China's initially three-point edge transmission vertical roller mill load test e

  • Recently, Changshu Building Mining Limited for Tangshan Port land style, manufacture, installation, commissioning in the new form of slag vertical roller mill HRM effective test in HHR web page load.

    The new HRM slag vertical roller mill Tangshan Port land is 1.1 million tons annual output of iron and steel slag powder production line of slag grinding and drying gear. The vertical roller mill main drive transmission in 3 points, the Division of Changshu Building Mining Co., independent style and manufacture, is also China's initial three-point edge vertical roller mill drive.

    In line with the final user HHR node specifications, to be able to grab the installation progress, Changshu Building Mining Co., creatively and equipment installation commissioning interspersed, and in line with the specific web-site conditions, ready to perform overtime to wait for the device with debugging time, we need to attack into installation commissioning work to ensure that the not too long ago established a productive load test mill.