hamid, previously known as Zahid Hamid was alleged supporter benefactor of Yusuf Kazzab from Lahore who claimed to be a prophet. He was sentenced to death by a lower court of Pakistan and was murdered by a man named Tariq in jail.

  • zaid zaman became so overconfident with support of establishment and secular/shia/qadiani lobby in Pakistan that he thought that he will conquer makkah also with one or two of his speeches.too bad that Saudi police was informed of his speech and pro irani rhetoric and he was arrested,or may be he is so obsessive he may have planned to implement shia/qadiani khialafat in makkah within

    such mad persons always have same end.they start thinking they are above everything.he forgot that in Pakistan you can make any number of false prophets and follow them but in saudia and arab people are very sensitive about islam and don't forgive invenstion of new prophets!

    what I worry is that lest Pakistani generals attack saudia to free zaid all zaid zaman has been generals spokeman since ages

  • Zaid Hamid took bait on fake maloon self branded Prophet Yousaf kazab and become his Khalifa e Awal. All those who believe on HURMAT E RASOOL must spit on this idiot.

    This liar and joker was gifted as so called source by Hamid Gul. Zaid Hamid father was share holder in Hamid Gul corruption, so he was recruited as Informant by Hamid Gul on heavy stipend. Later he was fed by Hamid Gul and projected so much that this curse was made celebrity. His prime job was to focus on Indian related propaganda hype and abuse democracy as idiot Hamid Gul is doing now.

    Maloon Zaid Hamid was picked by late DG MI Major General Noshad Kiani, who investigated him and declared him traitor in Pak Army. Zaid Hamid was banned from visiting and interacting with anyone in Pak Army. Late Major General Noshad Kiani also managed to gather audio /video evidences, where this curse was motivating Yousaf Kazab for declaring him as fake Prophet and later doing bait on him besides convincing other to do the same.

    After his death Hamid Gul type characters are active but so far could not won complete harmony fro this curse.

  • zad zamans huge army of supporters is asking "muslims" across the world in siasi forum to do every effort to pressure saudia in releasing and freeing zaid hamid honourably.:)


  • @pakistan_21 ,believe me that zaid zaman still holds strong position among army circles.dont forget that zaid,s own man revealed that isi used to pay him monthly as an unofficial army spokesman!it is zaid hamid who convinced masses that pak army is army of Mehdi who will liberate not only india but israel and jeruslam will also be liberated by army still supports him and I think army will pressure saudia into releasing him.pray that Saudis don't bow down to pak army pressure.zaid zaman is very big iran agent also and visited iran a lot

  • Apparently ISI got him wifi room in Jail in KSA from where he is continuing his cyber jihad. But he is not happy that ISI and Army left him alone.

  • the latest news are bad and zaid hamid,s cantt supporters are crying tears that will fertilise the cantt area farm lands.

    the news says that zaid hamid is being flogged daily in prison!.

    hameed gul has taken up "free zaid zaman" movement and I am sure that pak army generals may also thaeten saudia to release zaid zaman.

    one phone call from our generals saying to king of saudia that we will take you to stone age may do the job and zaid zaman may not only be released but giving 20 canon salute in saudia.

    the fault is zaid zaman, Pakistan you can invent as many brand new mint condition prophets and no one minds.but saudias are arab and still love islam so they very sensitive about "new" prophets...zaid zaman thought while speaking that he can say anything like he can in Pakistan.big mistake!saudia is not Pakistan!in Pakistan no one prays namaaz while in saudia whole markets are closed with voice of can you compare the two

  • Simple answer to queries going on whether Yousaf Kazzab was lair or honest in social media, lest test own faith!!!!.

    It is month of Holy Ramadan

    I believe Yousaf Kzzab infidel and on who disgraced Last Prophet Muhammad PBUH, he LIAR and KAZZAB

    Instead posting simple solution, make a research at own, just recite KALMA, think of your faith in Holy Month of Ramadan, just write what your heart or mind say...

    Yousaf Kazzab is a LIAR or Yousaf Kazzab spoke whole truth and not a liar.

    If Yousaf Kazzab is liar how can be his branded KHALIFA I AWAL can not be a liar too.

    Lets see who many consider their faith in lines with Yousaf Kazzab

    I did lot of research, how term GHAWA HIND came into being. Read lot of books and after many years when making research on Yousaf Kazzab found answer.

    This word "GHAZWA HIND" was used by Yousaf Kazzab in his letters to Zaid Hamid. Since Yousaf Kazzab consider himself equal to Last Prophet Muhammad PBUH (Naoz BiAllah), so drived term Ghazwa, as Ghazwa relate to battles fought by Last Prophet Muhammad PBUH. I do not know how to upload a picture, so can not upload his letter but this letter can be found with little research on internet sites.

    I was astonished nothing in authentic books of Hadith or books of great Muslim scholars exist about Ghazwa I Hind, how this term is used.

    After the death of Yousaf Kazzab though on the directions of his creator and master Hamid Gul, Zaid Hamid gave few letters in newspapers and now often seen in social media that he is Muslim. But nowhere he has written that Yousaf Kazzab was a LIAR and committed Blasphemy. Yousaf Kazzab was murdered in jail when his trail was going on over his this act.

    Zaid Hamid is playing in hands of Hizb u Tuhrir, he was planted only to create instability in Pakistan by creating civil military wedge, what his creator Hamid Gul is doing now a days on the agenda of Hizb u Tuhrir.

  • Initially I thought Zaid Hamid was jailed for what he said in the past but apparently he is jailed for making provocative speech against Saudi Gov't in Madina. When westerners and women go to KSA they don't like their laws but they still try to remain on the right side of the law. Saudi Gov't is the worst kind of totalitarian monarchy, everyone knows it. Didn't Zaid Hamid know that? Why he made public appearances criticizing Saudi gov't and that too in Saudi Arabia. He is paying the price and rightfully so. I hope they keep him there for years and if they chop his limbs or head even better. Saudis should do to him what Talibans did to their God father Col. Imam. What goes around comes around. Hope to see Hamid Gul at same spot one day. These hate and war mongers deserve this sort of ending - poetic justice.

  • Pakistani analyst and commentator Zaid Hamid has been sentenced for eight years in jail and 1,000 lashes by a Saudi court for criticising the Saudi government, according to local media reports. However, the news has not been corroborated by the Pakistani Embassy in Riyadh or the Foreign Office.

    Earlier, Hamid was arrested during a private visit to the Kingdom with his wife. He was apparently taken into custody after making statements against the Saudi government.

    On June 26, the Foreign Office confirmed Hamid had been arrested in Saudi Arabia.

    “Our embassy in Riyadh has informed us that Mr Zaid Hamid was arrested about two weeks ago. Since then, the embassy has been working with the local authorities to get consular access,” Foreign Office spokesperson Qazi Khalilullah had told a news briefing in Islamabad.

    “Due to the efforts of the embassy, his wife was able to talk to him. Again, due to the efforts of the embassy, his wife will be able to meet with him on 30 June,” he said without giving further details.

    In 2013, a former aide who left Hamid’s organisation accused him of being on the payrolls of the Inter-Services Intelligence agency to wage psychological operations against those opposed to the Pakistani security establishment.

  • 8 years jail and 1000 lashes.but because zaid hamid is American establishments man also so I am sure that Saudis wont dare to give him actual 1000 lashes but may be tickle him with a feather 1000 times on his feet so he may roll here and there in for 8 year jail term I am almost certain that this will also not happen and Pakistani establishment will convince Saudis to release him threat or some bribes.ofcourse saudia does not want money but some defensive help they may want.

    zaid hamid is cantt area and army families he cant remain in Saudi prison.zaid hamid got caught because of his own overconfidence.he was so buttered in Pakistan and flattered that he thought that he can openlys ay controversial things in makka medina as well without any repercussions

  • I feel good when barbaric Mullahs go after their kind.


  • Would Pakistan Military intervene to protect her Horse?

  • He is not the horse just the tissue.


  • Ghazwae Hind will be delayed now...

  • @Adnak bhai

    Yeah seems like 8 years delay. Indian conspiracy.


  • I think KSA will try to use him as a leverage to get something from establishment.

  • I think KSA will try to use him as a leverage to get something from establishment.

    You will see him out of KSA sooner than that.

  • KSA will try to use him as a leverage to get something from establishment

    Free plot in DHA ;-)

  • Or maybe special forces for KSA and Yemen to protect interests of Kingdom.