Classic Chitrol of PTI on 35 Punctures

  • Do you guys agree with the punishment I suggested for Mobashir, shahid Masood and Imran Khan?

  • @Waseem CA Saab

    You suggested Imran Khan, Mubashir Lucman and Shahid Masood should be stripped off their clothes, then 35 holes should be drilled in their a$$es and then those holes should be fixed aka punctured.

    Seems like you want Game of Thrones era back in business.


  • No ugly face Please!


    Dr Ejaz Hussain was born on 2nd April, 1982 in Pakistan.

    Education & Career

    Ejaz was withdrawn on integrity case from Pakistan Military Academy of Kakul, Abbottabad.

    He holds a PhD in Political Science from Heidelberg University (2010). In addition, he obtained M.Sc in International Relations from Quaid-i-Azam University (2003) and an M.A. in Asian Studies from Lund University, Sweden (2006). Moreover, as a former DAAD fellow he was affiliated with South Asia Institute, Heidelberg University, where his research focused on politics and the state in Pakistan. In addition, Hussain has contributed to Pakistan’s domestic politics and its impact on the foreign policy in State and Foreign Policy in South Asia (2010). Besides, Hussain was on the panel of IP-Euroculture held in 2007 at Marc Bloch University Strasbourg, France. Last but not the least, Dr Ejaz has served at COMSATS and Iqra University Islamabad and Forman Christian College Lahore, as assistant professor of political science.(But was fired because of Sexual Harassment case and seducing young female students giving them greed of good grades)


    All knows Nadeem Malik (SAMA) and Mubasher Shero (ARY) were part of Pasha London conspiracy and attended conspiracy meeting in Lord Nazir Farm House closer to London beside other characters. SAMA, ARY and NEWSONE are media cells of Pasha Party besides other anchors bought at the rate of Rs 700 Billion.

    Now Judicial Commission is about to give final verdict. What ever is finding but it is 100% true Pasha Party could not prove single allegations including 35 Punctures. Infact Pappu Niazi and Arif Alavi tendered apology. Now both media cells are trying to create pressure on media. Ijaz Hussian is brought to substantiate propaganda designs who pal of Younus Al Goher. Just scanned information about him on net and was astonished that this man was thrown out of PMA Kakul on character /integrity.

    Though as per Javed Hashmi Nasir ul Mulak is part of London based conspiracy but there are three judges in JC. Pasha Party seems loosing so to have some air is trying to use paid media particularly Nadeem Malik as Mubahser Shero is fired with media cells ARY, SAMA, NEWSONE.

    SAMA do carryout paid propaganda but bring people of good repute and credibility

  • Just analysing why Pappu Niazi is irritant of 35 (now 70) punctures. After a research few facts were unfolded.

    Raham Khan (British National) was sex worker in London, pictures were even displayed by BBC.

    She has over 70 affairs, means 70 punctures due to bed play.

    Pappu Niazi married Raham Khan or the order of Shuja Pasha (his master). As Shuja Pasha has lost trust on SMQ, want a lady to take over Pasha Party after accidental death of Pappu Niazi and with worst character will be obedient to Shuja Pasha. This he can not get from SMQ.

    Though Pappu Niazi has married her, but at night when he look at her, 70 punctures in Raham Khan body disturb him. Since due to scare of Shuja Pasha he can not say to her, so in front of media ease his irritation by blaming and abusing PML N.