Shortage of sources and environmental carrying capacity fragile

  • Restricting China's economic development two bottlenecks. As outlined by authoritative statistics, last year's national smelting sector produces more than 200 million tons of waste, like resource utilization of about 4%, quite a bit of waste stockpiling encroachment, pollution, poisoning the soil, water and air, seriously affecting the ecological environment, resulting in significant or possible economic losses and waste of sources. Utilization of waste in developed countries has reached 97 %, China's gear manufacturing market has been the extensive utilization of sources integrated in the national "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" to help key projects.

    In the event the secondary development in the waste of resources, LUM Ultrafine vertical roller mill will it mean particle diameter of eight microns ground slag powder, not just to replace the same level of cement in concrete, but in addition can improve the performance of concrete. Mixed with blast furnace slag powder concrete with anti-chlorine and alkali corrosion resistance, resistance to micro shrinkage, and reinforced sturdy bond, late and high strength concrete.