Comparative advantages ---- slag Vertical roller mill roller mill and the tradit

  • I developed a Vertical roller mill compared with traditional ball milling has obvious advantages, the successful development and application will have a good social and economic benefits.

    (1) to save power consumption Nissan 5000t cement production line raw material preparation system, for example, vertical roller mill energy savings of 20% to 40% energy saving benefits are obvious.

    (2) to save and invest a single roller mill lower than the imported cost 10 million yuan, with lead times than imported shortened four months or more, and the quick return on investment early, timely supply of spare parts and services.

    (3) land conservation crushing roller mill set five functions as one to achieve a grinding line, the more to be equipped with two / sets milled the traditional way of greatly reducing the amount of land use.

    (4) protection of the environment as an industrial waste slag was originally treated as occupied land and cause environmental pollution, the use of large Vertical roller mill processed into powder as a high quality slag cement material that can improve the quality and scope of application of the cement. 1t Slag about new profit 50 yuan, you can save thousands of tons of raw material resources, not only saving energy but also effectively promote the recycling economy and environmental protection.

    (5) Vertical roller mill clean production due to work in the vacuum state, the basic realization without dust, to a certain extent, accelerate the cement industry clean production pace. Vertical roller mill complex surfacing welding quality directly affects the Vertical roller mill operating efficiency and the crushing effect, the wear of the roll surface directly reflects the stability of the system.

    ZENITH mechanical limited liability company for decades has been working on the development of the grinding system of new technology, new equipment, we have accumulated a wealth of practical experience, absorbing a number of foreign advanced technology. To meet our customers' process requirements, the company has developed a grinding system applicable to all industries with high-tech content of new equipment, the design of dozens of cement grinding system and other non-metallic mineral ultra-fine precision grinding production lines, Vertical roller mill, powder processing, to help the relevant industries enterprise customers overcome many technical difficulties. Part of the grinding technology in the successful application of superfine powder industry has originality in the ultra-fine grinding industry has played a pilot role, for enterprises to achieve high and stable yield provides an ideal process equipment, has been the praise of industry experts and users.