500+ died due to heatwave in Pakistan

  • 90% of these casualties are in Karachi. If you look at temperature it's still below 40'C. Every year we have this kind of summer in Pakistan but I don't recall these huge number of casualties. Perhaps Ramazan and Load Shedding making it worse. What kind of infrastructure we have. In Monsoon floods and in summers heatwave kill thousands.

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  • What kind of infrastructure we have.


    We have Mian Metro and Mian Motorway.

  • " What kind of infrastructure we have. "

    But we have MetroBus, justified and highly acclaimed by the same person.

    Who cares if those who are termed as makhi by the PM, die in hundreds.

    Title should have been,

    500+ died during heatwave due to negligence of governments of Pakistan

  • i think these people died in fear of hell, they were in fast and could not able drink water because they knew god would have punished them. People eat too much in sehri and when temprature goes they suffer heat stroke

  • Almost all channels are running a long transmission under "Ramzan Show". This I consider a disgrace to Islam and all those have some feeling in heart for Islam must help me in this campaign.

    What is Ramzan Show, huge prices in a AC chilled hall. distribution of money/gift hampers, Halla Gulla and lavish sehr/iftar. Few people who a professional and earn money by reciting NAAT are booked by respective anchor/channel for whole month.

    People are getting dead with heat and hunger, besides load shedding. For this we are dancing at in Ramzan Show, this is our character in holy month of Ramadan. Shame on channels who arrange and anchors who do such shows. Upper middle class and upper class people make joy and fun, i consider it humiliation to people living in miserable state. I request media owner stop making fun of poor under transmission "RAMZAN SHOW" and use million of rupee as under, Allah will reward.

    1. Show in open air and in rural areas (poor people areas) if at all has to shoot such shows.

    2. Arrange free Sehr/Iftar dastarkhan instead of lavish sehr/iftar in these burger shows.

    3. Instead of giving gift hampers, cars, bikes, arrange ration for poor people or give cloths to poor people they can celebrate eid with respect.

    4. Lastly stop shooting in ice chill AC room, people are cursing for electricity and you are wasting electricity.


    Besides Ramzan Shows other contributory factors of these death in Karachi are: -

    I. Corruption in privatization of KESC by PPP/MQM.

    II. Third class filthy conduct of business community, who keep shops open late till night, World over business closes with sun set and in Pakistan during Ramzan whole night till Sehri. Those who keep shops open and waste electricity are real Murderers.

    III. Extensive use of AC has made environment hard to live in remote/poor thinly populated areas. Tax must be imposed on use of AC so that same amount can be used to making environmental better.

    Do abuse Government but do look on yourself in mirror, how much your contribution in energy wastage!!!

  • Enough warning was released about the side effects of Fasting.

    Almost 16 hours without liquid, is enough to shrink kidneys, what could be fatal.

    Fasting damages the intellectual health adversely.

    Collective Wisdom of the Muslim Ummah should revise and amend Philosophy of Fasting as the current life style is different to 1400 years before.

    Month of Ramadhan could be shifted to November or December and plain water should be allowed during the fasting.

  • Responsible for Karachi deaths

    1. Pervaiz Musharraf who privatized KESC to his Son consumerism of UAE.

    2. Media for wasting money and resources on RAMZAN SHOWs, making fun of poor class.

    3. Business community who do not close shops at sun set/Iftar. Altaf Bahi threat business shut, Allah order to do so in Ramzan, no shop is closed.

  • dont know why sindhi/mohajir media is so much exagerrating this karachi heat news?is it to pressure govt into ending karachi operation?already govt of sindh and mqm have labelled punjabi nawaz shareef responsible for these deaths (may be punjab controls weather also).

    so i searched a bit.the karachi temp reached 44 degree centigrade,with added humidity even the heat index was under 50 degrees.while in punjab in months of june july august the heat index (combination of temprature and humidity) easily reaches 53 or 55 degrees even at nights!so if punjabis dont die than how come karachi people die who have much larger number of airconditioning units per capita?

    seems to be a media circus for some purpose...like same media invented false news against taliban before operation was to start

  • @Curiosity Jee

    Title should have been,

    500+ died during heatwave due to negligence of governments of Pakistan

    How about

    500+ died during heatwave due to negligence of governments of Pakistan and sticking to faith

    BTW if per your faith God controls everything why this heat wave and consequent casualties aren't his fault? Authority means take credit of good and bad not just good.


  • "sticking to faith"

    Last month 1100, mostly Hindus, died to due heatwave in India.


    Some kind of fasting is practiced in almost every religion, culture and society.

    By the way, today's count is 692 (could have already crossed 700).


    My town is experiencing 47C since last 6 days. No news of death due to heat so far. Why? zero load shedding.

  • @Javed Sheikh Saab

    Enough warning was released about the side effects of Fasting.

    Almost 16 hours without liquid, is enough to shrink kidneys, what could be fatal.

    Fasting damages the intellectual health adversely.

    I remember you gave warnings both here and facebook - but people who died they may not have access to FB or PKP. They have access to broadcast or print media and what you see there is just benefits of fasting. They totally ignore health hazards of fasting.

  • "BTW if per your faith God controls everything why this heat wave and consequent casualties aren't his fault? "

    Who gave you a right to define my faith?

    My faith is that Creator does not control everything, He has just laid down principles for humans to follow. There is no compulsion for humans to accept and follow. Human have control on how they use resources and how they interact with other human beings, animals, earth, environment, etc.

  • @Azizi bhi

    I agree faith is part of the problem it's not the only problem. The major issue is lack of infrastructure. But when faith forces havenots to keep them dehydrated for extended period of time it just worsen things. I wish there was a study to access the cost of the ritual Ramazan on health care system. I am sure Harvard or Stanford would have conducted the study but since religion is involved they want to stay away from it.

  • @Azizi Jee

    "sticking to faith"

    It is more of ignorance of Islam, not knowing completely the faith and laws of religion.

    Life is of prime importance in the religion of Islam. One must not fast, if elderly, sick, pregnant, etc where a life can be at risk. Also a fasting person is allowed to drink water, just enough, to save his / her life.

  • @Curiosity Bhai

    So per your faith God has no control on natural calamities?

  • It's good to see Egyptian media slightly better than Pakistan ... I can't imagine similar sort of rational course on Pakistani media


  • "So per your faith God has no control on natural calamities?"

    Was there any natural calamity that happened in Pakistan?

  • Back to Infrastructure

    Nawazay are lying and most of the media is not giving the real information about the power problem. The problem is three fold.

    • Theft. Governments are NOT doing any policing but using the Israeli style collective punishment policy of shutting down the areas with higher theft rate.

    • The most expensive method of generation. - This is because of heavy kick backs to the rulers and lucrative favors to their industrialist friends.

    • I wrote a comment on this subject in 2009 on this forum that the needed capacity of power is already installed (mostly in the private sector that had been shelved due to higher oil prices in the 2000s) . Why government is not doing anything to utilized that? Answer: To keep the circular debt less.

    Even in circular debt the Nawaz government in unsuccessful. Circular debt at the beginning of current government was 414 billion rupees. Now it exceeds 606 Billion rupees. (The government buys the electricity at higher cost and disseminates it at a lower price.)

    According to a commentator on Channel 92, the load shedding problem will prevail even in 2025 if the direction of solutions is not changed.

  • Why not? What good is God if he is not responsible for Flooding, extreme summer, extreme winter, earth quake, plague etc